I Became The Dickhead From My Apocalypse Novel

I Am In Dickhead\'s Body Suddenly

I am yun-Jiho

I write web novels in my spare time…

I am one of the best writers on the ”weeebnovels.com ” website, well known in the community and my chapters get high amounts of views.

But in real life i am just a lonely 36 years old male, that occupies a small room in a social residential building, the building consists of similar 3×3 m² rooms.

I am not good at socializing, at this age with no family, friends, or neighbors to chat with about the weather or some neighborhood rumors.

At work people sit at their computers and do stuff, i eagerly want to interrupt someone and start a conversation, but my self-awareness is very high to the extent that i can do just that, go to someone and start a conversation.

Days pass by like cars on a highway, except i am on a city bus with a top speed of 30km per hour, and other people in sports cars passing by, people my age had a wife and kids usually, but not me, a steady income is not everything.

Having breakfast from the convenience store is the first thing i do after leaving for work, at 6 AM i am on my way to the companys building, i enjoy fantasizing about the novel is writing, the morning air is a great cure for dry mind and lack of ideas.

Story-wise, i had no problem making scenes and tying them up together, but in doing so i made lots of loopholes in the side stories and lore, i always end up filling them with crap since no one cared about side characters lives.

Today i am excited, its the last chapter from the final scene, can wait to get back home and upload it.

I usually leave work at 7 PM and visit my favorite place, it is a restaurant where the food is great and the workers there are nice, and mainly one worker, shes beautiful and sweet i promised myself that today i will ask her out, i intended dropping writing and focus on my social skills more.

I know saying a 36-year-old dude could figure this out, but i never asked a girl out in my life, i crushed on her since the first day i visited this place 2 years ago. Shes used to me by now.

Ok, there she comes…

”Welcome Jiho-nim, you want the usual order ? ” Said the woman with a black apron.

”T-t thank you Hayoon-SSI, yes please the usual order. ”

”Okey coming right away. ” sais hayoon.

While she was turning back to leave, i gathered every bit of bravery and courage that was left of me, i am going to ask her out…

”Hayoon … A-are you .. i mean…i am interested in you… I mean you are beautiful and everything… What i want is… Are you free tomorrow lets go out and have a drink? ” Shouted me.

I mean yeah that was easier than i taught, but now she may not want to go out with me because of my stuttering.

”Ah sorry Jiho-nim but i can tomorrow is my husbands birthday, ” said hayoon.

Shit no … What i just did do!? is she… I should apologize.

”Ahh no problem hayoon-ssi, sorry that i asked so suddenly like this, forget about it ”

She finally turned and continued on her way. Waiting until this age to ask a girl out was a mistake, rejection is more devastating.

Am sure her husbands birthday is not tomorrow, its just a way to tell me to get away… I never asked her about anything ugh… I know nothing about her and yet i asked her out.

”Order is here, enjoy! ” Hayoon.

I enjoyed that meal, after all, food fixes everything, i should not forget to upload the last chapter today.

I arrived at my house which is just one room with a door and a clumsy bathroom, took a bath, and uploaded the last chapter before settling in my bed.

Hayoon-ssi was so nice to me, if she was someone else am sure the reaction could have been more aggressive, can blame her, i registered nothing about her although I was frequent for the past 2 years.

Ahhh lets live with that its not a big deal, she was out of my league anyway.


I will just cover my head with the blanket…

*loud knocking*

Ugh, whos this, its Friday. Let me sleep go away, no one is home, i will stay silent and hope whoever mr.No common sense gives up and go away.

*keys jangles*


”Deahyun, wake up! ”

Who is deahyun…

I half opened my eyes and in front of me was a beautiful lady, with crimson hair, and round honey eyes wearing a creamy turtleneck top with black jeans and a long brown jacket.

Wait who is this…

As much as this sight is refreshing especially in the morning, i can sue her for breaking into my house.

Maybe she has a key, she is probably the new building owner…

Oh crap, i am 3 months late on rent.

”I know i am late on rent but it is not an excuse to break into someones house… Or room i can sue you for this! ” I said

She gazed at me with confusion and disappointment, i felt like i did a crime…

”I expected too much from you to just act responsibly once, ” she said

Ohoh responsibility, is she trying to act as if she cares about me… And why her face doesn show more anger than disappointment…

Am i that pathetic !??

”Look why don you let me sleep now and come back when i am awake ”

She is irritating!! Why is she acting like this?

She unexpectedly turned around and headed to the door.

She left but the sight of her cracking into tears before leaving awakened me!!

Wait my room door is not in that direction.

I snapped onto my feet just to realize that i am not in my room, this room is very spacious.

The bed was deliciously comfortable, she is not here anymore so…

Waked up saturated hoping what happened was just some realistic dre

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