This man is lying!

Let me out you bastard, let me deal with this man. He is saying shit.

Keep quiet Nick

I have one stubborn, revenge-thirsty human.

”Oh, shut the hell up Antonio ”, I shout at him

”Antonio, what do you know about his mate ”, I gave him a scared yet angry look.

”Ryder no, ” I say to him, he knows that I will reject whoever the pig is. I am not mating with a vampire, I would rather kill and spit on him than send his body to the zoo to be eaten by all the wild animals there.

Shut up, Nick!

”Your life is in danger, you know why I came here, was to warn you about the dark cloud foreshadowing you and two special people in your life. I am here to protect you, let me out. ”

”You wish, you pig! ” I forcefully take over; Neo is shitting on me.

”Fuck you, Ryder. Now listen here, I am not here for your nonsense, and stop talking about something that will never happen. I rejected my mate two years back ”, I lie to him, scratching my head.

This man is messing with my head. I don have a mate; I don need one, especially a vampire.

Moon Goddess don make that mistake.

”Powerful vampire, marriage and adopted son. Your love story is different and unique. From hate to love to love to hate. You too won last forever but you will always come together in the afterlife. Believe it or not, that vampire will bring you happiness and you will start to love him ”, I shake my head in frustration.

”Ryder I will kill this man ”, I say softly, and he looks at me with worry.

”Relax Nick, Antonio who are you? ” Is he still **ing asking that? This man is a psychopath, a witch, and a disgusting pig. This man needs to die

”Ask your father who Alex the witch is. I bet he will shiver in fear, what she sees can never be wrong, will come true now or soon. Being a witch has its pack. Now it is up to you to believe me, but try staying safe, the next few days are dangerous for you and that innocent person. ”

Why is this person speaking madness?

”Okay, Im keeping you here until I get clarity that I can trust you. Where are the others? ”

”Alpha, they were not co-operating, so we killed them ”, good job Pilot

You should have killed this one too.

Calm down Nick

”I am going to speak with father. Nick, keep an eye on him and don kill him ”

”Hell no Ryder! I am not doing that shit! ” You just signed our death

Fuck you Neo, this is your fault you beast.

”I as your Alpha trust you to keep an eye on this man and don kill him. Be nice and talk about your mate, while I go and have a word with our father ”, he says using the dominant voice

”With all due respect Alpha, I won do what you just said. Excuse me and don you dare use that Alpha tone on me. Im out ”, I say walking away

”Don get yourself killed, cover your scent kid ”, I hear the pig say in a distance. I click my tongue and run out to the woods shifting into my silver wolf. Yes, Neo is silver with silver eyes

Neo who does that **er thinks he is.

Someone worried about you, us, and our mate. Maybe you should listen to him

Oh, please Neo, shut the ** out! I am not listening to that piece of dirt. Me, and I, can never mate with a vampire knowing very well that they killed our parents

The ones that killed our parents got away, so there is no need for you to be headstrong about murdering someone innocent. Stop this madness Nick

Neo just shut the ** up!

I block him out and feel the cold wind blow against my fur, I run until I see a river, lay down, and watch the water flow.

They are all lying, I don have a mate and worse a vampire.

Tears start rolling down my eyes, and I cry myself to sleep.

Back in the pack house


Now I am really worried about rouges and my one and only brother and best friend. I love that guy very much and now that Antonio is here, I feel very restless.


I wonder if dad will shiver just like he said

”So, what brings you to my office son? ” I abruptly lose, my thoughts, and my focus went to him

”Dad, who is Alex the witch? ” He stood still and looks at me with a look I can define.

”Who is Alex? ” my wolf Bes asks

He has been silent for the past few days, angry at me because I was busy with my duties and forgot about our mate.

”So now you talk? ” I give him an attitude.

”Can you stop this, I feel restless. Where is Nick? ”

”He ran off after I said he must not kill the vampire and he must look after him. The rogue we caught today is a witch and half-vampire, so he said something about his mate being a vampire and he doesn want a mate, worse a vampire. So, it is messed up ”

”Nick must come back. Nothing is feeling alright, I have a bad feeling ”

”I am also worried about Nick, but I know he will take care of himself, and he will alarm us if he is in some kind of danger ”

”Alex Ricklendson, an old witch that was a mate of a half-vampire, half-witch, and half wolf. The most powerful and old witch, she is the hybrid and the strongest one has the powers of a witch, wolf, and vampire. She is your great-great-great-grandmother, and she is an immortal, a wolf, and knows magic. She left our pack and relocated to northern California with her family, they started a pack there. ”

So, I have other family members and they have never come here to visit or for any wedding ceremonies.

”Dad, tell me more about her visions ”, must I be worried or not? Is my brothers life really in danger?

”Her visions are all true, never try to disagree with them. She sees the future and tries to send someone to warn that person on her behalf. ”

”Nick ”, both I and my wolf say at the same time.

”What is wrong with Nick? ”

”Antonio is here claiming to be sent by Alex, the witch and he has a warning for Nick. ”

”Toni is, here?? ”

So, he only heard the word, Antonio?

”Did you hear the part that he has a warning for your son, my brother Nick? ” I ask with a raised brow

”Yes, what is the warning? ”

”Nicks life is in danger; he has a very powerful vampire mate and now that some people know that he is the mate of a very powerful vampire they are after his life. It is messed up; we both know that Nick will never accept his mate. He is stubborn and headstrong, also keen on not having a mate. He will reject this person and both their lives will be messed up ”

His face change to worry

”Nicks life is in danger? Where is Nick and why would the Moon Goddess give Nick a vampire mate? ”

”Well, we both know that Nick will never accept a vampire as his mate. He is still crucial on vengeance, and nothing can change his mind ”, I know my brother for years now

”Son, the Moon Goddess doesn make a mistake so Nick will accept his mate, one way or another and the bond will be too strong for him to reject or stay away from his mate. Now our problem is we don know whether the guy that marked him is ”his mate or what ”

”I need to send Pilot to look for that guy from that night and we must make sure that we do everything undercover so that Nick doesn suspect anything or find out what we are up to. ”

”Okay son, now Ill set on my journey to find this unknown powerful vampire ”

I just hope that whoever this mate is, is kind enough to tame my stubborn brother

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