Chapter 1: Full-time Career Experience System

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“Lin Yi, pack your things and leave.”

The sales manager of Chaoyang Group, Yu Lili, said.

“Im being fired?”

Lin Yi paused. “I was doing fine, why am I being fired?”

“The company doesnt think youre suitable for this job, so they dont need you anymore.”

Lin Yi was an employee in the sales department of the Chaoyang Group. He had not taken a day off from work for more than half a year.

He thought that he would get a promotion and a raise if he put in so much effort.

However, he never thought that he would be fired today.

“Manager Yu, youre going too far. Youre firing me for no reason just because I dont give you gifts? Thats a bit unreasonable, isnt it?” Lin Yi argued.

“Reasonable? What right do you have to be reasonable with me? Do you really think youre a piece of meat?”

“I have a meeting soon. Lets go, dont waste my time.” Yu Lili waved her hand impatiently and left with the documents in her hands.

Thus, Lin Yi was the only one left in the office. Now that he had no job, even food and clothing would be a problem in the future.

“What the f*ck,” Lin Yi cursed. “Luckily, I have a shabby Shari. Ill go out and drive for Didi. That way I shouldnt starve to death yet.”

[ Ding! Full-class experience system activated. A new class will be activated every week. Completing the built-in mission in the system will allow you to receive the ultimate reward, assisting the host to become a global boss!]

Updates by

[Experience class: Didi Driver!]

[Class completion rate: 0% (If within a week, the class completion rate is above 90%, you can activate a new class ahead of time. If you reach 100%, you will receive a mysterious gift.]

[Please receive the Didi Driver Registration Gift Pack, 10 million dollars! 100% controlling stake of Peninsula Hotel! The Pagani Zonda worth 28 million!]

What the f*ck!

Seeing the notification in his mind, Lin Yi was in a bad mood.

He was a loyal fan of online novels, so he naturally knew what the system was. He just didnt expect to encounter it!

“System, what if the completion rate doesnt reach 100% within a week?”

[The host can choose to open a new class, or continue with the current class until the completion rate reaches 100%, at which point the new class will automatically open.]

Through the systems explanation, Lin Yi understood the specific functions.

The systems flexibility was very high, and the initiative was basically in his hands.

This was great!

“Collect!” Lin Yi didnt hesitate.

[Ding, 10 million dollars has been transferred into the hosts account!]

[The Peninsula Hotel requires the host to register on the spot!]

[The Pagani Zonda is parked in the Chaoyang Group parking lot, Area C, number 22. You can see the car keys in the elevator!]

At that moment, Lin Yi received a text message on his phone.

“Your savings card account with the end number 4255, April 27th, 9:48 pm, net income and expenditure 10000000.00 dollars, current balance R10000101.15dollars. Construction Bank ].”

At the same time, another text message came.

“Congratulations, youve registered as the owner of Didi.”

Taking a deep breath, Lin Yi calmed down.

The system was here, so what was the point of having this lousy job!


Ring, Ring, Ring…

At this time, Lin Yis phone rang. It was his girlfriend, Liu Sisi!

“Lin Yi, lets break up. You dont have to come to my birthday party, and dont call me again.”

Liu Sisis col

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