When I found out that my son laid his hand on my wife and my true mate trashed him, I was happy and angry. I came back home and trashed him.

The reason why I was happy is that his other father was there, and he disciplined his son. Although Ryan doesn know that his not Kellys son, he is Alpha James son, and his other father loves him a lot.

Nothing is more painful than to watch your son beat up a woman who nurtured him with love and even when he is not his son. Nothing is more loving than to hear that your son was disciplined by his other parent and the power was taken away from him by his father.

Yes, I know that we agreed that Ryan would not be told the truth about his father, that he has siblings and that his father left me without breaking our bond. He didn even reject me.

”I am pregnant, and you are the father ”, I wait for him to respond but he just stared at me for a few seconds and looked away

Please don reject our child, he will feel abandoned and that will cause me great pain. He will reject you and will not form a bond with you. Please

I say silently

”Say something James ”, I said slightly raising my voice

”I can accept our child, but I will take full responsibility. Just promise me one thing Jason ”

”What? ”

”That our son will not know me. He will have a mother that will love him and care about him. When the time is right then I would tell him the truth. Promise me that you won reveal this to anyone except your parents about this child. Promise me that you will get married soon and get that woman to pretend to be pregnant so that the people will believe that she is pregnant. Don sleep with her while you are pregnant, but please forget about me. ”

I staggered back and tears roll down my eyes.

Did my mate just ask me to do that? Someone who is supposed to love and cherish me. He just shattered me.

”Please Jason, do this for me, I don want you to let anyone know. Promise me ”

”I promise you ”, I promise that I will do everything you say, and I will never bug you with my burden again. I promise to forget you and move on.

”Thank you and one last thing ”, I swallowed hard I don know what he will say now, and Im scared as **.

”I won reject you but please let us try and ignore this mate bond. You have a kingdom to look after, and I have a pack to look after. I have gotten married to Sammy, and I am happy with her, I want you to find happiness with someone else and forget about me. Try and ignore this bond, and I won have sex with Sammy until you give birth ”

Those were the harshest words I have ever heard, and I was devastated after that day. I thank my ancestors for saving my son because I don know how he survived. He is a miracle.

Now the King position has been taken away from him and he has been bugging me with questions.

”Papa, for the last time how is that man related to me? Only a parent can take away the power from their child, so how? Mama, please tell me. Who is not my parent between the two of you? ”

I looked at my wife, she knows about this, and she promised me not to tell Ryan that she is not her real mum.

”Answer me, folks, tell me the truth. Please ”, I looked at my wife again and she nods.

Looks like its time for the truth

”I am not your real mother. I just married your dad, the one who gave birth to you is your dad. Alpha James is your dad. They are true mates, but due to circumstances they couldn be together, and they couldn reject each other. You are the son of Alpha James and King Jason. Im sorry my son we hid this from you for years ”

He looks at me with hurt, hatred, and guilt and suddenly turned around and left the room through the window.

”I get it he needs some fresh air ”, I say to my wife kissing her head

”Jason, I don want to lose my son ”, she cries, and I hold her close

”You won , just give him time to cool off and we will talk again ”

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