”Done. ”

The next day I had risen earlier than normal; likely due to all the things that were weighing heavily on my mind. Before breakfast, I sat down and listed all the major events I could remember from the original story. There were things that I had to absolutely avoid getting involved in, so the story would go down the same path. Unavoidable deaths, major conflicts. I cannot interfere with any of them until 32 days have passed and Ciella and her knight Arseno have safely escaped to the port city of Wisteria.

Speaking of, I need to come up with an excuse for the count if I want to reach Wisteria before they do. I need to set the stage. Maybe even establish a safehouse. Somewhere that is near Wisteria Academy, where Ciella takes up her teaching job.

I grimaced at my notes. That place was the center of a plethora of incidents which caused Ciella to start seeing Arseno as more than her knight. I need to prevent that somehow… tsk, and there is this too…

I turned to the next few pages of my notes and marked an X one of the maps. It was over a discrete route. The pair had hitch hiked with local merchants who were on route to Wisteria. I cannot remember exactly what happened, but when they arrived in the port city, there was a massive problem which nearly blew her cover. Arseno was able to fix it though; yet another reason for her dependency on him. I will need to wait for them in 32 days at the Wisterian gates. To insure they enter the city without incident. This… is the first event I can change.

”Oof. ”

I stood up and raised my arms in the air. I was in dire need for a good stretching session after all that writing.

”Now, the only thing that is left is… ”

I left my room and casually followed a group of maids to the dining room. The count may not have been the richest man in Lila, but his house was over fifty times the size of my old apartment. And I was not going to bother memorizing the layout of a place I had no intentions of staying in.

Hold on.

For the second time in the past 12 hours, I had caught myself having these thoughts. Why? Why am I working so hard for a woman who doesn even know of me? I could stay here and live of luxury for the rest of my life! But I am risking everything just to save the female lead of this story. Why do I like her so much-

”Ah! ”

Something had bumped into my back.

”Tsk, watch where you are standing. The hallway does not belong to you. ”

Devon. I could tell without even looking.

”Good morning to you too sis. ”

Devon could not help but make a disgusted expression at my comment. Seems like she had forgotten she was a lady for a moment, because she then quickly covered her face with her fan and walked past me. Geez. I understand that Kallius is a bit unsightly, but there is no need to be so rude to your own brother…

Though I was feeling a bit hurt, I also made my way to the dining room. Father and Max were already there.

”Good morning my lovely children! ”

I nodded politely and tried to suppress my urge to smile. The count loved us very much, as he had said this exact same line yesterday as well.

”Good morning father ” said Devon and I in unison.

”Big bro! ”

My eyes darted towards Max, who had left a seat for me at fathers left side. I smiled back.

”You look nice today, Maximus! ”

He looked no different from yesterday to be honest, but I was just glad to be greeted with a smile after how Devon looked at me earlier.

We had breakfast without incident. Max was unusually friendly towards me, but I had it coming after provoking him. At the end of breakfast, just as father was about to leave for his study, I decided it was time I asked him about my departure.

”Father, I have something to discuss with you. May I come to your study after breakfast? ”

”Oh, sure son! I will see you then. ”

And with that, he left. As I too stood up to leave, I felt the stares of multiple people on me. I swallowed. Maxs eager aura was emanating throughout the room. It would be cruel to just ignore him and leave right?

”What is it? ” I finally said.

”What are you going to talk to father about? ”


I reluctantly turned towards her. She had one brow raised and her eyes narrowed. I could not help but feel anxious about my answer. Was she questioning me or assessing me? I mustered up the courage to give her an appropriate response. ”Appropriate ” … being a loose term.

”Well, Devon. Knowing how you easily predicted the death of someone an empire away, I am sure you can figure out the contents of a measly meeting taking place inside your own home. ”

Before Devon could say a word, I walked out of the dining room with my head held high. I could hear Maxs laughter erupt in the background. Ah shit. I have done it now. I have just signed off my second life for a stupid joke…

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