Oliver (narrator);

_ ”It was a normal night, days after I decided to retire… ”_

Upstairs, by a transparent glass wall, there you will find Oliver, an aged man. Sitting just opposite him is Favian, his young niece.

Favian handed an envelope to Oliver; ”Here, I want you to have this, ” he said.

Though he could already guess the content of what was given to him, Oliver still opened it, strangely doing so with care.

e… getting married? ”

”Yes, I am… I have found the one, ”

”…Does this mean?_ ” Oliver did not finish his words, Favians affirmative nod answered his question.

”I will quit. ” He said, ”The job of a monster hunter isn for me, not anymore, ”

”I see… ” Olivers expression revealed nothing.

”You must think I am a disappointment, ”

”No, Favian, I do not think that. You are not a disappointment. You are a better version of me and your father, ” says Oliver, ”I am glad, very happy that you will be leaving my violent world behind you…

…Protect your new family like the man of the house, ”

Olivers words almost made Favian cry but he held back. These encouraging words from a father figure were all the young man needed. He knows that he has Olivers blessing.

”…I have also decided… It is about time to quit, ” Olivers tone sounded mild,

”I will retire, ” he added. ”I want to live long enough to see your kids, maybe witness their awesome growth, ”

”I would love that too, ” says Favian. He has never been this happy.

”I have a favor to ask of you, ”

”Hmm? ”

”Will you be there? ”

”Of course, ”

”…I want you to be there… As my father, ” says Favian. This seems important to him.

Oliver was taken aback by this, short of words; ”…Why me_

All of a sudden, an unidentified object blew up Favians head. This sudden incident killed the man in an instant. His blood splashed on the glass wall.

More of those objects rained toward Oliver, piercing through and shattering everything they came in contact with.

”For an old man, you are surprisingly agile, ” says an unfamiliar deep voice.

Oliver is nowhere to be found. He said nothing nor made any sound that would disclose his whereabouts.

”Come on, old man, don chicken_out on me, ” says the humanoid monster, bluish with a few exoskeletons in some part of his body.

Two other humanoid figures walked inside through a big hole they had created.

”If thats the game you want to play… Lets play, ”

A long string of light moved past them, beheading one of the monsters. Oliver, who now has a weapon, launched himself at the second foe.

”Not so fast old man, ” The leading monster appeared in-between, crushing Olivers rib with a blow to the chest. The impact sent him flying.

”I have been waiting for this very moment, ” it said, ”The day that Ill finally get to kill the legendary monster hunter, ”

”You… are? ” says Oliver, still in pain.

”Nigel! ”

”Never heard of you, ”

Nigel grew stronger in an instant, his muscles became sturdier. He grew bigger and looked more aggressive. Both monsters had sinister looks on their faces and murderous intentions that were not hidden.

”You will, soon, ” says Nigel. His voice sounded unbelievably deep, he sounded like a devil.

No doubt, Oliver had been pushed to a corner, he is not strong enough to take on two of these creatures. One of them is even far more dangerous than should be.

My armor. I need to get my armor, Oliver thought.

He widened his eyes as he sensed several killing intentions directed at him from all corners of his house. Yes, there are more humanoid monsters lurking around the premises. Escaping isn going to happen.

Oliver subconsciously moved his eyes to the corner of his house, this is where his armor is probably hidden. Nigel and the other monster can already tell, they know what Oliver is thinking.

Oliver darted in the direction where his armor should be located. A bright light shone on his face, he could sense immense heat that is getting ever hotter. A massive explosion incinerated part of his house, slightly burning him as the force also knocked him off.

A monster had appeared. This one is even bigger than Nigel. Before Oliver could regain himself, a sturdy fist hit him in the gut, followed by a powerful kick that knocked him to a wall. Already bleeding from his mouth and probably internally, one monster grabbed him by the hair. This is a different one.


A blow to the chest hit Oliver twice, he fell downstairs. His ribs which are already in bad shape got damaged even further. More monsters intruded. Each of them had their turns, beating the helpless Oliver. Every blow was hard, but not enough to kill him. They want him to suffer… and then die.

Oliver fought back as much as he could, hurting a few, but ultimately, this is a losing battle. Nigel grabbed the old man on the face and smacked him to a wall, shattering the structure.

”Ive had my fun… Now you die, ” it said.

”Thats… not… how it… works ” Oliver said.

All this while, Olivers goal never changed. He needed to reach the control center of his home but knew he wouldn make it. This is why he had lured his way through the beating until he got here.

[ ”Unrecognized entry confirmed, ”] spoke the voice of a female Ai. An automatic alarm set off right after that.

Nigel retreated and placed both arms in a protective stance. A Firearm activated, unleashing countless bullets that broke through Nigels defense. His sturdy body stood no chance. The bullet opened several holes in his body. Every other monster that was close by received just as much damage.

Within the fug, a well-armored individual appeared. Oliver butchered Nigel, killed all who dared to attack. He is now fully equipped, confident in his ability to take down any foe. One after the other, the renounced monster hunter lived up to his name.

Each monster had unique abilities that proved problematic, but Oliver always found a way. His armor can protect him from almost all harm, all he needed to focus on is attacking. The death of his niece fueled him up, the anger made him tougher than he already is.

”…Look at that, the legendary monster hunter is back in action, ” says the devil voice.

Much to Olivers surprise, Nigel was on his feet again, all damaged parts of his body were repairing themselves until there wasn a scratch left. Nigel grew even bigger and looked angrier.

”I see… youve done quite a number, ” says Nigel, noting all the corpses of his fellow mate.

Oliver pushed forward with everything he has. He swung his huge blade in an attempt to cut Nigel in half, however, the monster caught his blade with one hand like it was nothing, dislocating Olivers jaw with a slap.

The monster hunter got back on his feet just seconds after that blow, but Nigel who was already two feet away from him shot a devastating punch to the chest. Oliver spat a mouthful of blood, his armor could not absorb most of the damage.

They should be on their way. Ill have to hold on until then,

”I know what you are thinking, ” says Nigel who is still growing stronger.

”You will be dead before any help arrives, ” it said.

Nigel leaped forward, his fist clenched as he threw a shockwave with his punch that destroyed half of Olivers house. The old man tried to run, his speed should be unmatched if his opponent wasn an abnormal monster.

A humongous foot was dangerously close to hitting him on the face, but Oliver protected that part of his body with his arm. His bones broke, rendering his left arm useless. Nevertheless, Nigel was not done, the huge monster sent Oliver to the sky with a blow to the gut, followed the old man, and plunged him back to the earth… blood everywhere.

”Tell me you
e still alive, you can die yet. There is still so much anger I need to get off my chest, ”

He picked up the weakened Oliver from the floor to inspect him. The old man opened his eyes and with the weapon in his hand, he stabbed Nigel in the eye.

The monster cried out, the pain only elevated his anger.

{ ”I have eyes on the target, ”}

{ ”Shoot it down, ”}

A sniper many meters away pulled the trigger, releasing a powerful energy burst that bore a hole through Nigels chest, destroying its core.

_ ”I was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. My injuries were life-threatening, my bones were fractured, internal organs in bad shape. There was no way to save me, and to be honest, I wanted death, I could not leave with the fact that my past life and actions had caused Favians demise…

…I deserved to die, ”

Olivers heartbeat had been slowing down, he is dying. His mates, family members, and all others were there until the very end.

… Three days later, Oliver was pronounced dead. That one regret he had followed him to the grave.

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