We ended up waiting for Saeroom in the hospitals waiting room, we sat there for 3 hours without anyone of us taking initiative on a conversation, which was probably the best move, my brother-in-law is a protagonist of a reincarnation novel.

Waiting ended when a fluffy woman, with a nurse uniform, stood in front of us, i knew the words she was going to say, i wrote them after all ”i have good news, Saeroom has healed and she doesn need to do this periodic tests anymore… Also are you Mr.Han-Deahyun ” i answer with yes and she informs me that Searoom is pregnant, thats whats going to happen according to my

”Are you Mr.(name3)? ” Said the nurse in front of me.

WHAT!!?? Whats happening have i changed this speech before!??

Who is (name3)?…

I took a moment to remember, he is one of my feeling holes with the crap thingy.

So in the side story of the protagonists sister, she was Dumped by (name3), and a month after i met her, we get along so well at the start, but dickheads behavior triggered problems.

But why the nurse is asking about (name3)!?

”No, i am not! ” I said.

”I am her brother, whats wrong? ” Minho.

”She is pregnant ” nurse.

Usually, that sentence comes with congrats or something, i knew the child was mine… i mean dickheads.

”Can we see her now? ” I asked.

”She is under Morphin, so we will be sure to call you two when she wakes up ” nurse.

She woke up to me and my brother-in-law standing beside her bed… And yes am calling him brother-in-law from now on.

Moment of awkward silence…

Well i can say so many things now, like:

Plan 1: sorry about this morning Saeroom… I was irresponsible and childish.

This plan was clearly good, benefits:

1. Saeroom will probably forgive me, and i get a chance to clear dickheads previous mistakes.

2. The most important thing is this beautiful lady is pregnant, and its my child… Oh am so happy i never thought a day like this will come.

Now it had some issues, which are:

1. Makes my effort earlier with brother-in-law protagonist dust on a flat stone.

2. Raise suspensions about this sudden change of personality

For a good measure and a bit fewer damage points, i can rephrase it like this

Plan 1 iteration 1: saeroom am sorry for everything irresponsible i did, i know i was a childish and selfish being, but since am gonna be a father, am ready for all that it takes to be a good father and a partner for you.

Oh, i am so good… so lets think again what are the consequences of my saying that.

”Why you are here daehyoon… ? ” Searoom asked with a cold look.

Oh no, i took too much time thinking…

Had no time to consider the situation.

FULL YOLO MODE: Activated.

No, wait i have to go with plan 1, ugh why always do bad things happen to me?

”Saeroom… ” Me.

Lowered my head thinking about (name3)


Mr. Jihos self-awareness got so high that it wrapped around the integer limits.


”Why Saerooms nurse asked about (name3)!? Is it because of what i did this morning… I know (name3) was kind to her but… Is she feeling guilty about what she did to him? I have no intention of giving him this mildly beautiful lady and my son. ” Thinking out loud… Especially the last sentence i feel like i shouted in my head.

OH No…

Did i really say that out loud…

Oh, shoot…

”(Name3) came with me to the hospital, i was a bit embarrassed for asking him a favor like this, but the hospital said i have to get someone with me if something happened, or they needed someone to sign something when i am unconscious. ” Saeroom blushing.

I noticed her smile and my stress about the fully unconscious YOLO disappeared.

I am in the safe zone…

”Are you okay? ” Minho asked.

”They said Ill be in a month or so, with this treatment i have to come here twice a week ” Saeroom.

MONTH… Korea will transform into hell in a week

I wasn that attached to her yet, but Minho is, i expected a worried look on his face, but nothing snapped on his face. even a fully healthy man needs luck to survive after a month, the apocalypse is no joke, especially for a pregnant ill woman that needs treatment.

Lets see… can i just die… This is exhausting, i can stand this anymore, i am excited about nothing thats gonna happen in this world.

”If its just one medicament that you have to take? ” I asked.

”I don know the exact details, but its a bunch of injectables with blood filtering session ” Saeroom.

Well, she is going to die at this rate… Why he isn worried…!? in the story before he returned i ate her, and after he returned she was never diagnosed with any problem.

Please be a dream…

After 2 hours Searoom, the hospital discharged Saeroom and the three of us went back to my place.

The 18yo Minho didn want to go to my place, but Saeroom convinced him to come.

I didn have time to look around my house before going to the hospital, but i can tell dickhead was wealthy, i could help minho setup a good shelter before the apocalypse, he had so many issues finding a shelter in the novel, with a month to spare he used an abandoned building located near the university residences.

We helped Saeroom walk from the taxi to the room beside mine, and we settled in the living room.

”Aren you supposed to be somewhere? ” Minho.

What !? What is he talking about?

Oh, i am supposed to be in some important work meeting, i was supposed to leave after i knew Saeroom was pregnant.

Work meeting… Huh, what do i do? Am i some sort of multimillionaire with companies and stuff?

I don know really, i never had to think about dickheads job, i said he was a spoiled rat from a known political family. Thats all.

”My top priority now is saeroom. ” Me.

Its a good chance to show my self trustworthy to Minho.

Nothing special happened after that, except for me ordering dinner for us.

I ended up lying in my bed after eating together, this day was the most hectic day in my life… And its only going to go crazier.

Ah, what should i do, is this real, i will miss my boring days…


I will be sure to not miss this.

Who is this…

I run to Minho on my way to answer the door, he was also surprised and confused about the person who was knocking.

Lets see!

*Door opening noise*

”Are you han-daehyoon? ”.

Ok, so shes no one of dickheads friends.

”Yes, who are you? How i can help you!? ” me.

She turned around to the two guys standing beyond her.

”You are under arrest for drug dealing, murder, planning for murder, and human trafficking. ”

The moment she finished the sentence the two guys had me under them.

Crap this hurts… Dickhead is a criminal mastermind!!?? Can expect less from a character with an alcoholic diet.

I am going to die in prison it seems, ugh WHY DICKHEAD FROM MY NOVEL.

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