I did hate myself for writing that story, people loved it, but i never thought about the characters comfort… Next time Ill write some romance or shonen, where characters never die, just fly to the stratosphere and come back magically next chapters, dying is not something i want to write about ever.

”Your honor, my client was not and never near the crime scene. Said that the claims of the witnesses can be taken as evidence, since they are criminals and proven to be guilty, trying to defuse the court from their crimes. ” My lawyer.

It was supposed to be a zombie apocalypse novel… Why am i in a court?!

”Umh ok ” the judge

*5 min later*

”By the authority given to me by the government and ministry of law and ****** **** **** han-daehyoon with death ***** **** ****** ********… ”

I heard those words and blanked out, am i going to die… And on the 21st of December, seems like what matter what i could have done, my dying on that date was a fact, i understand now, what really matters was whats written…

Dickheads was never supposed to be alive after 21st…

I fall asleep in my prison cell wishing it was all a dream…

Days passed by, and i was wondering if the zombie apocalypse is my savior.

Minho passed by one day saying that saeroom wasn in a good shape, to his credit he tried to help me with his encouraging words but…

That was like ice on my burning fire heart, it didn matter anymore, i am either dying hanged on a wooden platform, or eaten by zombies. Minho is not gonna save me.

And whats heartbreaking more is that i feel no stress on him, he was supposed to be freaking out these days, and the beautiful Saeroom was not in good shape. Is he really a returner!!??

My protagonist failed me, my novel failed me.

21st has come. i don see anything exceptional, i was eager to see some zombie here and there, but to my disappointment, there wasn .

I think being hanged is better than being eaten alive after all.

My cold cell ahh, am gonna miss it, with the writing on the walls, the toilet beside your head on the bed, and the smelly mattress.

Idk but i felt like it was so familiar, reminded me of my room in my world, i never thought am going to miss that clumsy place, or breakfast from the convenience store.

The food here was bad, it is just for stay alive prisoner, it feels like a torture of some sort ”stay alive until we kill you ”.

Its 11:50, with 3 hours and 10 minutes left, the clock facing the cell was there to remind you how much time is left.

I am still eager to see some zombies breaking and making a mess, i don want to know how i am going to die… Ugh

2 hours left, still, everything seems normal, the guard who delivered the food was so nice, am i that pathetic still… This body did kill someone probably, so why act nice to a scumbag and a criminal.

I left the water from my lunch untouched, if i still have a chance and know my novel, it could save me later if a mess happened.

20 minutes left, and the guard who is supposed to take me to my death is standing in front of the cell, i am partially glad am not going to be eaten alive, but still it hurts…

The guard seem like he got the order.

”Prisoner Daehyoon han, put your hands out of the bars ” guard.

Ugh so this will end, it doesn hurt anymore, am going to die again apparently.

I accepted it.

The handcuffs were cold, i think they won stay like that, the way he did it hurts a bit but who cares, a worst feeling is coming.

Why the guard is taking too long to take me, i heard the keys going in the cell door for a while.

I raised my hand and saw the terrified look on the guards face.

All the disappointment in my life turned once into a sparkling sparkle of hope, truly said when dying you will attach to the hair thin ropes, i rushed to my water cup and put it beside the cell bars, if the water got contaminated and i drank it, a thicker rope will appear.

The guard ran away, and i was left with keys on the cell door and a clear wall with a clock on it, collapsing in the far corner from the bars, hearing screams and anticipating the first thing that was going to appear in my view.

A while passed, and the screams turned into roars and sudden screams.

A roar started approaching, i knew what it was and my plan was simple, try to lore the zombie and contaminate the water. But for some reason the more the road approached i felt more frozen knees.

I knew i had to get the keys to secure my way out, but my body is not responding.


Slid to my view a person with blood all over his clothes, the moment he faced me i confirmed am not dreaming and thats a zombie.

Bloody mouth and chin, green vapor from the injuries on the skin, and a mate black eyes… I have to do something, but i can move muscle, the thing stood facing me and i couldn take my eyes off of his, he stood there for about a minute, i want to scream, i need to scream… What screaming will do, probably nothing make the situation worse even, but i just want to scream…


Its out of my system, i feel like i can move now…

Just then the zombie rushed to me and hugged the cell bars.

I am freaking out, my eyes were between the zombie, green vapor, and the plastic cup of water.

”Come on come on, more vapor… ”

I rushed into the water cub and noticed it was ready, the clear water turner cloudy…

I held the cub and started swallowing its content, but… Its never that smooth, i was too close to the cell door, i felt myself bursting in the direction of the bars, i felt my hand hitting the cold bars, i kept swallowing the water until the cup emptied, right then i felt a pressure in my arm that turned immediately into pain. The zombie bit me in the wrist, Subconsciously I reacted to the pain and kicked the bars, the coil sent me back away from the zombie.

Ahh, it hurts, hurts hurts hurts, shit damn it…

Aghhhh, the zombie bite turned blue, it seems like the contaminated water had no time… I stared at it for a while hoping it turns to skin color again, please turn skin color, Please tell me it wasn too early of an infection For the water to take effect.

Ugh am gonna die, its been more than 15min and the blue area is growing bigger…

How it feels to turn into a zombie.

I never described that in my novel…


I can lose consciousness, stay awake…


Ugh, i lost it 40 min had passed, i can move my body anymore, my ability to read the clock on the wall indicates i still have time.


Die faster, please! Whats wrong with this body, its taking too long to transform. It must be just the pain thats making it feel longer.


I can move my toes, am i transforming finally?

I can feel my arm… The blue color is fading from my arm… did the water take effect.

2 hours had passed, and it was dark, i can hear the zombies roaring and bodies slamming.

The prison lights suddenly turned, and i could see finally the roaring source. My cell had a wall of zombies blocking it trying to reach my collapsed body. The light barely got into the cell, i tried to get up but it was so painful. I took glimpses of the clock on the wall and it was 21:38… I felt relieved seeing that i didn turn into a zombie.

I finally had a chance to survive, my body fought the zombie virus, i raised my arm and it was anything but blue. I was genuinely happy…

I can finally rest, this was exhausting…


I snapped awake by the sound of something cracking, a bit of dimmed light got into the cell, i saw the clock 23:56. I could see the cell bars winging from the zombies, i wish the bars are rigid enough to block them.

I watched the iron bars flexing for moments, but it didn last long, my shelter is collapsing, i think it is the end…

Finally, i can be relieved from this pain, i still didn make up my mind about living or dying at this point, but i can do nothing…

Whatever happened… Let it be.

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