My life is messed up, I have been stuck here I don know for how long, but I know it has been long. I don know what is worse, being raped and beaten up by a man that wants revenge on my mate, or slowly losing hope that someone will find me? I have been praying every day to the Moon Goddess, for her to make my connection with my mate stronger so that that bastard can sense and find out where I am.

I just want to be home, safe with my family and my mate. I have been tied since I was here, and a person comes and gives me food and something to eat. He feeds me and as a reward, he gets to do whatever with me. I hate my body; I have scared all over my body and my face is unrecognizable. I want to die!

Fuck Nick! Stop saying mate, but he is the reason I am being abused every day, Neo even died which is making this human body of mine weak, extremely weak.

Moon Goddess, I am sorry about everything, please help me. This baby is draining me, its a vampire baby a strong one. Why can it stop torturing me? After being beaten up, it still sucks on my blood, and that disgusting man must give me blood and I force it down my throat. My tummy is big now and I think I have been here for nine months; we wolves take nine months to give birth.

Have I been here for nine months?

No. Stop stressing

Why me? Mum, dad please help. I am tired, very tired.

When I get back home, I need to find out who is my mate and I need to reject him.

But first I will mark him and then reject him.

”Oh darling, you are so beautiful, stop being so sexy, and I will try controlling myself with you. I love the way you taste ”, I shiver in disgust, I hate that this old man has been doing whatever with my body. I don think I will ever let anyone touch me for now.

I lost weight and a needle is bigger than me. Only this stomach is big, just big and terrible.

”You poor thing, look at how heavy you are. You see I am very kind, I let you keep your baby so that you enjoy the months of pregnancy and then after you give birth, I am going to burn your baby alive in front of you ”

How cruel can a person be? I hate this baby, I hate the father, I hate everyone. The Moon Goddess made a mistake, I was never supposed to get a love story.

”I would like to see you try Mikey ”, says a dangerous voice, and Neo whimpers softly. Oh thank God, my wolf is back, I think he has regained his consciousness. Is this our mate? I am so tired, before I faint, I need to reject him so that if I die then I won be bothered.

This man in front of me had his eyes wide and he has fear written all over his body. Is he scared of my mate? Who is this powerful vampire?

”My king? What are you doing here? I am sorry, please forgive me. Look I found him here and I was planning to send him back to you ”

”S-stop l-lying you bastard ”, I manage to say


”I am here to get my mate and kill you. Antonio, are you done that side so you can take care of Mikey? ”

Antonio is here? I am so happy to hear that.

”Ill be there in a sec ”, a voice shouts over and he nods and looks at me, my eyes become teary, and I start crying.

This is all your fault, King.

Antonio comes in with blood all over.

”That was nice Ryan ”, I forgot that he also has this beast and half-witch.

He started chanting some words and suddenly the chain was off me, I ran to him even though my body was screaming no in pain.

I have been in chains for nine months and my body is aching.

My hands embrace him, and a hug, and I sobbed even more. I can believe someone who I wanted to kill is here to save me.

”I am sorry for wanting to kill you, I am sorry for hating you. Thank you, Tonny. Thank you so much ”, did I just give him a nickname?

”Its okay kiddo, its okay, and I couldn let my cousin die knowing well that I can help. I am happy you are still alive ”, his hands are brushing my back and I found myself smiling.

They cared; they care. Thank you, Moon Goddess.

A certain someone coughs gaining our attention, I pull back and walk to him, tip toed, and brought my teeth into his neck, sucking on his blood.

Shit! It tastes so sweet and dirty, this is sweet. Someone kicks inside me, and I groan, looks like someones baby is excited to meet papa.

”Pup, you can drink all you want but now we need to get you to safety ”, this bastard just called me a pup.

It is time for rejection. I pull back and lick my lips, that was delicious.

”Thank you for saving me, now it is time to do what is right. I, Nick Ricklendson, Beta of Snowfall Pack, reject you King Ryan Parker of whatever kingdom you come from and if anyone tries to do anything then they will face my wrath ”, I say limping over to Tonny.

”Take me home, cousin ”, I say looking at him.

”That rejection will not happen. Your son has powers, and he did something to make that rejection go to waste. So you both are still mates and I curse you, Nick, to love your mate till forever and stay with him until forever ”, I looked at him with shock and suddenly everything became black

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