Chapter 24: Cultivation Realm

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When no one else was around, Zhou Feng asked again, “How did you find me?”

Xiong Dan was still very firm and directly spat out, “Let me be clear! My current identity is an inner disciple! You probably dont know what it is like to kill an inner disciple…”

It turned out that Xiong Dan was so firm because of other factors, but the most important one was his identity as an inner disciple.

Unlike outer disciples, inner disciples were already registered in the sect.

To be able to kill their way into the inner sect from the outer sect, they could be considered elites.

Such an elite naturally could not be casually consumed like outer disciples.

Moreover, inner disciples were required to guard many places in the sect.

For example, some of the Meat Gu caves in the outer sect required at least Qi Gathering cultivators to guard them.

Therefore, any inner disciple could not be killed without reason. This was a rule written on the surface in the inner court.

However, in reality, in a place like the Tri-Gu Sect, almost no people enforced this rule.

It was not worth mentioning that inner disciples would poison and plot against each other.

However, this could not be done in public. Once you brazenly killed an inner disciple, you would be exposed. Thus, the other inner disciples would have a reason to attack you.

It was said that this was to train the disciples to be cautious and careful because the Tri-Gu Sect also had competitors.

Moreover, some sects were even crazier than the Tri-Gu Sect.

This was something that one would only come into contact with after reaching the inner sect.

No matter how talented you were in the outer sect, you wouldnt know this information.

Xiong Dan was now hoping to use the information gap to trick Zhou Feng first and save his own life.

The reason he had been so tough earlier was to increase his credibility.

It made Zhou Feng mistakenly think that Xiong Dan really had the confidence to be so tough.

Xiong Dan was a scheming person, not to mention that he had been in the inner sect for a few months.

The inflexible people would also become tactful as long as one stayed in the inner sect for a few months. Otherwise, they would turn into corpses.

Hence, this kind of deception trick Xiong Dan used was extremely smooth to use.

Unfortunately, Zhou Feng did not fall for that trick.

He thought that Xiong Dan was not a smart person; playing tricks and petty schemes could not outwit truly smart people.

Therefore, everything he did was simple and crude. He did not know how to beat around the bush and went straight to the core of the problem.

Just like his fighting style, he was straightforward!

“Not answering?” Zhou Feng kicked Xiong Dans crotch.

As a male, he was well aware of this weak spot. Almost none of his male compatriots could resist it.


Xiong Dans face instantly turned pale. His eyes bulged slightly, and he let out a shrill cry.

“Im giving you one more chance!”

Zhou Feng asked again expressionlessly.

Xiong Dan felt that cold intent, so he did not dare to play any tricks and directly told him everything.

“Scent-Locking Gu! I relied on a Scent-Locking Gu to find you!”

Xiong Dan took out the Scent-Locking Gu upon saying that.

Scent-Locking Gu?

A worm that looked like a snails shell appeared in Xiong Dans palm.

This was also the first time Zhou Feng saw a Gu with his own eyes.

Zhou Feng put the Scent-Locking Gu in his storage bag and asked, “Why do you want to be Zhao Wus subordinate? Didnt you already attract Qi? What is Zhao Wus realm now?”

He asked three questions in a row. These three questions were what he wanted to know the most.

The most important one was Zhao Wus realm. After all, he was basically on the opposite side of Zhao Wu, which meant that Zhao Wu was already his enemy.

Under such circumstances, Zhou Feng naturally wanted to know more about his enemy.

Xiong Dans face showed a trace of helplessness when he heard those questions.

“This is all because of the lack of Spirit Stones! Otherwise, would I be in such dire straits!? Damn Bloodthirsty Gu!”

As he spoke, Xiong Dan suddenly became crazy.

Spirit Stones!?

Thats right! Breaking through to the Qi Gathering realm meant that one could enter the inner sect from the outer sect. It also meant that one could fall into another huge pit from one pit.

Starting from the Qi Gathering realm, one needed Spirit Stones to assist them in cultivation.

This was because the Bloodthirsty Gu needed Spiritual Qi to undergo a transformation, and just absorbing the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth was not enough to satisfy the Bloodthirsty Gu.

At this time, all the inner disciples needed to earn Spirit Stones.

The most fatal thing was that after the Bloodthirsty Gu absorbed Spiritual Qi, its demand for Blood Qi would also increase.

Spiritual Qi would cause a transformation, and the transformation required a large amount of Blood Qi to support it.

Thus, all the inner disciples were exhausted from running for their lives and fighting to the death for that little bit of resources.

What made Xiong Dan most desperate was that there were many factions in the inner sect, and each faction had at least one Elder behind them.

These factions formed many interest groups. Thus, it was too difficult for lone wolves like Xiong Dan to snatch food from these interest groups.

In the end, he had no choice but to become Zhao Wus lackey.

As for Zhao Wus specific cultivation level, Xiong Dan was not sure, but he heard that Zhao Wu had already prepared to gather Qi during this period of time.

“Gather qi? Is this the realm after the Qi Gathering realm?”

Zhou Feng frowned slightly.

“Thats right! The Qi Gathering realm begins to absorb the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. After that, after experiencing the two great realms of Qi Induction and Condensation, the Soul Altar realm is next!”

Xiong Dan divulged to Zhou Feng some of the later realms. This was also considered some common knowledge of the inner sect, but Xiong Dan was not very clear after the Soul Altar realm.

Next, Zhou Feng asked some more questions.

Xiong Dan gave some answers.

“Alright! Goodbye!”

After asking the questions, Zhou Feng was straightforward and neat, twisting Xiong Dans neck. The whole process took less than half a second, and Xiong Dan did not even have time to react.

He had just finished answering one of Zhou Fengs questions, and then his vision went black.

Zhou Feng was cautious enough to take a rock and smash it into Xiong Dans chest, ensuring that he was deader than dead.

He then checked that Xiong Dans chest had caved in.

“Im sorry! I cant let you off!”

After leaving these words, Zhou Feng shook off the blood on his hand and turned around to leave.

Patrolling disciples should be arriving here in a while to clean up the mess. There was no need to trouble himself.

After that, Zhou Feng walked directly to the position of the Strength Imparting Hall.

The place was still as deserted as before. Almost no outer disciples came here.

“Someone actually attracted Qi again? Not bad!”

Just as he walked to the Strength Imparting Hall, Zhou Feng heard an old voice.

Then, two tokens were thrown out.

“Kid, take the tokens and head directly to the mountainside to enter the inner sect! Remember to join the Flying Eagle Society. You are one of us!”

The first tokens style was similar to what he had obtained before, only with a little more patterns.

Next was a token that looked like a flying eagle.

Wait! He seemed to have found this token on Xiong Dan before.

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