I Became the monster that I hunt.

I became the monster that I hunt - 2

_ ”I am a monster hunter, among an organization of professional heroes saving mankind from the plague of these dangerous beings. I never extended mercy, nor sympathy. I couldn do so even if I wanted to.

People like me do not live long, Monster Hunters will most likely die in their 30s or 40s, but I am among the lucky ones, among the few who couldn be killed so easily. Over the years, I have received praises and glory, I was at the top actively slaying all that is not a human. It is unclear if I am still doing this for the right reasons. Do I care about saving the meek or am I just doing this for the praises and popularity that comes along with it? ”_

_ ”My prime is long past me now, I no longer have that strength. I died in my fifties. I was murdered by a group of hateful monsters whose family, friends, and loved ones I have slain. Maybe I deserved it, maybe I deserved to die… maybe I deserved to die in their hands after all that I have done._ ”

_ ”This is probably natures way of telling me to go to rest… or at least, thats what I thought, ”_

_ ”I was wrong, my time has not come. I found myself in this new world similar to mine in some ways. The problem now is that I am not a human… I became the very being that I used to hunt, I became a monster, among the most hazardous, feared, and hated.

…How Ironic_ ”

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