I say it is invalid, it is invalid!”


Well, the DM may indeed have no such argument during this period.

This further made Yuei Vu determined to go to President Kaiba to optimize the master rules, otherwise, he would be killed by BISS without knowing where he was wrong.

Hmm… But this time, forget it.
(After all, I’m the one who was benefited)

“Then it’s my turn!” Yuei Vu said, “Fight! Dark Magician, directly attack Jonouchi!”

The Dark Magician flew up and pointed his green staff forward.
A transparent vortex rolled up on the staff, and the magic wave pierced through the body inside Jonouchi like an arrow.

The latter snorted softly, bent knees involuntarily under the impact, and was penetrated by the three-dimensional image of dark magic from the front chest to the back.

[Katsuya Jonouchi, LP 2500 → LP 0]

Katsuya Jonouchi was defeated.


Ten minutes later, several people returned to the card shop.

“Ah, ah! I’m so unwilling to lose!” Jonouchichi stretched his arms and said unhappily.

“No way, it’s because the opponent is too strong.” Yugi smiled.

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“But no matter how you say it, I’m also the runner-up in the Duelist Kingdom.
It’s a bit too embarrassing to rub off a little blood at the end.” Jonouchi said with a sigh.

Indeed, although the process seems to be very intense, at the end of the fight, Yuei Vu only lost 100LP.

Yuei Vu chuckled: “It’s just luck.”

It’s not that he’s modest.
There’s an element of luck in playing cards.
It’s not that everyone can start out like Yamu Yugi, and if they have that ability, they must be able to beat the mainstream with any entertain deck they play, right?

After playing this duel, he was in a good mood.
The experience gained from winning against Jonouchi was comparable to the sum of the experience he has tortured passers-by for half a week!

In this way, I can go to the system card pool again tonight.

“Too humble, you are one of the most powerful duelists I have ever met.” Jonouchi said seriously, and then the conversation changed, “But losing this time doesn’t mean it will be the same next time! If I meet you in here, I will not show mercy anymore!”

“No problem at any time.
” Yuei Vu readily agreed, but then reminded, “But if you don’t have a Duel Disk, you can’t compete, right?”

Jonouchi was instantly petrified.

It seems…that’s the truth.

He was into the game so much just now that he even forgot why he started playing in the first place…

Anzu also smiled helplessly: “Yes, because the duelists Jonouchi only have 2 stars, and the evaluation given by Kaiba is ‘horse bone’, so there is no way to participate in the competition…”

“Ah, ah, damn it! That bastard, Kaiba!”

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Seeing that Jonouchi had another breakdown, his good friend Honda quickly grabbed him and dragged him out of the store.

Anzu and Yugi also withdrew.
However, Yugi stopped for a while before leaving and turned around at the door.

“Then I’m sorry to disturb you today,” he said.

Yuei Vu waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, welcome to come again next time!”

If he could, he even wanted to duel Jonouchi every day to gain experience…

“Yeah!” Yugi nodded, “Let’s do our best in the Battle City competition!”

Finally, they all left.

Yuei Vu turned his head and found that Chika-chan was staring straight at him again at this moment, the look in his eyes that seemed to contain some unknown impulse startled him.

“How… how?”

“It’s nothing.” Chika-chan said seriously, “I’m just a little surprised, you’re different from what you look like.
You seem to be not that impotent…”

Hey, what does it mean to look different? And you always thought I was an embroidered pillow?

And it must be done, how can a man say “I’m impotent”?

TL’s note: Because of the plot’s requirement, this translation will use “Sky Dragon of Osiris” instead of its TCG name “Slifer the Sky Dragon”

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