least seven to eleven humans as food might just be what it needed.

Four lives had been lost already, but it is in search of more. It roamed its eyes, trying to catch a few more meats. Due to everyone taking to heels, the creature was confused for a second, before deciding on another meal.

It landed on the ground, crushing everything beneath it, with just a flap of its wing, powerful wind spread out, causing many discomforts. The flying creature noticed two who were not fast, they are among the very few lagging left behind. Interested in the bigger one, it grabbed hold of the human.

”Mom!! ” screamed the little girl.

This young woman froze in fear as she beheld the creepy face of this massive creature. This is the end, there is no surviving this. The creature threw her into its mouth and swallowed, spitting the head out. This is when it sensed someones presence.

A few meters away, a disturbing aura emitted by Maximus drew the creatures attention. It became aggressive and squeaked at the top of its voice.

Maximus noticed the beheaded woman, the creatures last victim.

I was late,

The tragic sight was a stab to the heart…

The angry butterfly flapped its wing, pushing itself forward. For some reason, it felt the need to kill this one man.

Maximus pulled a penny from his pocket and shot it at the creature with his finger. This tiny object blew the being to bits, a gruesome sight that stained everything.

Max did not look happy. This is not a victory, he doesn see it as one. If he had put a little effort to make it in time, none of this would have happened. In his defense though, he wasn expecting to find a monster. All he came to do was scan the area.

”Forgive me, ” says Maximus, who was kneeling close to the severed head; ”I had just one job, but I failed… I am no good. ”

The dead woman gave Max an empty stare, no reaction or any kind of emotion.

By the time the assigned team arrived, Maximus had left.

The scenery in front of them is nothing to write about. This could have been worse if a certain someone hadn intervened a bit earlier.

”The monster has been taken care of, ” one of them announced.

”By who? ”

”Doesn matter, ”

A few of them walked closer to the gruesome sight to get a better understanding of what they would have been up against.

{ ”This is a flying creature… A demon butterfly, ”}

Technologies that can detect underground creatures such as the demon butterfly had made it easy to find and destroy any upcoming dangers. The Pupa stage was always the best time to do so.

”How did it go unnoticed? ”

{ ”Don know. Maybe it didn go unnoticed, we were not paying attention, ”}

The soldiers were separated into groups, each of them further away from the other. This is a common formation to give them the upper hand against any monster, flying creatures especially.

A different group, the cleaning team was called in. Their job is to remove the dead monster by any means possible to prevent the smell of decay. This part of the job is by no means easy. This kind of work can take days to complete, maybe more depending on the size of the monster and the level of damage inflicted on it.

Cleaning up the demon butterfly doesn look like an easy task. Most of its body parts and internal organs were scattered about. Nonetheless, the task must be done.

* * *


Maximus had gone through the footage a few more times. The one conclusion that came to mind is that Oliver is hiding something. Either that or there is more to this than what meets the eyes.

I need to keep a close watch on him. He said inwardly.

From his computer, he could view Olivers hospital room. Initially, doing this did not sit well with him, but at this point, he must do it.

Max sat tight and paid more attention to the screen.

Olivers current behavior is pretty normal, nothing to see here. For the next 20 minutes, Oliver lay on his back, doing nothing.

He is staring back at the camera, having noticed its presence.

Are they suspicious about something? Was I found out? Why have they not made any move?

If Oliver gets to see the light of a new day, hell try to escape. As once a monster hunter, he doesn see any good reason why the hunters of this world would keep him alive if they know what he is.

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