Xu Yang was confused. “W-what did you say? Youre a Didi driver?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Who drives a sports car to do Didi?” Xu Yang asked.

“New service.”


Xu Yang cursed. “I was so happy for nothing. All I did was order a Didi.”

Lin Yi was speechless. His expression changed so quickly.

After learning Lin Yis identity, Xu Yang took out her phone and took hundreds of pictures.

She only stopped when there was nothing left to take pictures of.

“Your company is quite interesting. You actually have a luxury car business. Is it to create a sensation?” Xu Yang said casually.

“Who said this car belongs to the company?” Lin Yi said, “This car belongs to me.”

“Stop acting cool. Do you think you can get me just by saying that? Dream on!”

Lin Yi was speechless. “Do I look like Im acting cool to you?”

“Bro, do you think I dont have a brain?” Xu Yang said.

“Ive lived for so many years, but Ive never heard of a rich second generation coming out to run Didi. Youre just a stinking laborer. Its convenient to promote the company, so stop bragging. You cant fool me.”

“What do you mean stinking laborer?” Lin Yi said. “Arent you a laborer too?”

“I may be a laborer, but my profession is much more advanced than yours,” Xu Yang said,

“People like you should go and try to trick those ignorant girls. Youre not my type, so you dont have the right to flirt with me.”

Creak —

Lin Yi stepped on the brake, almost throwing Xu Yang out!

“What the hell Is wrong with you? Why are you hitting the brakes so hard?!” Xu Yang cursed.

“If you were so awesome, you could have bought your own car. Why did you call for a Didi?” Lin Yi said. “Im sick of seeing your plastic surgery face. Dont ruin my appetite for dinner. Get lost.”

“You stinking bastard, how dare you scold me? Who do you think you are? Im a consumer and Im God. Believe it or not, Ill give you a bad review!”

“It doesnt matter.”

Lin Yi felt like he was out of luck. He thought that it was on the way, so he accepted the order. However, he didnt expect to meet such a mood killer.

“Didnt you tell me to get lost? I wont get lost!” Xu Yang said arrogantly. “Not only will I give you a bad review today, Ill also call in to complain!”

“You can report me all you want, but if you dont get out, Ill kick you out.”

Lin Yis cold face made Xu Yang a little nervous.

If she got into a fight and got their clothes dirty, she wouldnt be able to apply for a job at nine provinces pavilion.

“Alright, just you wait, I wont let this matter rest!”

“Ill wait.”

After Xu Yang got out of the car, Lin Yi sprayed perfume into the car for quite a while.

He barely managed to cover up the b*tchy smell.

He had not driven far when he received a system notification on his phone. It was a bad review.

It had to be Xu Yang, and Lin Yi didnt care. Why would he be afraid of that?

Just as he was about to reach the Jiuzhou Pavilion, Lin Yis phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

“Is that Lin Yi?”

A middle-aged mans voice came from the other end.

“Its me.”

“Whats wrong with you? How dare you scold a passenger? The persons complaints were all sent to the headquarters, and I got scolded so badly. If theres a next time, Ill deduct money from your deposit account!”

Lin Yi guessed who the caller was from the tone of his voice.

It was probably Didis regional agent, or else they would not have spoken to him in such a tone.

“Deduct whatever you want. Do you think Im short of money?”

“Oh boy, youve grown up. Believe it or not, I will ban you from operating.”

Lin Yi smiled. If it were the past, such a threat would still work on him.

However, now that he was a big shareholder in Didi, why would he be afraid of this?

“If you dare to stop me from working, I hope you think about the consequences,” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and said lightly.

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