”Why is it so dark here? Who turns off the light? ”

Karan wakes up and finds out that his room was in pitch black darkness. He wasn even able to see his own hand. He became angry thinking that someone was playing a sick prank on him as he was afraid of the dark.

”No one turns off anything…other than your life. ”

A playful ethereal voice sounded.

”Who? ”

Karan asked in surprise, That voice felt like it had no beginning or end. It is as if that voice is always there. He just found it but somehow he did not feel scared, he was just felt palpitations of emotions.

”Yeah, The age old question, I don know why you guys alway ask that? You already have an answer in your hearts yet refuse to admit it. ”

Just as the voice fell, a figure of man emerged out of nowhere. He was shrouded in a brilliant golden light. He just make an outline of the figure to guess figure was a man.

He was very tall, His long hair was tied in bundle over his head, On it what it look like crescent moon wore as decoration, From the bundle of his hair fountain of water continuously coming out of it, When you look at his neck it there was outline of a snake constricting on it, But the most eye-catching things was a what held in mans hand

A trident, That trident as big as the height of the man, It was emitting ferocious yet gently aure. These two feelings were contrary to each other but when it comes to trident it felt like it was meant to be.

”Mahadev (God of Gods) ”*

The moment Karan looked at the trident, He got the answer to his question of ”who ”.

He directly wanted to kneel and worship, But then he found out a horrifying truth: He can kneel down because he doesn have a body at all. The room he thought he was in was not his room but was a pure void. Even the brilliance of the figure didn illuminate anything because there was nothing to be illuminated.

”Don worry you just died peaceful in your sleep. ”

Mahadev spoke these words very casually as if it was not a big deal.

But when Karan heard these words he felt like vomiting blood, If not lack of body that is he might really spray blood on ground. He died. That is big news but God just spoke like it was nothing to think about.

”Hey don get me wrong but dying is really not a big deal, You think dying is the end of a journey but it was actually the beginning. ”

Lord spoke very calmly, His voice smoothly calmed Karans volatile emotions.

”But Mahadev I just spoke those words casually, Gods don have to kill me for it. ”

Karan felt that he died because he spoke those words that anger gods because of that they killed him. After all, he fan of God of war game and Greek mythology gods knew how easy it was to anger gods.

”No, It was not that reason but your time has come, So you died. ”

Mahadev does not get angry when Karan blames gods for his death but lovingly consoles him.

”Then what now Mahadev? Why am I here and not in Swarg (Heaven) or Narak (Hell)? ”

Karan spoke weakly, Mahadevs voice eased his emotions but he still felt sad that he died but he also was a bit happy that he got to meet his most loved god.

He was able to talk this freely because of this reason, Because he knew how soft hearted and simple Mahadev actually is, He even got name as Bholenath ,(Lord of Simplicity) because of it.

So as long as he doesn cross the bottom line, He can talk freely whatever was in his mind.

”You can go there because of the words you spoke. ”

Then god drop bomb of news on him again, The calmed down emotions also become unstable.

”Bhole, I just spoke those words, I don have any ill intent behind it. ”*

Karan couldn sit still, He really just spoke those words feeling that gods were too unfair to Karna. Those words come out because of emotion there was no other intention behind it.

”Because you spoke those words with pure emotions that I decided to fulfil your wish. I know why you relate to Karna but I was not unjust towards anyone, Everybody got what they deserve. ”

Mahadve said these words in a very caring voice as he knew the pain of the boy in front of him.

”He was abandoned by his own mother, Denied of knowledge, got cursed because of his yearning for knowledge. Even in the end when he died people never got to know the truth of his birth. Please tell me how it was not unjust Bhole? ”

Karan got emotional and spoke quickly. Indeed he relates to Karna and feels his pain because just like Karna he was also abandoned by his mother from birth though she had a little decency to drop the newborn at the orphanage.

He alway thought that his mother might be helpless and had her problems that she abandoned him. When he grew up he searched all around about her and somehow managed to get information. He was thrilled when he thought he was able to meet his mother but when he met her, The response she gave to him was not what he expected.

”You were just a burden, A hurdle for my future. If not for a legal issue I would be more than happy to throw you into a trash can. ,Now go away, you stink. ”

These were her words. These words shatter his illusion that all mothers are nice and good and teach him a lesson that judges people by their actions not by their relation and their titles.

This is the reason why he loves Karna as a character because he can truly relate to his pain. He knows how much it hurts you when your own mother doesn accept you.

”He got everything he deserves putra (Son), Yes, His mother abandoned him but didn he get a mother so good that he wore her name as crown over his head?

Yes, He denied of knowledge but didn my own student, the best guru on the earth, become his teacher?

Yes, He got cursed but didn my own invincible bow given to after that?

Yes, People do not find out even after his death, his birth secret but wasn his name immortalised in history because of that? ”

God answered his question calmly and slowly as a teacher teaching his student.

”Also no one spared from cause and effect of their actions, The mother who abandoned him, didn she also have to separate from her five sons?

The eldest son becuse of his right of inheritance she didn accept karna, Didn she get cursed by that same son?

The teacher who refused to teach karna for his royal students was killed by those same students by deceit?

The Arjun who killed Karna, didn he also killed by his own son?

Everybody got their due. ”

God said in the same calm tone, There was infinite love in his voice as he was more inclined to answer any questions by which the boy in front of him can clear his doubts.

”I-I never thought of it like that. ”

Karan became ashamed, He never thought of it like that, But still he felt it was unfair for Karna.

”I am not denying that it was not unfair to karna, I am saying I am not unjust. ”

Lord answered his question with him needing to ask.

”Its time to fulfil your last wish, It will give closure and free you from mortal bounding, I will give you boon for your good karma, Ask anything other than immortality, Putra (Son). ”

Lord saw that it was time, So he decided to send him on his new journey.

”Bhole but I didn do anything that great to receive boon, So why? ”

Karan was confuse, He know mahadev was easiest to please but he didn actually did much in his life, Most of his 21 years of life he spend by just trying to survive, He didn do much of Gods work other than just paying respect in the morning and night by folding his hands towards the sky before sleeping and after waking up, Thats all he did in name of devotion

”In Kalyug (Period after Gods) that was enough, Thats why sages were jealous of people who will live in kalyug. ”

Lord chuckled and answered, Feeling funny about the situation. Sages in the ages of god needed thousands of years praying and meditation but man in Kalyug can get the same things just by little devotion and yet this time consider worst by many.

”Oh, I don know that prabhu (Lord) , So I can ask anything other than immortality right, Mahadev? ”

Karan heard and understood the reason behind giving him boon. He also heard of that story but he alway thought it was a folk tale. Then he put his focus on the boon. There was infinite possibility for it.

”Yes, You can ask anything other than immortality, You can ask for money, weapons, power, You can even ask me as your servant, So what is it gonna be? ”

Lord gave multiple suggestions for the boons, even said that Karan can ask him as a servant in the boon. Lord was not kidding about being servant after all he one time became bodyguard for devoted who asked that as boon.

”No Mahadev I don dare, I always had the answer ready for a day like this, If I am going to become karna then in boon I want a thoun- No wait Million time crit System with world hopping function as add-on. ”

Karan asked very hesitantly, He who used to read lots of novels in free time was very familiar with the systems. There are different varieties of it. Some were weak, some were strong but some were OP. The Million time crit was in OP category, Any beneficial direct or indirect for host will be multiplied million times. If he is going to become karna then this system is made for him, Karna already has superior talent and if you add a million time effect, Then who can stop him? Karan always used to wonder why no one asked the system in boon. These things are to OP.

”System, I have to say no one ever asked that from me, Can you tell me the reason behind it? ”

Lord became interested to hear about the reason, After all it was the first time for him to give that in boon.

”Simple Mahadev, System power multiply million times, So if I trained for 1 day then I will receive benefits equivalent to 1 Million days of training, I get something it will also multiple its effect or things for million time and best part having system is that it can conceal its host presence from others powerful beings, It can also protect its host when needed too, So thats why i asked you for system. ”

Karan became excited when telling about system functions, After all it was his dream to get a system. So he is like a child who just got a new toy telling all the functions to lord himself.

”Fair enough, Then I give you System you desire but because its power I can give you all in one go or your soul can handle it, It will divided into 4 parts like following

1. You get Prime function of system million time crits but limited to 24 hours for each task, This can also hide your presence from everyone unless Trimurti themselves purposely use their power to look into you no one will find out about your truth even lord vishnus avatar Bhagwan (God) Parsuram and Krishna.*

2. Fail safe systems to save your life when you are in danger.

3. Dimensions hoping add-on, Help you go into any world of your desire.

4. Whole system without any limit.

You will receive the first part, Other 3 parts you have to find on your own, though the system will notify you when they are near. ”

Lord spoke these words and globe of 4 golden light appear in his hand, Three shot in different direction and one got into Karan soul body, Just as that light entered in him, Karan sucked by powerful suction force and disappear in blink of eye, He not even get to say his farewell to his lord.

”Remember you will be born as karna with his cause and effect, So be careful not to repeat the same mistakes as him. ”

Those were the last words Karan heard before his consciousness got lost.

”Svami (Husband) did we do the right thing by giving him that boon or do we give him too much? ”

Suddenly a very motherly feminine voice came out of the golden brilliance figure and brilliance shrouding the figure faded away.

Karan was half right this is indeed the figure of a man but he was only half right because the other half of the figure was a very beautiful woman.

The body of the lord was separated into middle by two parts, one was a man and the other was a woman. Mahadev was not the only one front of Karan but also was a Parvati (Goddesses of power), Also known as duo of Shiv-Shakti (Power).

This sharing body is known as Ardhnarishwar (The lord whose half is a woman). In this form lord Shiva and goddesses Parvati were one.

The Ardhanareeswara represents a constructive and generative power. Ardhanareeswara symbolises male and female principles which cannot be separated. It conveys the unity of opposites in the universe. The male half stands for Purusha (Male) and female half is Prakriti (Nature).

Karan not only gets boon from lord shiva but also goddess parvati but he doesn know about it.

”You are the one saying that priye (Darling)? I just gave him the boon he asked me for but you just gave him the boon without him even knowing. ”

Lord chuckled and said to his wife in a teasing tone.

”That- H-He was in pain and as a mother I couldn help it. ”

Goddess Parvati dogged her husbands eyes as the incarnation of Adi Sakti (Adi= Superior/First, Sakti=Power) mother of all couldn help it when she saw her children in pain. So she given boon on her own to ease his pain.

”Don worry priye (Darling), No one can get anything more or less from what they deserve, Now we have to wait and see, What path he will choose. ”

Lord answered, How can he not understand his wifes emotions? Thats why he gave this powerful boon. Now he just letting him chose his own path.

Hundan and wife talk some more, Then they disappear from the void waiting to see the unfolding of a new chapter of his life.


[1] Bholenaath : Lord of Simplicity, Sometimes also called Bhole.

[2] Mahadev : God of Gods, Lord shivas other name.

[3] Bhagwan Parsuraam : Paru= Axe, Raam= Name of sage, Parsuram means the one who wields an Axe. They were students of lord shiva himself and got all the weapons of lord shiva. Also they were the 7th avatar of lord vishnu. Had boon of Chiranjeevi (Immortal).

[4] Lord Krishna: The mortal Avatar of lord Vishnu. Because of a curse given to a past Avatar of lord vishnu Rama, He was without his Sakti( Power), Avatar of his wife Goddesses Laxmi (Goddesses of wealth) making him incomplete. Just like how lord Shiva is incomplete without goddesses Parvati. )

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