Eleon filled the gap between her lips.

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The finger that had been pressing on her lower lip a while ago ran over her cheek, ear, and neck.

Elysia tried to back away, but she was facing a window with no way out. 

Eleon, seeing Elysia helplessly clutch the curtains with her hands, smiled through parted lips.

“You should touch me too.”

She wanted to ask him what the hell he was talking about, but when Eleon took her right hand and placed it on the left side of his chest, Elysia froze.

“Why? Aren’t you an opportunist?”

She was. 

At least, ‘Rona‘  lived in a shallow world where time is money, and a fool if you miss an opportunity.

But now she couldn’t do it.

“You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Eleon, who seemed to be secretly longing for something, whispered as if he was seducing her.

     Just how I feel about you, you can have me.

Your heart is beating very hard.”

She could feel Eleon’s heartbeat under the palm of her hand. 

Is this how you know it?

Although his shirt is thin. 

It was a strange experience. 

What was inside his body throbbed very strongly, and with her hand on his chest, she felt like she had reached a more secret place.

It’s because of you.”

His hands gripped the ribbon behind the back of her dress and began to untie it. 


Elysia’s luxurious dress fell to her ankles.


Eleon went to bed with Elysia in his hands, who was wearing a lace chemise.

“E… Eleon.”

Elysia, who was suddenly lying in the cold bed, looked at him. 

It was only for a moment, and shortly after, Eleon pressed his lips to hers affectionately.

It was an amazing experience.
They were kissing while holding each other very tightly.

She felt as if an empty space she didn’t know was in her heart was being filled. 

It was then that curiosity began to rise in the heart of Elysia.
She had unilaterally handed over what she had to Eleon. 


Elysia pulled away for a moment to catch her breath, then suddenly kissed him.

Eleon was startled when Elysia kissed him out of the blue.

Elysia remembered how Eleon had kissed her previously.

She gently licked his upper lip and bit his lower lip with her lips. 

It was still too much for him, and he felt strange when he glanced at her.

Then he groaned a bit like the growl of a beast, and suddenly released Elysia.
He jumped up and sat up. 

Elysia gasped blankly and looked at his back muscles rising and falling.

     It’s nice to see…… What’s wrong with him? Did I do something wrong?

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The kiss with Eleon was sweet.
She was just learning that people can feel this good.
His saliva is sweet, but when the ‘sweet’ that sat pleasantly in her mouth disappeared, Elysia felt like a child who had lost her delicious candy.

“What’s….what’s wrong?”

She got up and reached for Eleon’s arm, but he avoided her.

Just give me a minute.”

“Are you sick?”

He shook his head as Elysia came over to him kneeling on the soft bed.

“No, I’m not sick.
Don’t come near.
Just give me a minute.”

He rubbed his face with both hands as if in pain, then lowered his head, and took a deep breath. 

Elysia looked at him frightened.

Wasn’t it Rona’s job to take care of Eleon? 

She was used to watching over him. 

But she was nervous because he had never done anything like it.
Suddenly she felt like he was having a hard time or that he was sick.


When Elysia called out to him as if she was about to cry, only then did Eleon look back at her.

“Ah, I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.”

With a long sigh, Eleon hugged Elysia again and rubbed her cheek against his.

“Were you scared? I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong? What’s going on…….”

Elysia caressed Eleon’s cheek.

“I don’t think I can hold out any longer.”

Eleon’s ears were redder than his cheeks.

“What is it that you can’t hold out any longer?”

     Why does he have to hold out? 

Elysia permitted him last night. 

Although the problem was that she fell asleep for various reasons.

“I promised the Duchess.
I will not do anything that will disgrace my bride.”

Elysia’s eyes widened slightly, and then she slammed her fist into Eleon’s chest.

You scared me.”

“I was surprised too.
I never knew a shy girl would act so boldly.”

“You told me to touch you.”

Elysia thought he wanted that.
She also wanted to touch Eleon as he wanted her so that both could feel the same happiness and satisfaction.

At least she had the courage.

It’s also my first time, so I didn’t know it would be like this.”

Elysia felt more proud knowing that it was also the first time for Eleon. 

     He’s cute, isn’t he? 

She was surprised by his touch and thought she was the only one who was nervous.

But she felt like teasing him even more when she saw him startled because of her.

“Isn’t it okay if only my mother didn’t know? About my disgrace.”


Elysia caressed Eleon’s neck with her fingertips.
As if she was drawing a beautiful line on him, the line leading to his firm chest moved with a hasty gulp with just the tip of her finger.

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Eleon sighed in frustration, but firmly endured Elysia’s provocation.

“I want to protect you.”

“You acted like you wanted to pick up where you left off last night.”

Eleon hugged Elysia and kissed her forehead.

“People have two-faced.”

When he thought that she pushed him away, he wanted to take her by force, even if she cried. 

He will never let her pretend she doesn’t know him again. 

When Elysia agreed to stay by his side and allowed him to do whatever he wanted, he suddenly wanted to protect her.

His desire to embrace her to his heart’s content and his desire to see her a little more in this pure and beautiful moment were in conflict in Eleon’s head.



“Run away if you think I’m going to attack you.
All right?”

     You once told me not to run away.
You said you’d love me more than Rona, who had a history of running away.

Elysia asked because it sounded absurd.

You just have to be careful, right?”

“You’re doing better than I think.”

Elysia blushed and covered Eleon’s mouth with her hand. 

He bit her hand until her palm turned red. 

* * * * *

After dinner, Elysia soaked her body in the bathtub.

“It’s really pretty here.”

The bathroom attached to the Grand Duchess’ room was quite spacious. 

It was decorated much more than in Eleon’s room. 

A large bathtub decorated with milky white carved tiles was surrounded by white pillars. 

Perhaps because the Grand Duchess’s room was located at the end of the building, the dome-shaped ceiling was raised in a round shape, so soaking in the hot water didn’t feel cramped at all. 

Looking at the palace from the outside, it seemed like there was a private room protruding from one side only, but it was probably this bathroom. 

Thanks to that, there are several small windows at the top of the space, so it felt like she was in an open-air hot spring.


After soaking in the hot water for a while, she relaxed and felt drowsy.

     A lot has happened these days…

The Duke of Yuter was busy preparing to leave the Constance Empire soon. 

She was exhausted after running all night from the duke’s residence to the grand duke’s residence, and she went through a lot of emotions because of Eleon.

Furthermore, she even fell into the water. 

Fortunately, she made it through the day because she slept soundly in his arms.

“Mariela… Sigh.
What should I do?”

Elysia had no particular solution.

She knew what Mariela was worried about, and as she said, it was not going to be easy.

Mariela jumped up, saying that ‘she doesn’t know’ what was going to happen, but Elysia believed that those who didn’t know were fearless and brave.

She wondered if Mariela’s paranoid point of view was making things more complicated and twisted.

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“It’s because I survived.”

Mariela seemed to believe that there was no other way than to escape. 

But Elysia thought she had to break through.

It’s a bad idea to avoid.

She has the life of the real Elysia.

She wondered what is the meaning of a life where she had to give up name, status, and life just to move to another country.

She smirked as she thought about it.

“I’m going to do it again.”

Although she is not ‘Elysia‘, she will think about ‘Elysia’s life‘.

“Even actors would do the same thing I did..

As if playing the character, she keeps reminding herself of Elysia’s position. 

Even though she told Mariela that she wasn’t Elysia. 

“I have Eleon.”

She believed that everything would be fine. 

After her bath, she put on her nightgown when suddenly. 


When she opened the door, Eleon was standing there in comfortable clothes.

“What are you doing here at this hour?”

“I miss you.”


Elysia laughed.

“Come in.”

“How can you let a man into your room at this late hour?”

Eleon said it very seriously, but Elysia thought it was okay.
He’s like a big puppy to her. 

She thought that her puppy was struggling alone to protect her honor, which she didn’t even know existed until yesterday.

“Let’s go to my room.
Let’s go play a game.”

“All right.”

Elysia headed to Eleon’s room. 

She played a few rounds of chess with Eleon while drinking warm milk the butler brought her.


However, she felt drowsy, perhaps because of the bath.

“I have to go to bed.”

“Sleep here.”


“Let’s sleep together.”

Elysia frowned.

“Why did you give me a room if you were going to do this?”

“To protect the honor of my bride.”

“Oh really.”

Elysia stood up from her seat with a smile as if she couldn’t stop it.

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“Are you really leaving?”

I’m tired.
See you tomorrow.”

“Then read me a book.”

“Your eyes are fine now.
Read on your own.”

“I like to hear your beautiful voice.”

Eleon glumly lowered the corners of his eyes.


Elysia felt a little tingle in her heart.

     Oh, my big puppy! Don’t make me sad!

“All right.
Oh, but no more Palegara War History.”

Just reading it made her sleepy. 

If she reads that book, she will fall asleep in his room again.
She could bet on her half a year’s salary.

Then read me another book.”

Eleon gently held out a thick book.

“I’m just going to read to you a bit before I go.
I’m so tired today.”


Elysia began to read while Eleon propped himself up on a comfortable pillow.

     The prosperity of Hellas?

It was the first time she saw this book.

“No one could have imagined that Hellas, a sparsely populated outlying territory, would become such a center of exchange in the middle of the Empire.”

Elysia slowly read the book.

“Hellas was a small town with a population of 280 in the 420th year of the imperial calendar.
When Palermo started a war in the year 770 of the imperial calendar and stockpiled armaments, it became a base for distribution networks as a border town, but after Palermo’s defeat in the Palegara War, Hellas seemed to be in decline.”

     What? They were their ally?

“However, with the arrival of Beryl Tristan, who would later become a great lord in the 813th year, the future of Hellas began to change.
Beryl’s older brother, Cyril, was very well-known.
The second son, Beryl….
driven by the battle for succession against Cyril…..he came to Hellas.”

     Ah, I can’t fall asleep.

“Beryl’s younger brother Daryl would later ….
act as a spy for Cyril…..
take the funds… No… Cyril……”


The book fell from Elysia’s hand. 

Eleon quickly put the book away and put her to bed comfortably as he was expecting. 

     Is it because she has only been to the temple? Doesn’t she know about this? Ah, she lost her memories. 

 The Prosperity of Hellas is a book written by the same author as the Palegara War History, and it was one of the historical books that made a difference in the treatment of insomnia. 

He hugged Elysia and got into a comfortable position.
It was the most comfortable he’s been in since he was born.

“Good night, Elysia.”

And on the other hand, he sighed.

“I have to behave like a Lord.”

I don’t want to be separated from Elysia even for a moment.




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