Chapter 23: Xiong Dans Death

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“Zhao Jun? Who is this? And a storage bag? This person couldnt have killed a steward from the inner sect, right?”

“I see! Xiong Dan came down because of this!”



After hearing Xiong Dans words, the people standing around Zhou Feng immediately moved a distance away.

At the same time, they looked at Zhou Feng in shock. After all, it was rare for someone from the inner sect to come down and look for trouble.

As expected, I was exposed! But how did Xiong Dan discover me?

Before Zhou Feng had made his move on Zhao Jun, he had already expected that someone from the inner sect would come looking for trouble with him.

Therefore, he was not flustered at all.

Not to mention that he had already successfully drawn Qi and had also reached the Qi Gathering realm. Thus, there was no reason to be afraid.

The only thing that puzzled him was how Xiong Dan had discovered him. He had clearly been hiding amongst the crowd just now.

The moment he arrived, Xiong Dan had discovered him. This was indeed a little strange.

“Not talking again? Its fine! Ill let you speak properly later!”

Looking at the silent Zhou Feng, Xiong Dan clenched his fists lightly, and threads of blood-colored Spiritual Qi covered them.

Xiong Dan could be said to be extremely confident when facing Zhou Feng because the latter had entered the outer sect a few months ago.

No matter how talented he was, it was impossible for him to reach the 9th Layer of Body Tempering and then directly succeed in absorbing Qi!

Even if Zhou Feng was a genius, he would at most reach the 9th Layer of Body Tempering.

Even though Xiong Dan had suffered a great blow in the inner sect, he was still extremely proud of being able to climb from the outer sect to the inner sect.

This was because the number of people who could climb from the outer sect to the inner sect could be described with ones fingers.

Xiong Dan leaped, and a distance of more than ten meters was covered in the blink of an eye.

The fist that was covered with Spiritual Qi directly struck vertically as if a huge axe was splitting open a mountain.

The target was Zhou Fengs head, and it seemed that there was no intention of holding back at all.

This oncoming fist wind made Zhou Feng feel as if he wanted to retreat.

Nonetheless, he gnashed his teeth and slightly tilted his neck. He also condensed his Spiritual Qi and covered his right fist.

“What!? Spiritual Qi? You broke through to the Qi Gathering realm!?”

What made Xiong Dan both shocked and angry was that this kid in front of him had broken through to the Qi Gathering realm in less than a few months.

What kind of talent was this!?

What made Xiong Dan most angry was that Zhou Feng had no intention of dodging at all. He directly fought like a real man, exchanging one punch for another!

Under such circumstances, Xiong Dan could not cower.

Half a second later, Xiong Dans huge ax-like fist smashed directly onto Zhou Fengs shoulder while Zhou Feng punched Xiong Dans stomach.

Both fists were covered with Spiritual Qi.

Xiong Dan only felt that his stomach had been hit hard by someones hammer, and he almost spat out his bile.

However, what made Xiong Dan feel like he was going to explode was that Zhou Feng seemed to be completely fine.

He only lowered his body and recovered swiftly.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

That attack just now was so powerful that Zhou Feng couldnt be completely fine.

In reality, Zhou Feng really did not have to do much as the bone-coating layer directly blocked that attack.

Bone Coating was a defense-type passive skill that could reduce the damage of the first attack.

It was also because of that passive skill that Zhou Feng had chosen to fight head-on.

He wanted to take the initiative.

Although Xiong Dans attack was powerful and heavy, Zhou Fengs body shook slightly and returned to normal after Bone Coatings damage reduction.


Since Zhou Fengs attack succeeded, he did not say any more nonsense and roared. He used a heaven-splitting kick and gave him a fierce kick.

Xiong Dan had no strength to retaliate as he had just received a punch. He could only cross his arms in front of his chest to block it.

Xiong Dan groaned as he was sent flying, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Next was the time when Xiong Dan doubted his life.

Zhou Feng still bit his lips tightly, not uttering a word. He directly sprinkled a handful of sand on the kneeling Xiong Dan.

It was the same sand that he had used many times before, with the addition of many hard pebbles this time.


The sand-and-pebble attack made Xiong Dan let out a miserable cry. He subconsciously covered his eyes with both hands.

Following that, Zhou Feng, who had been waiting for this, kicked Xiong Dans crotch at the root!


A higher pitch came out of Xiong Dans mouth.

The spectators all sucked in a breath of cold air at that moment while their hands subconsciously covered their crotches.

This was too f*cking ruthless! This was completely not giving anyone the chance to resist!

Even so, Zhou Feng still did not stop. His character was like this. When he fought, he did not say a word. He would just defeat his opponent in an instant.

If he could not talk, he would not talk.

Xiong Dans four limbs were instantly broken. After confirming that Xiong Dan no longer had the ability to stand up, Zhou Feng stopped. He then squatted beside Xiong Dan and asked. “Did Zhao Wu send you? And how did you discover me?”

At that moment, Xiong Dan opened his slightly red and swollen eyes. “Dont be smug! Although you enter the Qi Gathering realm in such a short period, you are nothing in the inner sect!

“You have no idea how cruel the inner sect is! And a bumpkin like you only has the qualifications to be a foil to others!”

What an uncooperative attitude!

Zhou Feng did not say much because he had encountered similar situations before.

“What about now?” He quickly broke one of Xiong Dans fingers.

“Hehe! Its useless! Since Im going to die anyway, its worth it to exchange my life for your life! Young Master Zhao Wu will kill you!”

Xiong Dans face was distorted from the pain, but he still glared at Zhou Feng with hatred.

Zhou Fengs threats were nothing to Xiong Dan because he had already failed to complete the mission Zhao Wu had given him.

Failing this mission meant that he could not obtain more cultivation resources.

Without cultivation resources, he would die!

Sooner or later, he would die, so he might as well do so in the hands of a human. He would not die from being sucked dry by the Bloodthirsty Gu.

Moreover, his death was not a loss, as Zhao Wu, who had been slapped in the face repeatedly, would definitely take revenge.

Using his life to exchange for Zhou Fengs life was definitely worth it!

He actually used only a few months to provoke him. Arent you a genius? Even if you are a genius, you have to die!

“I hope you can still be so tough later on!”

In response, Zhou Feng only said one sentence. Then, he turned around and looked at the surrounding crowd.

Those old fogeys who were still watching instantly understood his meaning and immediately scattered like birds and beasts.

Soon, only Xiong Dan and Zhou Feng were left.

Of course, there was also a pile of corpses in the yard.

Looking at the corpses scattered around, Zhou Feng felt a little uncomfortable.

No matter what, these people had died because of him.

Nonetheless, he didnt feel much guilt because the environment of this world was like this.

If one wanted to live longer, their heart would only become colder. There was no other way.

Zhou Fengs eyes gradually turned cold as he looked at Xiong Dan on the ground…

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