e him a warm hug with tears in her eyes;

”You came back to us, ” she said.

_ ”So it seems I have a family. My name is Creed. I have a mother and a younger brother, Qeturah, and Carson. I thought I would have a hard time due to my secret identity. That is not the case, not anymore. ”_

_ ”I can leave peacefully, pretend to be a human, and Ill have no blade coming after my neck, ”_

Oliver is from a wealthy family known as the Gabels. Most of their extending family share the same land. This is a very vast plot about 156m on each side.

”Sir. Creed? ” A female maid opened the door to Olivers home but quickly regretted that.

Oliver was topless, just about to put on his shirt…

”Im sorry, Ill try again, ”

”No need. ” said Oliver, ”What brings you here? ”

”Your presence is needed, ” she said and left, doing so with haste, and closing the door behind her.

Oliver got dressed, he walked toward the family dining room. Only a few steps away and he could feel some discomfort in himself. He shrugged it off and continued onward.

”Damn it! ” Oliver cursed, his voice became deep, a little too deep for a human.

”Not again, ”

Olivers claws grew bigger and sharper, his muscles enlarged, and his fangs became more visible. He leaned on the wall with his hand, but his claws easily dug in, creating a noticeable crack.

”Calm down, calm down… you are in control, ”

Oliver tried to control his transformation, but it didn work as much as he had hoped.

”Come on, ” he roared.

Everyone is present, waiting for the lost son who should have been here by now.

”Is he coming or not? ” says Penina, the youngest in the family and Olivers step-sister. She turned her attention to one of the servants;

”Didn you say you called him? ”

”I… I did, ”

”Then why is he not here? ”

”Peni… Thats enough, ” says Eamon, the father.

Penina kept quiet, pouting her lips. She didn like how her father spoke to her.

”Can we at least, eat? ” said Briggs, a step-brother.

”No… we wait, ”

Peni and Briggs rolled their eyes. What is so special about Creeds return?

_ ”If you haven figured it out, my supposed father from this world had two wives, both of which bore kids to him. I and Carson are from one mother. Briggs, Peni the spot brat, and one more step-brother I am yet to meet came from a different mother.

I should spell this out; we are not united. We do not get along, especially due to how we were treated by most of the extended family. ”_

”Paige, please go check on Creed. Tell him to hurry up, ”

The young servant bowed her head and then went away. She got to a corner of the house and noticed a crack on the wall, small plants had grown out of those cracks. This was not here before, was it?

”Sorry for keeping them waiting, ”

Paige was taken aback for a second due to Olivers sudden appearance.

”Did I scare you? ”

”No… not at all… Im fine, ”

Oliver also noticed the weird damaged he had done to the wall;

”Plants? ”


Oliver quickly found a seat in the dining room. Delicacies of all sorts were everywhere.

How long did it take to make all of this? he wondered.

”We thought you were dead. How are you here? ” questioned Brigg. He had this smugness on his face for reasons best known to him.

Oliver did not answer, he doesn have any memory, none that can help him.

”I was fortunate, ” he managed to say.

”That must be one hell of a fortune, ” said Briggs with a bit of sarcasm hidden there.

Oliver did not say anything. He doesn need anyone to tell him, he can tell that Briggs doesn like him. It doesn seem like there was ever a time that they got along.

An awkward silence followed suit, only the sound of plates and eating tools could be heard.

”I hear you have awakened. Is this true? ” Eamon spoke up.

His words drew everyones attention. A few of them almost choked on their meal.

e awakened? ” Carson whispered.

”What does that even mean? ” says Oliver.

”Thats impossible. He goes missing for two years, and then came back as an awakened…

…makes no sense, ”

”Does it scare you, dear Briggs? ” Carson teased, he did not hide the mockery in his tone.

Briggs got pissed. He tried not to reveal that fact. It would only make him the loser.

”Don stay quiet, Creed. Prove it! ”

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