Military governor Sanchez: how good that you came to your mission Huguel? The last time I talked to you you said it would take a month or two before you could come.

Huguel- well its not easy to be the leader of an entire favela community

Military Governor Sanchez: I understand

Military governor Sanchez: well I sent you this mission to capture the red-skinned werewolf calling

Renix that is causing great deaths at night in the big city of the country

Military governor Sanchez: yes, he will be easy enough to catch with you with all his power. It doesn matter whether his name is Renix or not

Huguel: well if I may say I think he is really strong

General Reyes: I agree with you.

24 hours later Huguel has his weapon and a backpack with supplies and he is looking for Werewolf Renix in the great forest, Huguel sees bloodstains on the forest floor but long the Werewolf Renix trail ends

Huguel goes to a river to drink some water when he hears footsteps behind him, Huguel grabs a gun and aims behind him

Werewolf Renix punching in the stomach

Huguel with so much force that Huguel flying away is falling near a waterfall where his gun falls off.

Huguel sé playing on the side managed to dodge the attack

Huguel looking at werewolf Renix who looking with a glare is murderous for Huguel

Huguel: well Renix we can solve this the easy or hard way

Huguel is positioned in a fighting position

Werewolf Renix snarls and goes for Huguel, Huguel goes for Renix the two collide and the two fall from under the Waterfall

Huguel hitting the ground first and the red wolf falls to his back and his eyes closes close.

Dreamily 10 hours later

Renix who has just become human wakes up in a cave with Huguel on his knees praying to God

Huguel does the Our Father and then looking back is seeing human Renix

Huguel: look that just woke up good morning

renix-what are you

Huguel- Im the guy who will get you out of all this trouble if you tell me the truth

Renix – Sale?

Hugue- yes how did you end up here in the city

Renix take a breath and start talking: I have been living as a werewolf ever since I had found out I could be a hybrid

Huguel stands up with shock on his face

Huguel: a what

Renix shrug

Huguel: a werewolf hybrid

Renix: yes, one of the most powerful werewolf species is the killer of all I was bitten by a hybrid werewolf and since then I carry this monster inside me trying as much as possible not to hurt people but it never works out and I always transform after midnight

Huguel is speechless, he knows nothing about this kind of life and Renix knows he doesn know something either

Hugue walks near Renix and put his hand on the red skinned mans shoulder and ask ” do you remember anything? ”

Renix nods his head positively

Huguel: so tell me what happened before you got here

Renix: okay

Renixs flashback

I was summoned for a mission to bring other hybrid monsters I got a cure to turn these monsters back to human I was in a helicopter with 10 other government guards, a guard opened the helicopter window and a guard kicked me in the stomach it pushed me out of the helicopter i fell from the sky but then i transformed from the red werewolf.

back to the present

Renix: thats all i know

Hugue: thats unbelievable, youve lost both your memories and your ability to control your beast

Renix: thats what it looks like unfortunatelyl

Huguel: why aren you scared, you should have killed them and go home instead you
e here doing this dangerous job

Renix takes a deep breathe and says: I don think I can just give up and leave my people in this situation

Huguel is shocked by what Renix just said

Renix: this beast inside me killed my wife and my daughter I have no one else but these hybrid monster people who are transformed humans just like me who understand me very well what is this beast inside you that you cannot control your monster instincts

Hugue tries his best to answer without raising his voice he puts a hand on the mans shoulder again and he is looking deep into Renixs eyes and saying words in a comforting tone

Huguel: listen, I promise I won let you die

Huguel: but first we need to get out of this cave next scene

Huguel and Renix are running through the forest trying to go to the military base but Huguel hears a noise Huguel stops walking

renix-what was it

Huguel-I can smell blood, it looks like theres a vampire here

Renix- what

Huguel- yes it seems that

Huguel look back

Huguel: Careful Renix!

renix look back

Huguel push Renix aside saving him

Pedroz kicking Huguels face, Huguel flying is landing on his back near a tree

Pedroz-well we meet again


Huguel starts to get up

Huguel-Pedroz knew it was you! You were a part of that pack!

Pedroz: Oh yeah, and you thought I left? You were right, I wasn even planning that, I was just bored and hungry that day I met your friend, you should have known better than that

Renix: no! No no no, what do you mean

Huguel: I mean that you are going to pay for what you did to my family

Renix: what are you talking about?

Huguel: you killed my wife and my daughter

Renix: I didn kill anyone!

Huguel: yes you did! You killed my wife and my daughter!

Huguel flying over Renix is

Start punching him non-stop

Renix gives in is becoming the red-skinned Werewolf

Renix werewolf Punch Huguel in the face

Huguel to fly is to fall on the ground backwards hitting his back with tree branches

Renixs punch is breaking his spine and ribs, the red werewolf is throwing punches to the face

Hugel: you son of a bitch

Huguel: kick the werewolfs head


Huguel goes up and punches Werewolf Renixs stomach and rib

Werewolf Renix pierce the chest of

Huguel crossed his body but Huguel didn die

Huguel looking at Werewolf Renix smiling is says

Huguel- you stupid beast I have 9 hearts in my body you won I managed to kill myself so easily

Huguel punches Werewolf Renix

Renix Werewolf walk away and sits on tree stump watching

Huguel is getting up

Renix: you want me dead Ill make sure you have the same fate as the old woman

Huguel: I wouldn expect anything different from you

Renix starts to run but then Hugue gets on the back and punches in the neck

Renix with his sharp nails scratches Huguels chest and punches the chest hard making Huguel fly and falls backwards to the ground on his own back.

Renix looking around searching for Huguel

Renix walks towards direction of the fallen Huguel

Huguel tries to get up while still fallen

by the tree roots

Renix kicks Huguel on his side

Huguel looks down and realizes he broke one of his bones

Renix picks up his bag and is leaving

Huguel grabs Renix

Huguel: Im not done with you yet

stupid beast

Renix to grab Huguels neck is to lift his body

Renix throws Huguel very hard on a tree trunk, the tree collapses to the ground next to Huguel

Hugue is lying unconscious in the middle of the trees

Renix walks back to where Hugo is and starts picking him up

Renix vai embora do local

20 days later

Huguel wakes up in a government hospital

Military governor Sanchez: wow, I thought you weren going to wake up anymore

Huguel: where am I

Military governor: in the hospital, you suffered serious damage on your back, your neck is also broken, both legs shattered and you have severe internal bleeding and several ribs crushed

Huguel: how long was I asleep for

Military governor: 20 days and counting

Huguel sighs deeply and continues asking

Huguel: what happened to my friends?

military governor: they are all fine except you, only you have injuries and have lost consciousness due to heavy blood loss

Huguel: the last thing I remember is youve been facing Renix litary governor: yes he threw you into a tree and broke your ribs, your arms were broken too and your tail is broken, his claws pierced through your belly and your neck and your spine as well, you have a lot of damage and bruises on your body

Huguel: he really did it

Military governor: yes

your friend is alive and in stable condition thanks to your friend, she survived too thanks to the help of an old doctor

Huguel: what about him, where is that bastard.

military governor: Im sorry, I don know where exactly your companion went and Im guessing I don want to know anyway

military governor: but i suppose what

Renix will not stop until he attacks another city

Huguel: you see, Renix has made enemies with every creature in the entire world, you think hes going to stop now that Im gone and that he needs you?

military governor: no but he will

Huguel look at Pedroz

Pedroz: hi my friend

Pedroz give a psychotic smile.

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