thought for a while, and recalled the opening routines of online game NPCs in his mind.

“You are a new face here.
Are you a duelist?” he said.

Snow Wave quickly nodded.

“Well, then can you do me a favor?”

If it’s a normal conversation, asking a stranger like this for the first time would undoubtedly only get the other party’s “are you crazy” eyes.

However, players were such a strange species.

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Hearing this, Snow Wave’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “Yes, yes! There is no problem at all.”

[Whether to issue a quest to the player ‘Snow Wave’?]

It did come.

At this time, Yuei Vu deeply felt that his primary school teacher really didn’t deceive him and that reading more books was indeed beneficial.
Thanks to his extensive reading of books before, he has read all kinds of online novels including “Traveling into the game world and becoming an NPC”, and he knew all kinds of setting routines well.

Perhaps because his own panel could interact with the player’s game panel, he may now be the only NPC in the entire World Link who could edit and release custom quests for the player on his own.

The specific content of the task and the task reward can be freely edited.
With this task system, he can easily use the reward to instruct the player to run errands for himself.

If he was not afraid of being disliked by players, it may not be impossible to edit strange requirements such as “running in circles”, “learning to bark” or even “pushing your ass” in the quest…

Ahem, of course, Yuei Vu was a serious NPC, so naturally, he wouldn’t issue such a boring quest.

In the quest reward section, he could usually choose rewards such as special items, EXP, or crystals for drawing card packs in the system card pool.

Of course, he could also choose to use cards directly as mission rewards.

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It’s just that if he chose items, crystals, or cards as rewards, it must be from Yuei Vu himself.
In other words, if the crystal was given to the player as a reward, his own crystals would be reduced.

The same was true for cards.
He could only use the cards he already owned as rewards for players.

Yuei Vu thought for a while and felt that the useful cards must be kept by himself.
Only those cards that he couldn’t use or had more than three copies in the card library were suitable to be released as rewards.

(Note: According to the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, you can only put up to three cards in a deck of cards with the same name.)

He couldn’t deduct EXP from himself, but as an NPC, there was an amount of EXP that can be released every day.
Its upper limit was related to his own level and title status.

The so-called title status refers to the honor obtained in various dueling competitions.
For example, Jonouchi was the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, and Yugi Mutou was the champion of the Duelist Kingdom and the only designated Duel King.

If he could have the unique title of Duel King like Yugi, the upper limit of EXP value that could be released every day should be very impressive.

Hmmm… It’s a familiar setting again.

However, this setting seemed reasonable.
Otherwise, if he could give the player his EXP, his level would decrease, then Yuei Vu could repeatedly jump between level 1 and level 2, repeatedly farming the crystal reward given by leveling up…

After Yuei Vu thought about it, he released the first quest he edited for players.

“I still lack a ‘Polymerization’ spell card here.” He said, “Can you help me find a ‘Polymerization’?”

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