I Became The Dickhead From My Apocalypse Novel

I Am In Dickhead\'s Body Suddenly

Hello, I am yun-Jiho, a writer and a criminal previously, I am now a zombie, as much as it seems impossible but I still have consciousness, I am a smart zombie.

Yeah, I tried putting fate in my novel knowledge, but that ended me with a cell full of zombies… To my surprise, every zombie bit me once. sniffed my blood vapor and continued doing zombie stuff like I wasn there, and the pain of the bites was all over my body.

I am roaming around the prison, I can control my body except for the right leg. Its hard to stay on two because of the stupid zombie genes… Yeah, the zombie gene is a product of a virus mutating my DNA. I tried to make zombies as realistic as possible in my novel, and I ended up with these rules for them:


1- if a zombies body has a fatal injury that kills a human, the body stops functioning and the zombie dies for good. (head is not the only weak spot)

2- if someone died before becoming a zombie with a fatal injury, he can transform unless the body is restored and treated.

3- if a not contaminated person got contaminated by the original form of the virus, he transforms into a zombie.

4- if a group of zombies is marching toward a direction, all other smaller groups join the bigger one and start marching with them. Similarly, if a higher rank zombie appeared, the other zombies will follow him if he has the correct pheromones.

5- zombies don eat anyone contaminated with any form of virus, said that they will chase him as any other human thing alive and not a zombie.

6- vapor from the zombie bodies is a bunch of pheromones concentrated with the virus, the virus form is the same form the body is contaminated with, and zombies recognize each other by their ordure.

Zombie virus:

1- the zombie virus spread and stayed active in every condition, basically invincible to the environment.

2- it can be in any form, and it is soluble in every liquid.

3- the virus itself has so many forms and has numerous effects, like the one that reacted with water, and with reaction with the water it acted like an immunity boost.

4- every form of the virus have its own speed of effect, which is time until the effect takes place on the DNA.

5- and the most important right now, is if a person didn transform completely into a zombie, there is hope for him to cure.

Of Course, the information above was not available to anyone except me, the protagonist knew some, but not all virus effects and behaviors.

I am so happy that I control one leg instead of another combination of muscles, it is hard to keep up with my zombie body.

The prison was full of my kind, I think no one survived, I wish there are no humans here, I don want my head to splash by a gun or something.

In other departments, I started getting familiar with the prisons layout, its a two-floor building with an administration, and the private cells on the first floor and collective cells on the second floor. All the above surrounds the main yard. On the outer edge by about 50m, a huge concrete wall about 4 floors tall with wire on top of it surrounds the place.

*6 months passed*

Ugh, my clothes are all dirty with blood stains and dirt, I feel uncomfortable on my shoulders… WAIT!!! I feel my shoulders!!!!

Tried moving them but it was hard, I was doing my part of the zombie crew so well these days. I even tried following a sound the other day with my zombie mates, rampaging and roaring to some closed door in the administration, i was so scared, my stupid mates don care about guns and swords, but i do… I HAVE A CHANCE, IDIOTS!! Don drag me to your fights.

*A month passed*

The bites from the zombies started healing. this is a good sign, this means the form of the zombie virus i drank with the water in my cell is reproducing in my body.

Ugh just when i am able to get back control over my two legs… 300+ zombies biting me was enough original virus to contaminate a small country.


I lost track of the days, its been so long since that… but there is progress, today I got back control over my arm but just the upper half. i can open doors or hold things… Yet.

Today is a happy day i felt my fingers tingling this morning, of course, zombies never sleep but i felt a bit ired feeling in my upper half.

Usually, my cured organs feel overworked, and i just use the leg to block the other and fall into a rest session. It wasn that big of a deal since i never felt pain in the upper half, face and chest, but i need to be more careful about where i take my rest sessions to not break anything.

I never had to talk about the virus source in the novel, but it feels engineered the more i think about it, it must be some company with crazy CEO that made it. that was most of the comments opinion when talking about it.


The day had come, i can move my fingers finally, moving one leg and one arm in a body thats roaming around randomly is not exactly easy.


I saw a prison guard today, of course, he is a zombie. I made sure to sniff his card after an exhausting dance, i can go in a general direction now without falling over. I learned how to control this half-body so well in the past year.

I saw humans today, it was such a feeling. Said that i took a rest session and let them escape. I suspect they ate each other, not surprised as a zombie with a clean record. The bright side is that the prison is no longer a prison, they left every door open with their clean escape.

I am roaming around with control over 60% of my body, you would think that its enough to do stuff with that control, but with all my expertise its barely not. a lot of time had passed since my last encounter with humans, i want to see some humans again.


”Hu-m-mm e-e n ” me.

I can barely talk now, but most importantly i am still sounding like a zombie. If by any chance i will get shot out of here, the yard, i think no one with the right mind will want to go to a prison yard. There is nothing to be found in there except zombies.

I tried rushing to the yard, and what i mean by rushing is holding my zombie leg with my hand and trying to control it.

I am in the safe zone right now, i can let my guard down…

”This is a great place to learn how to use guns ”

”Okey chief, what should i do right now? ”

”A great exercise is to hit them on the leg and shoulder, that will make sure they stop moving, we will go down and count how many hits you got after finishing them all ”

I am screwed, my luck on this place was never getting better.

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