My life is upside down since I found out that the Vampire King is my sons mate, while his father is my rejected mate.

I don know how to tell my son everything, from the start.

”You are going to be an Alpha today and you will find your mate. We had invited the nearby kingdoms and they are here. Come lets go downstairs ”, my father says to me with excitement

” Dad, I have a girlfriend I adore very much. You know her, Samual ”, he shook his head and smiled

”You see nothing is strong than your mate bond. Although you have a girlfriend and you love her a lot, well if she is not your mate she is not ”

The day went by, and the ceremony was finished. Now we were just seating around with my family and close friends eating when suddenly my wolf was hyper and started dancing up and down inside, then the door opens revealing two people, a hot Vampire boy, Jason, and my girlfriend Samual, my nose flicked to the most beautiful scent I have ever smelt, honey, and ginger. Sweet and strong.

”Mate ”, Jod my wolf says, my eyes went wide open. This can happen, I was not gay for once and secondly, firstly I have a girlfriend, and secondly, what will people think of me? Our pack is known very well that we don mate with Vampires, we reject them

” I cannot accept him as my mate ”, I whisper back to Jod, he looks down sadly.

Why did dad even invite the Vampire Kingdom?

Our eyes meet and his eye color changes, he smiles at me.

I cannot let him tell everyone that I am his mate.

”Look everyone I just smelt my mate and my wolf is telling me it is Samual ”, I say smiling widely and standing up, walking and meeting Samual halfway, picking her up and hugging.

” I love you baby ”, I say kissing her cheek

”I love you too darling, ” she says back

I turn to look back and I find him with teary eyes and a sad smile on his face, he looks at me and walks out.

Days passed and I was feeling guilty, more guilty because I mated with Sam, and I know he felt the pain. Then one day I found the courage and went to his kingdom and spoke with him.

”What are you doing here? You have the audacity to be here after such pain you have caused me. You did it wrongly Alpha, you are a bastard ”, my chest clenched in pain his tears roll down his eyes and he punched me

”I am sorry, all I ever did was for the best, we can be mates. I love someone else, and I hope you love someone else too ”, I know I sound like a bad person right now, but I did this for us.

” Well I don love someone else; I was just waiting for the right one and when he came, he shoved me away. You are a bastard, I hate you ” I pull him close to me and he continues sniffing

”I am so sorry baby, I just can be with you ”, with that he crushed our lips together, I couldn resist anymore, I just forced my tongue in, and a sweet moan escaped his lips. I grab his butt while he pulled my hair. Everything else happened fast, next we were naked, and next, I **ed him, and I released my sperm.

No one knows about this except, that the vampire prince is my son, Ryan Parker, my son from my mate. I love my son very much and Jason also knows this.

Now I don know what to do, let this mate thing carry on, or just convince Nick not to accept this.

No James, remember Nick is adopted and you can deny him his mate, even if that mate is your son your adopted son.

But Jod this is unacceptable and how will I tell Ryder that he has an older brother? How will I tell Ryan that I am his father? This is messed up.

No matter what happens you must try uniting them. They are made for each other.

Then okay, I will try my best to unite them

”Dad, Alex is here ”, a wide smile makes it up to my lips. Alex, since forever I have seen her

”Send them in ”, I wait as he comes back with them

”Grandson ”, I still wonder why she calls me that, I am her great-great-grandson

”Granny, thank you for embracing us with your presence ”, I hug her and she sits down

Seconds later she starts chanting words we couldn even understand

”Antonio, come help me. This is out of control; it is too strong. Whoever is holding him hostage has a powerful witch helping him. ”

We all had our eyes out and worry was kicked in again. I had hoped that they will find my son, but it has been two months now and nothing is happening.

Antonio joins her and they carry on chanting and suddenly a dead bird, a doll rolled in a red ribbon with blood coming out of it, and a long knife with symbols written on it.

I don know what is happening because after all that was dropped on the table, a paper that looks like a map with fire moving in it, it stopped and suddenly blood was coming out of their nose and ears.

”Dad, what is wrong with them? ” I just smiled at him; he nods.

It is the first time he is seeing that; Im used to it, I grew up with witches, I was raised by her.

”This is where your son is. Go and find him, Antonio take that vampire and uncurses him. He has endured enough, take him with you and find Nick. ”

Yes, my son endured a lot, and he has become very distant these days. After the third day, his anger started, and he ripped the heart of a woman who broke a plate, in front of everyone, he wanted to teach her a lesson. He has crashed everyone I remember the time when he slapped his mum and started beating his wife. I was there and trashed the hell out of him.

”Who the ** are you to hit me? ” he asks crying

”I am someone you should respect, and I know your father didn teach you to hit women! Stop being an asshole and pain in the neck, because he is not here you laid your hand on your mum and wife? Who the ** do you think you are? ” I asked, punching his face.

”I am the king, and I will kill you ”, he says standing up

”I don care who you are, you will respect a woman. Come on apologies to your mother ”, I stare at him sternly and he groans and looks down.

”Mum, I am sorry, Lisa I am sorry. Mum, please forgive me, I crossed my limits and this man just trashed me now dad will come and do the same. I am sorry ”, a tear rolls down his eye

His mum was busy sniffing while Lisa stayed strong.

”Alpha James, thank you so much. I didn think that he would do such a thing. If my husband was here, then everything would have been fine. I am sorry ”, I just nodded my head and looked at my son

”Your stubbornness has turned you into a beast. I, Alpha James rip you off your position as King and give it back to your father. Until then you are just a vampire prince ”, I say, and he clenches his chest and gives out a loud cry.

Now he will ask how did I do that. Only a parent is allowed to do that.

”Who the ** are you? Are we related? Mama, who is he? ”

I just walked out leaving him talking, I hope his mother doesn tell him the truth.

He must have figured everything out and wanted to confront the truth, but his father will tell the truth to him when the time is right. Now we are looking for his mate.

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