n a brand new box of Duel Disk from the warehouse at the back at her suggestion and handed it over to Yugi Mutou.
Yugi took the box cautiously, and politely owed his lower body: “Thank you!”

“What about me, what about me?” Jonouchi can’t wait to squeeze up, “My name is Katsuya Jonouchi, I’m the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom!”

“OK, just a second.”

Chika entered his name earnestly, and gave a strange “Huh” again, as surprised as when she checked Yugi Mutou’s level just now.

Jonouchi’s eyes lit up: “What’s wrong? Am I level 10 like Yugi Mutou? Oh, that stinky boy Kaiba, on the surface it looks annoying, but there’s still something to be desired…”

“Hey, that…” Chika looked at the screen and inside the city as if she didn’t know how to speak.

Yuei Vu came up and coughed: “About this… you seem to be level 2, and the remarks at the back… is ‘horse bone’.”(1)

Jonouchi’s expression was sluggish, he blinked his eyes, and his brain crashed for more than five seconds in this state.

“…Huh!?? H…Horse bone???”

The hair in the city was instantly fried, and it looked like he was desperately trying to find Kaiba.

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“That bastard Kaiba, what do you mean by horse bone? Why can’t I, the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, participate in the tournament?”

Honda desperately held on from behind: “Okay, calm down.
You scared the lady behind the counter…”

“Yeah…but it’s really strange.” Chikai held her chin and said to herself, “Katsuya Jonouchi also…I remember that he is really the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom.
Level 2 is indeed a little bit… strange……”

“Yes… yes!”

Jonouchi seemed to see hope approaching from the counter excitedly, causing Chika to take a step back subconsciously.

“But…but this is the rule of the Kaiba Corp.
Even if you say so, we can’t do anything about it.”

“Damn…” Katsuya Jonouchi continued to grit his teeth.

Yuei Vu, who has been eating melons and watching, said, “But it’s not that there is no other way.”

“Ah? What?”

“Duel with me.
” Yuei Vu smiled and said, “If you beat me, we can turn a blind eye and let you pay for the new Duel Disk.”

According to the current regulations of the Kaiba Corp, Duel Disks were not for sale before the Battle City competition, and only recognized duelists could get them for free.
Because this was not only a prop for playing cards but also an entry ticket for the competition.

But it didn’t matter if you just sell one.

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Of course, the reason why Yuei Vu said this was not because he was addicted to cards and wanted to find someone to play with, but because…

……This was a living source of experience!

Katsuya Jonouchi was already a legendary duelist in the DM (although he couldn’t be considered that for the time being).
Winning a game against him gave EXP comparable to that of an entire week in the duel arena.

Moreover, playing cards with the protagonist group characters was also helpful to trigger special quests, and there was even hope to participate in the main plot of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
There were always a bunch of players circling around the protagonist group in the World Link Online.

It’s just that the chance to play cards with the protagonists was hard to come by.
The system did not allow players to go directly to the protagonists and grab them to play cards.
Only when certain conditions are met in certain situations could they get the chance to duel with the protagonists.

Chika turned her head to look at Yuei Vu in surprise: “Are you sure?”

Although she didn’t intend to question Yuei Vu’s skills, after all, Jonouchi was the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, and logically should be the duelist second only to Yugi Mutou.

“It’s okay.” Yuei Vu smiled at her, “Don’t look at me like this, I’m very strong.”


【Favorability +8】

Yuei Vu: “…”

TL’s note:

This term is commonly used by Seto Kaiba to insult Katsuya Jonouchi.
It referenced a card in Jonouchi’s deck – Value of a Horse’s Bone (known as “White Elephant’s Gift” in TCG)

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