[Ding! Detected that Satwai written fortune and misfortune of the Karna (Host).

Congratulations to the host for triggering the Million times critical strike on fortune….

Congratulations Host you received ”Heaven Defying Superior Luck ”…..

Heaven Defying Superior Luck : This level of luck never allowed to appear in the world. This Luck is hated by Heavens because it outright ignores the laws of the world.

This Luck creates the best possible outcome for the host in any given situation.

If there is no good possible outcome in the situation then it will change the whole situation itself to give the host the best possible outcome, ignoring all obstacles.

Note: Possessor of this Luck can be monitored by heaven as it will create an illusion to hide host actions but the host will be targeted by people favoured by heaven].

System explains everything in detail but the one who is supposed to listen all this long has gone to the dreamland. So all this information fell on deaf ears of Karna.

Few hours passed by. Surprisingly, even in the raging flow of the river basket was stable, Floating without any problem.


Karnas sleep is broken by growling in his stomach. He just relise, That so-called mother of his didn even bother to feed him before abandoning him, So he didn eaten anything from the moment he was born.

”Hey, There are still a few days until I reach Hastinapur kingdom. With this rate I might die out of hunger here before I can reach civilization. ”

Karna becomes anxious, New born babys can only survive without food for only 24 hours to 48 hours. After that it is hard to say, Not to mention the newborn but even an adult man without food and water can survive this long journey.

”How can original Karna as a baby be able to bear that pain? ”

Karna thought about it, He as a demi-god has a consumption needs way beyond of a normal humans. If this goes on like this then he will die either by hunger or by a thirst or atleast go close to it. For newborn Karna to suffer that kind of pain is impossible even imagine for him.

”*Uwha* I don wanna suffer that much pain, *Sob* Mahadev save me. ”

Karna…well cried like a baby. Because of his past childhood experience, He didn want to go hungry ever again.

What making him even more helpless is that he as a baby can even ask for help from anyone as he can speak yet, So he can only cry hoping someone might hear it and save him from this predicament.

”Why are you crying my child? Are you hungry or are those jewellers hurting you? ”

Suddenly a very motherly concern voice came out of nowhere.

Karans crying abruptly stopped. He didn understand what voice said as he didn know the language spoken by the other party but he did feel the concern in it.

He started hovering his hopeful innocent eyes everywhere but he didn find anyones figure.

”Am I hallucinating because of hunger? ”

Karna doubted himself, After all that voice sounded as someone speaking next to him but now there is no figure at all.


His stomach demanded food again, Karnas eyes became hopeless and he again started crying even loudly as this is the only thing he can do for now.

”Hey so you are just hungry, Don worry I will feed you. ”

That voice sounded again but this time Karna ignored it, In his opinion his mind was playing tricks with him. If not, how can he not understand a single word of other party?

But this time changes started happening on the river surface, The stable basket started to shake uncontrollably as if the next moment it will topple over.

”What is happening? ”

Karna startled, He doesn know why this sudden changes is happening in the river but he knows one thing, If he falls down from the basket then his situation will be worse than death.

As he can swim because of his small body and he can die because his armour won let him, So he will continuously drown over and over again until someone intervenes. Just thinking of that sent shivers into his body.

”Don be afraid I will not let anything happen to you. ”

Just as the voice fell, the river surface water rose up in the shape of a human silhouette.

Then water fell and a very beautiful woman with godly charms came out. Her eyes contain an infinite tenderness, Motherly love radiating from her whole body. She gives a feeling as no matter who comes in front of her she will shower them with all of her motherly love.

Even when she is this beautiful, No one in front of her can raise evil thoughts as she herself wipes out these thoughts by her mere presence.


Karna looked at the woman and was stunned and tears filled his eyes. All the bad memories of past kept flashing in his mind. All the things that he thought he let go of, All the suffering he went through as a child came all at once.

At this moment he just felt like emptying his heart out to this woman. Tell her his suffering, Tell her the pain he felt when his mother said those words, Tell her how he survived all those years. He felt that no matter if its good or bad she will listen to him. She will accept him as it is.

”Hehe, Did shaking scare you? ”

The woman bend forward and picked up the Karna in her arms, She concernedly asked him, While carrying him towards the shore, Unbelieving thing was that even she going through the river, There was not bit of resistance of water to her as the river was part of her body, Even basket moving with her ignoring flow of water.

After crossing, She sat on shore taking Karna in her arms. She used other hand and lovingly wiped the tear stains from his cheeks, While other hand firmly held him, giving him a sense of security.




Karna felt her loving touch and got a sense of protection. This is the first time he experienced these emotions, He was already close to breaking out and this action of hers became the final straw. He burst out crying as he felt like he finally found his salvation. He didn need to hide his pain in front of her.

”Why did you start crying more putra (Son)? Are you that hungry? Wait, I just give you milk to drink. ”

Women become anxious seeing karna burst out crying. She quickly flipped her hands in intention of summoning the milk for him but a strange thing happened.

”Thats weird, Why is my power not working? ”

Woman confusedly looked at her hand not understanding why her divine power was not working.

*Uwha* *Uwha*

Karnas intensity becomes louder and louder. Woman became more anxious, She again tried to use her divine power but it still didn work.

In the end seeing the child crying so much her heart softened, She held Karna close to her bosom and started feeding him her own milk.

”Uwah- uhm ”

Karna was lost in expressing his own pain, So he didn realise what happened until sweet nectar like milk came into his mouth.

He became confused for a moment and then became awkward but his drinking never stopped. He couldn help it, he was really hungry and drinking a few sips provoked his hunger even more, So he was drinking subconsciously, his mouth gulping on its own and he somehow never felt he was doing something bad.

After all there is nothing evil or bad between a mother feeding her child.

As for how this woman suddenly became his mother? Because system notification rang in his mind.

[Ding! Host drinks Goddess Gangas Milk, Improving all around the body and gaining some divine charm.

Congratulations for Host triggering Million times critical rewards….

Congratulations host for gaining Sovereign Constitutions,

Congratulations host for gaining Supreme Charm…

Sovereign Constitution : This constitution enhances all attributes by 10,000 times. But it also need 10,000 times more time to train than the normal people.

Supreme Charm : There was only one being in the history of the universe that had this level of charm. This level of charm can enchant Gods, Demons, Naga, Yaksha (Spirit) etc.]

Karna was stunned after hearing the system notification. But not only because of rewards but because of name system mentioned, He never thought that the woman in front of him was Goddess Ganga, But this news erased all of his worries. After all, if he is drinking Goddess Gangas Milk then there is really nothing wrong with it.

So he stops over thinking and drinks as much as he can. This fortune and blessing he might not ever get again. After all, even her biological son Bhishma did not have this fortune.


Karna finally became full and burped in satisfaction. His endless hunger finally calmed down, As his stomach got full he again went back to sleep. At this age he really can do much other than eating and sleeping. The comfort and sense of security in goddess arms is also the reason why he fell asleep this quickly.

Devi (Goddess) Ganga reached out and gently wiped the stain from his mouth. She had a tender smile on her lips.

Then she looked down at Karna and flabbergasted. She saw that boy in her arms become extremely beautiful even the beauty of Sun and Moon was eclipsed in front of him.

Before she can compare his beauty to the sun but at this moment, She only has one person in her mind she can compare him to.

Mohini, The goddess of enchantment. The only female avatar of lord Vishnu. She stunned for a moment realising this fact.

Then she noticed his constitution, She couldn help to become flabbergasted again, This constitution only appears once in each yug (Time period), No one is able to defeat the possessor of this constitution on equal footing and They are considered invincible in the same warrior class.

Only son of lord Shiva and goddesses Parvati, God of War kartikeya, Commander of Gods army known to possess this constitution. This is enough to show value of this constitution.

”How is this possible? Just drinking a little milk you have this big change, Putra (Son)? ”

She held Karna in her arms and asked with a very happy smile. As mother to all, she will be happy for her childrens improvement. But her face rapidly changed and worry appeared on her face.

”No, I can let him stay in a mortal world. If he stays here with his charm and divinity, Will to target on him for all those ill minded people. Even demons might come to get him. ”

She thought of it and made up her mind.

”I will take you to Swarg (Heaven), There you can be safe and even learn from gods. ”

Goddess Ganga thought of it, Although you can bring mortals in the Swarg, there are always some expectations, Like her son Bhisma.

So she can still make some exceptions for the child in her hand. She stood up and looked gloatingly at the opposite flow of the river.

Will she vomit blood if she finds out about this?

Goddess couldn help but to think about the woman who abandoned a child in her stream. She saw all of it from the beginning, If not for her lord Shiva maintaining her flow, She long since drowned Kuntis whole kingdom as it became the excuse for abandoning a child.

”Forget it, it doesn matter. After all, she doesn have any right over him. She gave up the moment she abandoned him. From now on he will be my son. ”

Goddess shook her head and didn think much of it, Anyway Kunti now has nothing to do with her son.

She gently covered the sleeping Karna with her aanchal (Part of sari) and just as she lifted her feet, Thunder rumbled in the sky.



Sky thunder fell directly just little away from the goddess and a figure of handsome man in silver coloured armour and mukute (Crown) emerged from it. This man had majesty like a king around him.

”Sorry Devi (Goddess) but you are not allowed to take that child into heaven. ”

(A/N :

Fun Fact :-

[1] The Milky Way gets its name from a Greek myth about the goddess Hera who sprayed milk across the sky because of Hercules.

[2] In Hindi Our galaxy is called Akash Ganga (Ganga of the Sky) hence I decided to use that as both ”Mythologies have so much in common.

Tell me if you liked or not, Also don forget to leave comments

Also like always thanks for reading and have a good day.)

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