Shit! What happened here? Why do I have such a terrible headache? Fuck!

”Coming to this side was a bad idea. Holy **! ” I stilled as I saw something moves inside the sheets.

”Lisa? ” I said softly. Shit!

This person is not responding and this person doesn smell like Lisa. Crap!!

I slowly removed the covers from the creatures face, and see a boy, a very beautiful boy, with long strips of hair falling into his face.

”Shit! A wolf? Are you crazy Ryan? You slept with a pup and worse a kid ”, I scold myself silently

Was I that drunk yesterday and why the hell did it have to be with this pup?

I sigh softly and stand up, got myself dressed then went to the pharmacy bought some painkillers, and went back to the hotel room, left it there with water for the kid. After that, I went back to my car and drove to my town.

Twenty minutes passed and I arrived.

”Good afternoon my king ”, greeted my people as I passed. It feels nice.

”Afternoon ”, I greet back and went to my fathers study

I knock on the door three times and waited for two minutes as there was shuffling. Im guessing my folks are having sex again. The door opens and I walk inside with a scowl on my face and sat down.

”You smell like a wolf ”, says my mum stating the obvious.

” And here it smells like sex and, you, folks are still aroused, so why don you finish whatever you were doing while I go back to my room and tell my wife that I just cheated on her with a wolf, worse a kid ”, I grin standing up ready to go.

”Wait son, sit down and tell us everything ”, I listen to my father

”I got drunk and woke up in bed with a wolf, a he and he looked young and had beautiful features ”

Why the hell are you complimenting the wolf?

”Son are you gay? ” My father asks, making me go still and think.

So now that I have slept with a he wolf, does that makes me gay?

I know my parents are not homophobic as their youngest son is mated with a man.

Am I gay?

”Ryan are you gay? ” Why is he asking again?

”Jason don ask him again, he slept with the guy, and … What if that was your true mate? ”

True mate?

”NO! My true mate can not be a man, and she is happy wherever she is. I don want a true mate, I am happy with Lisa ”, the thought of a true mate gives me goosebumps.

”Son, a true mate is important, trust me your true mate will complete you. ”

”No papa, I don want a true mate, I am fine with Lisa ”, I tell him.

”So you cheated on Lisa and got that young wolf to mark you? Interesting? ” My eyes went wide open at her statement and instantly my hand went to my neck and I could feel a mark, it feels like the letter N and a shape around it.

”Shit! ” is all I could say.

”Did you feel anything with this wolf? Maybe a spark or something? ”

”No papa, I only noticed that he has cute eyes, long hair, and a young beautiful face ”

”Why do you keep on complimenting him? ”

”Because mum, I can seem to get over that. His face is in my head ”

”Do you perhaps Ryan remember everything that happened to you? How you meet him and how was the sex? ”

”Knowing that our son is rough I guess he did it roughly for the poor guy. Now, Ryan, I want you to find that boy and if he is your true mate then divorce Lisa, she can find her second mate and you will focus on him. ”

”Mama, I can do that. I am king now and my kingdom is much more important to me than a mere pup. If he is my mate then he will forget about me and I don want him. ”

I seriously don .

”Ryan, you were irresponsible yesterday and you should have taken care of the boy and got to know him. ”

”Papa, yes I know I have been irresponsible, I just needed my time alone and got myself drunk, sleeping with a wolf was not part of the plan and I could feel that he was like in a power rank, an Al

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