“What kind of medicine did you give to Your Highness?”

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Rona was in a difficult situation. 

Eleon told her to ask the butler because there was a record of the medicine he took. He said if he hasn’t tried it, he will drink it.

But when I saw the soft light emanating from the flower, I was surprised that I immediately made medicinal tea. 

I couldn’t even think of asking Bernard. 

Anyway, it was clear that this flower was the one that healed Eleon’s eyes in the original plot.

So there was also something that I was careless about. 

It was killing me to tell Bernard, though.

“I… … I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

She felt irresponsible for her words. 

The butler’s gaze became sharp.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know if it was medicine!”

It was the first time she heard Bernard raise his voice.

Rona was even more scared. 

The words that came out of her mouth were just excuses.

“I’m pretty sure he hasn’t tried it.
I heard the herb’s name, but I forgot.
I kept thinking about it, but I can’t remember… … .”

“Did you mean to give it to the Grand Duke?”


Rona didn’t know what to do. 

She kept crying. 

However, Bernard was just outraged.

“How did you get that herb? Where does the information come from? I’ll have to check it myself.”

The butler calmly changed his attitude.

I can’t tell you.”

I can’t say that we are in the world of a novel.
Much less that I learned from it.

“But there is something like seeing the future.”

“What does that mean Miss Rona? Didn’t you say that you lost your memory and that you can’t remember what happened in the past? If you are working under the guise of harming the Grand Duke… … .”

“No! Absolutely not.
Even if I tell you, you won’t understand.”

Bernard’s expression hardened.

“Once the Grand Duke returns to consciousness, we will discuss how to dispose of you.”

She just nodded her head. 

He thought she deserved it. 

She fed the Grand Duke an unknown herb.

When Eleon was on the battlefield back in the day, there were too many attempts to poison him.

So, even the ingredients such as vegetables and meat were directly brought from a farm and that must have been chosen by a servant.

“I’m prepared.”

“Until then, look after the Grand Duke.”


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She let out a long sigh after leaving the butler’s room.

“I thought it was because I made the wrong medicine.”

But that wasn’t it. 

It was because Eleon suffered every time he received treatment. 

It’s fortunate if they think it’s not Rona’s fault, but the word ‘fortunate’ didn’t come out. 

She knew where the frustration of losing humanity and choosing to be a beast was coming from. 

Rona was a stranger. 

Less than ten servants were left.
They were all comrades who were there during the most difficult times.

Their tenacity came from the abyss of Eleon’s despair.

Rona quietly entered Eleon’s bedroom.

 Now Eleon was only breathing as if the previous seizure was a lie. 

He looked miserable. 

His shirt was torn revealing his bare body. 

There was blood in his hands.

And his face and body were messed up with sweat and bloodstains.


I wanted to do anything for him. 

She dipped a towel in the lukewarm water and began to gently wipe his forehead and face. 

She was going to wipe it clean and give him some ointment.


A sound came from his mouth.

The butler had to put a towel on his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue.


It seemed that he was calling her by her name like usual.

“Your Highness.”

Eleon nodded.

“Can you hear me?”

Eleon nodded again as he understood her.

But Rona was about to cry. She held back her tears and was forced to lower her voice.

“Are you uncomfortable? Do you want me to take the towel off?”

He nodded quickly.

Rona was afraid because she had seen Bernard get bitten earlier.

But she removed the towel from his mouth.


Eleon took a deep breath. 

Rona was afraid that he might get sick again. 

There was nothing she could say to him. 

Because she heard that this kind of pain was normal for him.

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“You were surprised, right?”

It was Eleon who spoke first.

“I thought you were going to run away.”

“Why did you think that way?”

“Because there are not many people left in the mansion.
Some people couldn’t stand this kind of thing.” 

Turns out, the only two remaining female employees were a gardener and a cook, far from directly serving Eleon. 



“You didn’t run away.” 

“Where do you think I’m going to run away?” 

Eleon smiled faintly. 

“I want to think it’s not true.
There is at least one maid who runs away even after seeing me.
But if you run away, I will be disappointed.” 

“I’m not running away.” 

“I’m not joking, I really mean it.
This will be the first and last time you see something like this.” 

There’s no treatment he hasn’t tried. 

So, muttering that this pain had been a long time coming, his expression was calm and looked even sadder.

“You will get better.”

“I drank the medicine you gave me.
If my eyes get better, I’ll make you formally one of my people.”

She was shocked.

Don’t say that.
It’s only natural for me to serve the master.
How can I become one of your people? I’ve never wanted to become a vassal.”

“Who is making you a vassal? I… … Cough.”

Eleon’s straight lips were dry and wrinkled.

“My throat… … I’m thirsty…cough.”

“Stop talking.
I will bring you water.”

Rona went quickly to get a jar of water.

“But how will you give me water?”

Eleon’s arms and legs were all tied to the bed.

“Can I release those too?”

“No, you can’t.”

Eleon shook his head.

“Because I might have a seizure again in the morning.” 

If she releases his hand and then injures himself again, everyone must be dispatched again.

“Then how do I give you water?”

Should I pour it into your mouth? And what if it gets into your nose? 

Rona was pondering. 

“With your mouth.” 

Rona’s eyes widened with the feeling that her neck was stretched. 

“Mo..Mouth to mouth? … .” 

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She stuttered. However, Eleon said in an ironic tone.

 “What are you thinking? I am a patient.” 

“The butler did it for me before.” 

“Ah… … .” 

Rona looked at the jar of water in her hand. 

She thought there was nothing she couldn’t do. 

“If it’s too much, wake up the butler… … .” 

When Rona’s hand touched his cheek, Eleon flinched and stopped speaking. 

Eleon’s lips parted as Rona, who had water in her mouth, gently stroked his lips.


At first, it was hard, but then it became easy.

‘I am a mother bird.‘

Now in the nest is a hungry baby bird with its mouth open. 

She concluded that it was the logic of mother nature. 

If it weren’t for that, she’d focus on the touch of Eleon’s lips and the smell of sandalwood at the tip of her nose the moment their lips touched. 

Regardless of her feelings, Eleon didn’t hesitate to drink the water from her mouth.

After she gave him water a few more times, Eleon let out a long sigh, as if he had come back to life.

“Ahhh… … .”

Rona brought back the lukewarm water and continued wiping Eleon’s face. 

She wished she could clean his body and change his clothes, but she couldn’t because his arms were tied. 

She applied ointment to his scratched forehead and around the eyes.

Eleon frowned when he felt a stinging sensation.

“Now get some sleep.”

Rona stood up after cleaning up the mess.

“I can’t sleep.”

That’s understandable. 

She thought maybe he was afraid to fall asleep. 

Wouldn’t Eleon be anxious if he didn’t know when he would get sick?

“Read me a book.”

“Should I? What book would you like?”

“The history of the war in Palegara.”

Rona frowned.

“Do you not like any other books besides this one?”

Didn’t I fall asleep while reading it last time?

“I like that book.”

She sighed and brought the thick book.

The book had gold on the cover, and was made of leather.

It was heavy and hard enough to be used as a weapon.

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‘I can’t just fall asleep while reading again.’

Rona was a little tired. 

Just watching Eleon have a seizure had put a lot of stress on her. 

She wanted to go to her room right away and lie down.

But she felt so sorry for him that she wanted to do anything he asked for.

‘Let’s read it again and again.’

If I try hard to focus, won’t I fall asleep like last time? 

Rona tightened her eyes.

“The Trofalgaras didn’t know how to fight.
They do not covet others, and their martial arts are close to self-cultivation.
It was the first time in history that Trofalgara had rebelled against Palermo.”

She read the book over and over again.

“Palermo has denigrated Trofalgara’s forces.
It was a big mistake for Palermo.
In World War II, Trofalgara had about 20,000 infantry and 8,000 cavalry.
There were 500 cannons lined up in the battery, and 1,200 artillerymen to set fire in turns were waiting.”

Rona was getting more and more confused.

“After that, 6,500 onslaughts with shields… … Lined up, ahhh.
The arrow troops following the assault force were 3,000 men.
But Trofalgara was planning a two-way operation.
2,500 cavalry to the rear… … The ranks of Palermo are lined up… … I’ll break it down from the side… … to break… … .”


Lorna dropped her head onto Eleon’s bed.

“She fell asleep.”

Eleon laughed. 

When I can get up from bed this time, I will promise to support the author of the History of the War of Palermo. 

Rona’s messy hair reached under his tied arms. 

It was ticklish. 

Eleon didn’t hate it, so he turned his head toward her.

A faint scent of Rona wafted in. 

Beyond the darkness full of pain, he listened to Rona’s breathing and found some comfort. 

It was strange to see himself smiling all of a sudden.

Eleon has suffered endless pain every time he has treated his eyes. 

It was such a terrible experience. 

Sometimes it hurts like something is scratching and ripping from the inside of his eyes. 

He’d rather not have his eyes open.

He wishes his eyes were gone so he could end this torment.

He started treatment with a skeptical mind, and the end of his struggles ended with terrifying pain. 

It was so strange that I was laughing like this during a seizure. 

I couldn’t laugh during this kind of situation, but a smile came out in front of Rona. 

Is it ‘hope’? 

Why is her existence so powerful? 

Eleon was amazed at his own change.

“I’m relying on you.
Rona, I will never let you go for the rest of my life.”


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