Nick Miller:

”You look like shit! ” Well, that is my friend and brother, the Alpha, Ryder Ricklendson.

”It is your fault and shit I am in deep pain ”, I say walking slowly using the wall and chairs as my support.

”He must have been rough and it was your first time ”

”This is your fault Ryder, if it wasn for you to force me to drink I would not have slept with that stranger, and I would have not been in this pain. Damn! The sex was nice and hot, but he was rough. Everything with him was different and he smelled like rain and the ocean, strong scent and was very beautiful ”

”You found your mate? I am so happy for you ”, a broad and dangerous voice said behind us

That is Alpha James Ricklendson, he took me in and my sister when I was six and Selena was one year old. Our father and mother were friends with this family and so, after our parents died along with the Luna, James took us in and he has been a great father. We are grateful for him.

Our parents were killed by vampires and I still want revenge on them. If I get one of them I promise I will slaughter him and kill him.

”Dad, you are here? ” I said, trying to look alright, and forced a smile.

”Yes I am and no need to pretend that you are okay, I can see that man did a number one on you, but couldn you wait for the ceremony? ” What ceremony?

Oh no!

Does he think that man is my mate?

”No father, I do not want him as a mate, I reject him. I don want a mate and I don believe in mates ”, I don know why dad always does this he knows I don want a mate.

”Don reject your mate, you will die without him, so please go and meet him. Where does he stay? How old is he, son? ”

”Yes Nick, how old is your mate? Is he from this pack? ”

I don anything about that guy and he is not my mate.

”I don know the guy, don care about him and I know he is **ing around somewhere. I don care about that bastard and don wish to care. I just want to be happy and mess around. But, I am no longer drinking again and Ryder you can not force me again ”, I say to my brother

”Well, well, well, looks like my friend found his mate? ”

Well, that is Sofia Ricklendson, the kind Luna, she is my brothers wife. She was my friend before she married Ryder, we met at Chronicle Pack, I was there for some business.

”Sofia, I did not find my mate. Im still mateless and happy. I don need a man in my life ”, I say frustratedly.

Why can they just believe me and stop pressurizing me with a mate?

”Guys, listen I don need a mate ”, I turn to leave

”I guess you do since he marked you as his and now your bond will be stronger than ever ”, I stop dead in my tracks

Marked me?

My hand instantly found its way to my neck.

”Shit! ”

”You are doomed bro. You got marked by someone who you don know ”, I sent him a look that could kill

”You bastard, its your fault ”, I say landing a punch that he dodged

Well I think you deserve it ”, he says punching back, I dodge

”No, I don want a mate. I reject whoever you are ”, I don want a stupid mate. This is a burden.

”Shut up son. A mate makes you complete and you can not reject him, you die yourself and whoever your mate is. This is a powerful bond created by the Moon Goddess. Accept it! ”

”No father, the moon Goddess made a mistake and it is all her fault why I am in this mess. I need to find that person and deal with them ”, this is a dream I am going to wake up

”It is just a mark, nothing else. He is not my mate and if he is then I reject him. Discussion over! ”

My wolf Neo whispers to me

”You know that he is our mate now, right? ”

”Fuck off Neo, I am not accepting that bastard, we don need anyone not even him ”, I shrug back

I don need anyone in my life, I am happy.

”Well Nick, a mate is important ”, I glare at Sofia

”We tried telling him, Sofia, but he is stubborn as a frog. It is like no one can change his mind ”

No one can change my mind. I don need a **ing mate that will ruin my life.

Moon Goddess don even think about choosing my mate. Do something because I am going to reject him.

”Nick, we need to get going, rogues were captured at the border. Father, Sofia, we will see you guys later. Lets go Nick ”, Neo growls and I smile, I needed something that will get that man out of my peaceful mind, I don need anyone in my life.

”Sure Ryder, lets go I needed an escape from these people telling me about my mate. ”

”You are going to pay for what you did to me ”, I mind link him

He laughs and says, ”I wonder what you will do ”

We then left and went to the dungeon of our pack house. There we keep all kinds of people who bring harm to us.

As we walk by the guards greet us and bow their heads. Pilot comes and greets us and then led us to the cell where the rogues have been kept.

”So, who is he? ” My brother asks

”Alpha, that is Antonio, half-witch, and half-vampire. ”

”Oh lovely, open the cell, it is best if he dies and pays for all the other vampires ”, I deviously say

I want to tear this bastard apart; his species are to be blamed for my parents and Lunas demise.

Is revenge all you ever think about??

It will be better for you Neo to stay the ** out of this, you stayed quiet when they were being martyred and didn even care about warning me so that I will help them.

Nick, they are still my parents, and ** you too.

”Neo, I want you to take over ”, ** you, Ryder! You know Neo can disobey you.

Neo takes over smiling like a fool. He always obeys this fool of a brother I have.

”Good, so no killing? ”

It feels nice taking over Nick, he sometimes acts on emotion and that can get us killed. He needs to lay off and forget this revenge thing, it won get us anywhere, and killing innocent people is not part of the plan.

”No, Alpha ”, I reply to my Alpha

The man starts laughing

”It is amazing how you despise us, Vampires when your mate is a Vampire. I love how the Moon Goddess plays her games ”, which leaves me gasping in disbelief.

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