Treta Yug : Middle time period of the age of Gods. This also also time period where lord Vishnu taken his 7th Avtar.

(Yug means time period)

Dwarpar Yug : This Yug our story will take place. This is at the end of the age of Gods. This is also The time when worlds deadliest war happend.

Kalyug: This is the current time period, After the age of Gods. All the evil and big sins happend in this period. This also is the end of periods. Its said at the end of it 10th Avtar of lord vishnu will take avatar to clean the world and again start the kalcharka (Wheel of time, Kal=Time, Chakra=Wheel.)

Fun Fact: Kalyug also known as kaliyug sometime because of the demon named kali. Who said to be responsible for the raise of the sinners.


Karan: This is a boy who died I kalguy with only wish to live his life fully not like he lived in the kalyug. Who later got the more then what he asked for.

(Karan name is originated from the karna. Both meaning ears or ear.)

Karna: The unsung anti-hero of the mahabhart. Its know for his golden heart. He is son of the sun of Surya, Who born from the boon given to unmarried madian princess kunti, Who in curiosity provoked Devine mantra(Chant), While looking at sun.

He was born with the Devine armor and earing( Kavch kundal, Kavch= Armor, Kundal= earrings), Which said to be impenetrable. There is no weapon in this world that penetrate that armor. This armor also soaked in Nector of immortality (Amrit), This is the reason what its said that as he was waeing this armor he was immortal.

But he donated this armor and earrings to king of god indra who came in disguise of the bhraman (Equivalent to priesthood.) He later killed by arjun because of Gods decite and curses.

He got many name and titles throughout his life, ex.


●Radheya (The son of the Radha) : This is name he himself given to him because his love and devotion towards his mother.

●Adhirati : Like Radheya this means son of Adhirata, His adopted father.

●Suryaputra: The son of the Surya (The Sun God)

●Vasusen: This name his adopted parents given to him.

●Karna: By this name everybody know him but reason behind the same is very sad. This means peeler of skin. This name given to him after he donated his armor to indra by peeling his own skin because that armor connect to him, Also he had to cut his ears to take put his earrings(kundals).


● Vrisha: Vrisha means the one who is truthful in speech, engaged in penances, kept his vows, and remains kind to enemies. Karna is the epitome (प्रतीक) of all these qualities. Thats why he is known as Vrisha.

●Digvijayi: The conquer of the world or 10 directions.

●Danveer: The one who give anything in alms.

●Anga-Raj( Raja=King): The king of Anga(State in India(Aryavart) of that time.

●Vijaydhari: The one who wields the bow Vijaya. This bow is gift karna received from his Guru(Teacher). ]

Radha: She was wife of chariot driver adhiratha. She and her husband adopted karna when they saw him floating in the river Ganga in the basket. She was very loving and caring woman.

Adiratha: Adopted father of the Kanra. He was though strick but caring towards karna.

Kuti: She was princess in the kingdom of kuntobhoje. She got Devine mantra (Chant) from sage that she can get son from any God she wanted. Her personality appear to be soft and caring mother but for her, Her reputation is

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