Chapter 25: The Truth Behind It

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Zhou Feng felt that the token in front of him was surprisingly familiar.

It seemed that Xiong Dan also possessed such a token.

If he took this token, wouldnt he be directly joining Zhao Wus faction?

Through questioning Xiong Dan, Zhou Feng had some understanding of the inner sect.

Compared to the outer sect, the inner sect had more people and more factions.

In order to snatch cultivation resources, many people in the inner sect chose to form groups and formed various organizations.

It seemed that the area he was in was the territory of the Flying Eagle Society.

Xiong Dan should have also obtained this token back then and finally chose to join the Flying Eagle Society.

In other words, those who successfully attracted Qi would join the Flying Eagle Society in the area he was in.

Obviously, Zhou Feng couldnt join the Flying Eagle Society. After all, what he did was directly going against Zhao Wu.

Although the two of them had never met before, it could be said that they would not rest until one of them was dead.

Wouldnt joining the Flying Eagle Society be like letting a sheep into a tigers mouth?

“Got it!”

Zhou Feng silently put away the two tokens.

It seemed that he could only hide the token!

He then started calculating in his heart.

Inner sect!

This was the place Zhou Feng had been hearing about, to the point his ears hurt, a few months ago.

At that moment, he was finally ready to join the inner sect.

The process of entering the inner sect was very simple; he just needed to pass through the pass on the mountainside.

At the pass, he only needed to provide the token to pass through.

When he passed through the pass, the guards saw that he didnt have any tokens and looked at him in surprise.

Then, they directly let him pass without making things difficult for him.

“Is this the inner sect?”

After a short flight of stairs, Zhou Feng finally arrived at the inner sect.

Surprise, bewilderment, and other emotions were all displayed on his face at that moment.

This was because the scene in front of him was completely beyond his imagination.

A large number of ancient-style buildings and people were walking on the streets. It looked like an ancient town.

After getting used to the oppressive atmosphere of the outer sect, he couldnt help but feel relaxed when he saw this scene.

Was this the inner sect? Was the competition very fierce?

No matter how he looked at it, it didnt seem like it! What was going on?

With this question in mind, Zhou Feng walked toward the center of the town.

This was because the center of the town should be the office set up by the sect. All outer disciples had to report to the office when they ascended.

Along the way, Zhou Feng found that many people in this town only were in the Body Tempering realm. There were even some people who didnt cultivate at all.

“Didnt they say that the inner sect is very cruel? This…”

Zhou Feng looked around in astonishment, and many peoples astonished gazes also surrounded him.

“This person seems to have come up from below the Gu Refinement Cave!”

“I think so! But why is no one leading him?”

“Im not sure! Those who come up from below the Gu Refinement Cave should have a token!”


Gu Refinement Cave? Didnt I come up from the outer sect?

This is the inner sect? Why does it look like a town? What about those inner disciples?

Is it because I dont have a token?

Countless questions appeared in Zhou Fengs mind, and he needed an explanation.

Not long after, he arrived at the office in the center of the town.

“Came up from the outer gate? Take out the tokens!”

Zhou Feng took out the sect token, but not the Flying Eagle Token.

“No affiliation token! Only the sect token!”

The people in the office looked at him in surprise again.

“No affiliation token? Think about it carefully!”

“There really is no token!”

Of course, Zhou Feng would not take out the token of the Flying Eagle Society. He did not want to meet Zhao Wu head-on so soon.

He still needed time to develop.

He had just entered the Qi Gathering realm, so he did not know any cultivation techniques, methods, or even some common knowledge.

Under such circumstances, against an inner disciple who was about to enter the Soul Altar realm…

There was absolutely no chance of victory. He was not going to let the sheep fall into the tigers mouth!

“Interesting! If you dont have it, then so be it! This is only a small mortal town under the jurisdiction of the sect. Someone will bring you up the mountain later!

“There are still quite a number of people who will be traveling with you. You can wait here for a while!”

The person from the office gave a simple explanation and asked Zhou Feng to wait at the side.

“I want to ask a few questions. Is it okay?”

Zhou Feng directly took out a Blood Pill and placed it in front of that person.

When the person from the office saw the Blood Pill, his eyes instantly lit up.

Soon, Zhou Feng gathered a lot of information.

For example, why the outer sect was called Gu Refinement Cave.

What the hell was the outer sect!?

The so-called outer sect was just a nice way of saying it, but in reality, the outer sect was a Gu refinement chamber.

This was the Meat Gu!

Zhou Feng would never have dreamed that the main ingredients for the fodder of the Meat Gu, which he had personally fed before, were these outer disciples.

Thats right! You didnt misread!

Although the Meat Gu could devour anything, if one wanted the Meat Gu to grow faster, the best food was actually humans!

Moreover, they were people who had cultivated before, and among them, those at the 9th Layer of Body Tempering were the most effective.

What outer sect? What outer disciples? They were all just food!

The outer sect was a large-scale breeding ground, and the outer disciples were all considered moving food.

Zhou Feng finally understood!

Why did the people in the Merit Hall look like they were looking at a dead person every time he received a Blood Pill?

Why were there basically no cultivation techniques that could be cultivated? The Vajra Strength Fist was already considered the best cultivation technique.

Also, the inner disciples who were stationed there completely ignored them.

They always had an impatient look on their faces.

“Oh right! Old Wan must know something!”

Zhou Feng suddenly came to a realization. Didnt the outer disciples only have three years to cultivate?

As long as three years passed, the sect would bring them back.

However, Old Wan didnt look young anymore, so why could he still stay in the outer sect?

So this so-called three-year period was only Zhou Fengs life expectancy. He could only be used as fodder if he didnt break through to the Qi Gathering realm.

How could a Gu like the Bloodthirsty Gu, which could allow a person to break through to the 9th Layer of Body Tempering, be planted casually?

All of this was just for the sake of feeding!?

The illogical things that Zhou Feng knew earlier seemed to be able to be explained in an instant.

All the outer disciples lived in a lie!

Why hadnt Xiong Dan returned to the outer sect to find trouble with him after breaking through and becoming an inner disciple?

It was obvious that he did not want to return to the outer sect, a hellish place.

All of this made Zhou Feng feel a chill down his spine.

The Tri-Gu Sects true disciple supply grounds were actually the various mortal small towns that were built on the mountainside.

There were many small mortal towns, and they had been living under the Tri-Gu Sects control for countless generations.

They had a deep understanding of Gu and had a certain cultivation foundation.. At the same time, they also had a strong sense of belonging with the Tri-Gu Sect.

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