Rona’s eyes were slightly wet.

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She was looking at Eleon, who had barely fallen asleep.

“That’s strange.”

The butler had a serious expression.

“This seizure is going on too long.
This never happened before.”

The symptoms usually stop within a day or two. 

But this time, it continued for six days, even though he had only taken the medicine once. 

According to Bernard, the seizures stop within a day or two, even after taking medication several times. 

He had only eaten it once, and had never been sick this long. 

The unusual outcome raised expectations as to whether it would be different this time from the previous medication and at the same time fueled the anxiety as to whether the pain would continue every day. 

As time went by, Rona was going crazy. 

She felt that she must have made it wrong, and felt guilty for making Eleon so sick. 

After being tied up in bed for almost a week, he couldn’t eat or drink properly. 

Eleon lost weight and his face looked pale. 

Every time she saw him, tears kept coming out. 

She had learned the skill of quickly wiping away tears with a handkerchief without sniffing. 

Because when she cries, Eleon would worry and try to comfort her.

‘If karina had made the medicine herself, Eleon’s eyes would have healed.’

It’s my fault for trying to make the medicine in a hurry without knowing how to make it.

“Eleon, I wanted to pay you back.”

Maybe because the original plot didn’t take place, Karina wasn’t the lead anymore and Eleon’s eyes won’t be healed. 

She could only return to her original world if the ending was fulfilled.

But it no longer seemed important anymore.

“I wish I was the main character.”

If I was, I wouldn’t have had to see Eleon suffer so much. 

I might have woken up with the female lead buff. 

After all, he drank what she made and it was very difficult for him. 

Rona burst into tears again and quickly pulled out her handkerchief. 

Then she tucked the handkerchief in her pocket.

“… … Rona.”

Eleon called her. 

Rona, who was sitting on the floor, she jumped up and walked over to his bed.

“Sir Eleon, did you call me?”

“Why are you crying?”

“I didn’t cry.”

“You’re lying.”

Rona took Eleon’s hand. 

They couldn’t have him tied up in one place. 

The butler tactfully loosened his wrist and this time tied Eleon’s arm. 

His wrists were covered with bruises.

“I’m sorry.
It’s all because of me.”

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Eleon’s heart ached a little when he heard her cry. 

He didn’t want her to be sad, but he liked that she worried about him. 

Then he grabbed her hand, dragging her helplessly and sitting her on his bed. 

Eleon stroked her head.

“Everything’s fine .”

Sometimes there are patients with incurable diseases who even take poison in order to be cured.

He was happy even if he was in pain.

“I’m thirsty.”

Rona got up and gave him water. 

He felt better for a while, but turned pale again. 

Because she only feeds him water. 

“Is there anything else uncomfortable”

“I want to lie on your lap.”

Rona carefully climbed into the bed, pushed the pillow, and placed Eleon’s head on her thigh. 

He closed his eyes, feeling good as she gently brushed his messy hair. 

Originally, she could not agree or listen to such a request.

But she thought she would try to do everything since he was in a lot of pain.

Eleon felt drowsy, he was about to fall asleep at Rona’s gentle touch.

“Since you listen to everything I ask, I keep wanting you to do things for me.”

“Just tell me anything.”



Eleon thought for a moment. 

What should I ask?

Wouldn’t there be something so rewarding to myself and proud enough to leave it as an heirloom? 

His troubles have come to an end.

“It’s enough for now.”

It’s painful and hard, but her comforting me was enough. 

It was a moment of joy. 


Suddenly, Eleon’s body stiffened. 

Sweat began to form on his forehead.

A seizure is about to begin. 

Rona leaned back, holding his head in her arms.

“Sir Eleon…”

She burst into tears again. 

I’m really fine.
I’m fine with only you.

It’s hard to see him suffering. 

He was looking at her.

Eleon struggled to open his mouth.

“I want chocolate.
The one sold at Café Cardinal.”

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“Do you want something sweet? Should I tell the chef?”

“No, I want to eat that chocolate from that day.
Buy it for me.”

“Oh, I’ll buy it right away.”

Her feet stopped when she was about to leave his room Eleon clenched his teeth.

He didn’t want to show her that he was in a lot of pain.

“I will go quickly.
Sir Eleon.”


Shortly after the door closed, the butler entered.

“Did you send Ms.
Rona on an errand?”

“… … Ugh… Is she gone?”

He clenched his teeth when he asked again.

“Did she go?”

I just ran into her getting ready to go out.”

As soon as the butler finished answering, a painful sound escaped from Eleon’s lips.

She quickly stood up and wiped away the tears.

“Do you want something sweet? Should I tell the chef?”

“Ugh… … arghh!”

While I was in pain, it was hard to see Rona crying like someone more sick than me. 

Even for a moment, I hope she doesn’t feel sad when she sees me like this, even for a moment.

Then I will wait for you, thinking about the taste of the sweet little chocolate you will buy. 

He lost his mind in a pain that seemed like it would never end.

* * * * * 

Karina returned to Count Harrington’ residence.

She was upset and didn’t know what to do. 

Since ‘her’ Sabiel was not looking for her, she went to the palace in person without an appointment. 

However, Karina couldn’t even enter Crystal Palace.

Her face flushed red when they told her to apply for an audience. 

An imperial palace official, who had never asked Karina to do such a thing before, stopped her by referring to the ‘procedure’.

「“You must ask the Crown Prince for an audience before you can enter.”」 

Reluctantly, she asked for an audience and waited for a long time.

Then, the chamberlain came back, and said something ridiculous.

「”The Crown Prince has refused the audience.”」

「”I beg your pardon? Did you tell him, Me, Karina of Count Harrington wants to see him?”」

His eyebrows lifted slightly, then fell back.

「“Of course I said that.
I told the Crown Prince that Lady Karina was asking for an audience, but, he’s not here.”」

「“What, what did you say?”」 

Only then did Karina understand why the servants were ignoring her. 

The crown prince’s attitude has changed.

“He’s a bad person… … .”

Karina wept with sadness. 

However, she couldn’t hate him. 

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For the first time since she was born, she felt such excitement and love.

Could it be something else? 

If not, there’s no reason for him to do this. 

How can I meet the Crown Prince again?

Karina was desperate. 

It seemed that she would never see such a wonderful person again if she lost the Crown Prince now.

“Ah, I thought I had met my destiny.”

At that moment, Rona’s words came to mind.

「“Your fate is at a crossroads.
There are two men who can make a big difference in your life.
Both are noble.
If you feel that something isn’t going your way, be sure to look around.
You can have everything you want.”」 

At that time, she pretended to hear her. 

As the old woman said, she would have a new life and meet her fated lover. 

And she believed that Sabiel was passionately in love with her. 

Rona told her she was going to repay her for her kindness. 

She had to go to the Imperial Palace every day to meet the Crown Prince, but suddenly she asked to meet someone. 

She refused because she thought it was unreasonable. 

However, Sabiel’s aptitude became cold.

And what Rona had said was stuck in her mouth as if they were grains of sand. 

Karina anxiously looked around the same spot.

“Oh, this can’t be happening.
I can’t miss this perfect happiness.”

I dreamt of a future with Sabiel. 

She dreamt that by his side she would become the Crown Princess.

And she becomes the noblest woman in the Empire, and she lives happily ever after.

She also dreamt that a cute boy is born, who resembles Sabiel and is half herself and is loved by everyone.

Although Karina grew up innocently in the countryside, it doesn’t mean that she has not yearned for a life in the capital or a glamorous life. 

It was just that she was far from such a luxurious life. 

She had never once complained to her sick parents.

But once she’d put luxurious beef and expensive fruits in her mouth, it wasn’t easy for her to give it up.

She now wears soft, light clothes and jewels that sparkle when the light hits it. 

Large and coveted flowers were blooming in a manicured garden. 

Even the scent of those flowers was different from the wild flowers that bloomed in the mountains.

“Is there no other way?”

She suddenly remembered a letter she had burned because she thought it was suspicious. 

[Miss Karina, excuse me in the first place.
If you can spare your precious time, I hope to meet you at Cafe Cardinal because there is something important.
Please reply.] 

Cafe Cardinal. 

She clearly remembered it.

“I should go to that cafe.”

Then she might get a clue so she could meet Rona again. 

When she met Rona, she was going to get some serious advice about her fate this time around. 

Karina didn’t want to believe that the Crown Prince’s heart had changed quickly.

She was ready to go out to try to solve her situation.

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* * * * * 

Rona was trembling. 

Her disappointment was evident in her powerless steps.

「“I will go quickly, Sir Eleon.”」 

I said that, but the truth is, I didn’t even have the heart to go quickly. 

For the past six days, Eleon has sent her out whenever a seizure is about to occur.

One day, the gardener’s wife, Niel, was struggling alone, so she asked her to help her remove the weeds from the garden. 

Another day, he asked me to check whether the high-quality liquors in the wine cellar match the ones listed on the books. 

I went into the basement wine cellar in the morning and was only able to get out in the late afternoon. 

Rona was Eleon’s exclusive maid. 

So she usually had nothing to do with any of these chores. 

She only had to stay by Eleon’s side and help him with his needs. 

But since he was bedridden, she was no longer serving him, so she thought of doing other household chores. 

It was only one day that I realized that it was an illusion. 

That day, she was helping Olivia in the kitchen, choosing dates for pickling. 

Thanks to Olivia, she returned to the mansion sooner than expected.

I was just entering the hall on the first floor of the main building, when I heard Eleon’s painful screams echoing through the grand mansion. 

A hundred emotions were contained in his screams. 

It wasn’t because he was in pain. 

It was close to the sound of heartache.

It wasn’t because his eyes were painful. 

The fact that his eyes couldn’t be healed was painful.


He only screamed, but Rona felt his feelings as much as she knew him. 

Only then did she find out why he sent her to do chores she hadn’t done before.

“It’s okay to be next to you.”

After realizing that fact, no matter what Eleon told her to do, her heart lingered around him, even if she could not hear his screams.

“You should have written down how to make the medicine, writer.”

Rona sighed deeply.

‘If Eleon does not recover, will there be no way to return to my original world?’

But even if I couldn’t go back now, I wanted to stop him from getting sick.

‘The last time I came to Café Cardinal, I drank coffee with Eleon.’

Looking at the old cafe sign with the paint peeling off, Rona was sad.

I want to buy chocolate to go.”

After getting the chocolate, she slowly started walking to the Grand Duke’s manor. 

She was going to go somewhere to kill some time and then go back.

‘Eleon… Perhaps his seizures have already stopped?’

Still, her mind was full of thoughts. 


Someone suddenly grabbed her wrist.


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