At the pack house:

”How is my son? ” The Alpha asks the pack doctor, they were all gathered in the room, the Vampire King and his family except the last born, and Nicks sister and brother, Antonio, and Alex.

”Alpha your son will only regain consciousness when his wolf tells him to. All we have to do is just keep feeding him his blood because that baby is sucking his. ”

They were all worried and they didn have peaceful nights, the Vampire King just sighed deeply. Ryan kept looking at his mate and he doesn know why but he feels nothing for him, not even remorse. He is angry that the baby stopped him from rejecting him. He is also happy that the baby stopped him because this would have ruined his plan.

Everyone in the room is worried.

”Stop worrying and be glad that at last, we have found him. Now I must leave, I am needed back at home ”, she vanish into thin air before anyone could say thank you.

”Are you not leaving Antonio? ” Ryan asks, well he is jealous because his mate ran into his arms and hugged him, proving that he has opened his legs for this guy.

Antonio has a wicked and naughty smile on his face, he wiggles his brows

”Are you jealous Ryan, that your mate my cousin the moment he was released hugged me and thanked me, then after that sucked your blood and rejected you? Well what did you expect, you both hate each other. I curse you, Ryan Parker, you will… ” a voice disturbs him

”Enough cursing now son. I undo all the curses done on you Ryan by my son ”, says a soft voice behind them

”But mum, all the curses were for his good and there was this nice curse he needed. What are you even doing here? ” Antonio asked, his mother is very pretty with short blonde hair.

”I was summoned here by our ancestors to come and help you protect him ”, she says

I was hoping maybe you could send him back ”, Antonio rolled his eyes at the comment from Ryan

”I curse you, Ryan Parker, you will regret everything you will do to your mate and after that, you will beg for his forgiveness and when he does forgive you, you will die. Another person will enter your body and love your mate endlessly and then you will jump back into your body. You don deserve my cousin! ” Antonio said stomping his foot. He is angry, the weather starts changing.

”Control yourself son. Control Tonny ”, the woman says softly looking directly into his eyes.

”Yes, mum I have control. Just that this bastard known as the King of Vampire is testing me. ”

”Guys, can you shut up? Snow can you tell us what to do now ”, says the former Alpha

”Brother, the childs life is in danger, I need something to bring his wolf back then the wolf can slowly heal the human body, and after that, he will wake up. All I can say is you may laugh with them all but never trust anyone. Even the ones you share the bed with will betray you the harshest. The baby will not be normal, but I need to make sure that it survives ”, she says

Everyone looks at her and listens to her, they stare at each other because of the warning.

”Martin, will my brother survive? ” The Alpha breaks down for the first time in front of everyone, he still blames himself for what happened to Nick, his brother.

”Your brother will be fine ”, the doctor says, ”There is no silver now in his body. Just pray that the wolf doesn lose hope and die, the wolf will help the Beta regain his conscious ”, he continues.

The room is screaming with worry, everyone is worried, and even Lisa is scared, the warning is her. They shouldn trust her, and now this poor mans life is critical, and the baby will not be normal. But at least he will survive. She is feeling guilty, but she knows she has to do this so Ryan won leave her, she loves him beyond wonder.

”Ill go for now and consult with other witches, I need a spell that only a rigid knows. Now I have to go to the Pole Coven and make a bargain ”, the king looks at her confused

”Are you not a witch? ” he asks

”Yes, I am but we have different Rigids and Covens, just like the Packs and Kingdom, they have different Alphas and Kings. Now I will do a protection spell on Nick, and a life spell, those spells will help protect him and the other will try reviving his wolf ”, she starts chanting words that no one knew.

”After this day, the only people allowed here are the mate, the doctor, and his family. Don try entering here with bad intentions or you will die. Ill come back ”, with that she vanished into thin air.

”I need to find some herbs for him ”, with that Antonio also vanished into thin air.

Ryder and his wife leave the room. The only ones left are Ryan, Jason, James, and Jasons wife.

There is tension in the room and Ryan is staring at his new father, while the Alpha is looking worriedly at his son.

”Stop staring at me boy and if you have anything evil you are planning, do it later. Now try waking up your mate, Jason, can I have a word? ” That made him angrier

”So that you can ** him and give him another son? When were you planning to tell me Alpha? Do your children even know? ” Ryan shouts at his father

”Jason lets go before I whoop that attitude off him. Right now what I do with your father is none of your business that pays you. Come Jason ”, he says sternly, and Jordan walks behind him, he feels scared because he loves his mate even though he planned to forget him, but he couldn . He is also submissive.

They walk outside to the garden and instantly Jordan put his arms out to hug James but James steps back to cross his arms. Jason shrinks back and forces a smile.

”So even when our son knows about us, don you think your son also deserves to know about us? ” James looks hurt and he doesn even want to fake it no more.

”Right now my other son is fighting for his life and all you think about is the truth? How shameless are you, Jason? ” Jason coughed trying to chase the tears away but that didn happen, he was hurt deep, and his voice became a horse.

”Can you just hug me? I need to feel you in my arms, please Alpha ”, that got the Alpha weak, and he embraced his mate.

”Im sorry Jason, this will pass too, and then we will be back together again. You just wait and watch, everything will unfold on its own ”, this made the Vampire kings heartbeat fast and he pulled his mate close to him.

”So now Alpha, what are we going to do? Our son is stubborn, harsh, and cares for his wife, and your son is in critical condition. So what are we going to do? ”

The Alpha sighs and hugs the vampire king from behind.

”For now let us focus on our children and well see what to do about us later on ”, he kissed the latters cheek.

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