ounger as he speaks, his voice is strong and there is fear and worry in his eyes.

”Why? ” I ask testing the waters

”Because my other son is mate with a vampire and he despises them very much since they are responsible for killing the Luna and his parents ”, says the elder

So, his parents were murdered by one of us. This means this former Alpha adopted his other son

”How sure are you that my species killed your mate and his parents? ”

I can just trust these wolves.

”There was an attack on the Snowfall Pack, years back. Vampires were there and they were the ones helping the other pack initiated the attack. Ask your father Jason, he knows about it ”, my father knows about it?

”You want peace for the sake of your son? What position is your son in? ”

”Beta, he is my beta ”, replies Ryder


Then suddenly there was wind and a man appeared out of nowhere.

”Ryan Parker, you just got your real mate in deep danger ”, this man says, my parents enter and dad stares at the former Alpha

True mate? Danger?

”Antonio, how did you get here? ” The two Alphas ask at the same time

So they know each other? A witch is in my house, without invitation?

”I am a half witch and half vampire, right? So now lets get this clear. Nick has been kidnapped just like in her vision and if you don save him, they will both die, they have already injected him with silver and his wolf is weak ”

I stare confusingly at this witch.

”Who is my true mate? ” Why do I care? The guy can help himself out.

”His son, Nick the Beta, I did try to warn you but then you didn listen ”, they didn listen?

”Why didn you listen? Now he is in danger ”, I can feel my anger rising up

”You said they will both die, who else is there? ” My mum asks

”Your son got him pregnant, and you know for us vampires only our true mate can get us pregnant. You **ed him and your sperm was released. Congratulations, you are going to be a father if they both don die ”, says this blonde man, but what got my attention is.

Father? Child?

”Antonio, do you know where we can find my son? ”

”Uncle I tried doing the locating spell and it led me to a dead end, I called Alex, and she said she will call when she gets something. He is scared wherever he is because the man that caught him is rough and cruel. One of your enemies. You need to go out and start looking for him ”

”Okay we have to go and look for my son-in-law ”

”Papa, no, I have a wife, I don care what happens to that kid ”, the bitter me says, the Alpha looks at me with shock and worry.

”I don know how they will accept each other because they both hate each other ”, then that is good news to my ears.

”Why do you want to hurt your mate, Ryan Parker? Is it because of Lisa, your wife? If I am not mistaken, Lisa promised you that she will never come in between you and your true mate. She is not even important, just a desperate vampire that will trick you into doing the unspeakable, but will regret when things become tough, she will try uniting you and your true mate but will get herself killed. Ryan, their lives are in your hands, stay with Lisa and they might die. Go find your mate and no harm will come to you and your son ”

Son? Son? So, he is pregnant?

How does this guy know about that? I hope he is not related to Lisa.

”Listen Alphas, I don want your son as my mate, please get the hell out of my palace and never set foot here. Tell that beautiful, long hairy man that he needs to abort the child ”

”You say one thing, but your emotions and heart don agree with you. Don be a fool, Your Highness! You are risking your true mates life for a warrior and your friend. You don know the worth of a true mate. I curse you Vampire King, Ryan Parker, you will crave for your true mate, feel his agony, his hatred for your species will make your heart cry out loud, and you will feel nothing but helplessness and pain. Rage, you will have rage in your heart and take it out on your family. The only person who will tolerate you is your fake wife, and she will get tired of you. You won feel anything but when you see him you will crave him. This curse will break when your baby is born ”, I crouch down as I grab my heart painfully, shit! This bastard just cursed me.

”You didn do the right thing ”, I say in agony, my fangs come out, I feel like the volcano has erupted inside my heart and it is spreading throughout my body.

”Well, this will be fine after his mate gives birth and this curse will start reacting on the third day, for now, you will just go ahead and rescue your mate. Go now, use your powers and find that man. ”

And just like that, he vanishes into thin air.

What have I gotten myself into? Ugh!

”Well son looks like you got what you deserve, it is good that your brother is not here, or else he would have beaten the hell out of you. You are despicable ”, I feel intense pain as my father said that

Why is this happening to me? I don need a mate, I am happy with Lisa, she loves me. I cannot lie and say I love her, I don but I care for her, and she makes me happy, she is my friend, I cannot hurt her. Nick is a guy I met and **ed, meaning he is whore and slut who lets anything that has a dick ** him. He is a disgusting man; I will reject him after this.

”Mr Parker, me and my son will take your leave. Excuse us ”, the old wolf says

My eyes found dads, something is wrong they keep looking at each other like they are mates or something. I hope they are not.

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