Day Three

Never in my life have I felt so helpless and that too because of my true mate. Were true mates meant to cause pain and sorrow? I have been feeling empty since that witch cursed me, and every day I feel nothing but agony, anger, and hatred for the pup. I want nothing but to find him and get him to stay with me until the baby is born. After the baby is born, I will kick him out of my house because the curse will be broken, and my child will be with me.

I hate that beautiful pup, I wish I never met him, and I am not planning to raise our child, mum and Lisa will do that. That bastard trapped me with a baby and got himself kidnapped. Now my life is upside down I hate him. I will never crave him; I won be weak.

It is a matter of three months, and the baby will be born. For us vampires, especially the royal family, our babies only take three months, and when they are born. Nothing more, nothing less, just three months. I hope we find him safe and sound, I know my baby is strong and will suck on his blood until he gets my blood. This will kill him since his wolf is probably dead with the silver that has been injected into his body.

”Son, did you get any lead? ” I look at the old hag, my papa is old now and he is no longer handsome. He should just kill himself and die.

”Papa, it was easier to trace his scent since, it was faint and it leads me to nothing but a river ”, a very beautiful river, quiet and clean.

”Well, Alpha Ryder is saying that they quarrelled before Nick just got out and left angry. He said they were talking about mates, and he doesn like talking about it, he doesn want a mate and worse a vampire. Son, when we find him, please try your absolute best to change his mind about mates and vampires ”, if only you knew papa, what I am planning for him when he returns.

”Yes papa, I will make sure to change his perception of everything ”

Nothing is good about this world; nothing is good about us Nick. Nothing will ever be good about vampires, and I will make you remember that every day. I am just waiting to find you Nick and teach you a lesson you have never learned

”Papa, did the witch get anything? ”

”No son, the witch didn get anything yet. But Alex called to inform us that she has started doing her spells, trying to locate him ”

”Well I hope they find him soon ”, I force a convincing smile on my lips.

”I am happy that you care about him. That curse was a good thing ”

”Yes papa, it was ”, it made me change, I now have hatred for the person I am supposed to love.

Day Four:


Where the ** is he? Why doesn he want to be found? I will kill that bastard when he gets here, I am so sick, sick, and tired of him that he is doing this on purpose. He wants attention, he is a whore, a slut.

I can stop thinking about last night, last night I dreamt about him, he was naked under me moaning my name and I **ed him until he bled, he couldn take my dick.

”My king, do want to have fresh air? We can go out ”, I look at Lisa, I don want her here, I don want to see her disgusting face now.

”Go find yourself a bitch Lisa, I am not in the mood for you whore ”, I scrunch my nose in disgust, she opens her mouth and closes it.

”What wifey? Cat got your tongue? Tell it to keep it forever. I don even know where that tongue of yours has been. Who have you been sucking? Right then my hands found her small neck and I start choking her, she cries and choked

”M-my K-king, l-let m-me g-go, please ”, that made me even angrier, I threw her to the ground and started kicking her.

”It is your fault. This is all your fault, if I didn marry you then I wouldn have been cursed. I hate you, Lisa, I hate you! ”

Day Five:


I love my husband a lot, I don want anything to happen to him, I don want to lose him, he is my best friend and has been there in my life when I needed him the most.

Please don judge me, I am only doing this for us.

”Did you bring everything I asked? ”

”Yes Miranda, everything, now I want you to cast a spell on him, I don want to lose him ”

”Are you sure your Majesty? The spell is very dangerous, it can get him to lose many people in his life, and people will fear him. He would never have children after this one, when his true mate gives birth, the child will be blind, and the mother will die. Do you want this? This spell will cause havoc in your household. Your husband will only listen to you and will do anything for you ”

”Miranda shut up, I don care about the consequences, just do ”

”I am not so powerful, when you want to break this spell then you must find a powerful witch to undo it and you will pay the consequences with your life. Your life will be a sacrifice to our ancestors ”

I swallow hard, I will never break this spell. I deserve happiness.

”Then that will long be done. So what if I die without breaking the curse? ”

”The curse will not be broken instead it will be strong and it may lead to loneliness, again a powerful witch needs to break it ”

”Okay, what do you want in return? ”

”I want you before you die to confess and unite them ”

”Okay that will be done ”

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