0% of them still had to play cards anyway), what is the big point of being killed by one? Will you be a good guy again in a few hours?

In World Link Online, if the player died, they must wait for a few hours to cool down before they could be revived.

Although it sounded a bit painful, in fact, this function was not usually used at all.
After all, this was a card game, and generally speaking, you could not die during the duel.

Only in special circumstances, such as “Shadow Game”, players could die if they lost.

So in fact, it was quite a disadvantage for the villains to have a Shadow Game duel with the player.
For the villains, they may be betting their lives, but for the players, their ante was that they would not be able to play for a few hours…

“Let’s lead the way.” Yuei Vu stood up from behind the counter, “I’ll go take a look with you.”

Snow Wave was overjoyed immediately.

Yuei-san is indeed a good person… ah no, he is a good NPC!

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According to the players’ experience in online games, the NPCs who form a team together to play the game were either a load, whose meaning of existence was to force the game to be more difficult; or a thigh that did all the work for the player.

Snow Wave was convinced that Yuei Vu must be the latter type.

He became more and more certain that he was lucky enough to meet a rare NPC who could take him off and throw off several versions of other players.

An NPC can take me through the hidden quest, how dare you believe it!

“Chika, let me go out.” Yuei Vu said.

“This late?” Qian Nai’s beautiful eyes showed a hint of surprise, and she looked at Snow Wave next to Yuei Vu in surprise, “With him?”

She must be wondering now in her little head – what are the two big men doing out in the middle of the night?

“There is something I need to do.
I may be back very late.” Yuei Vu said, “Don’t wait for me.”



The place Snow Wave mentioned was still in another city, and it was a little far away, so the two of them walked for a while before arriving.

The rushing river was supported by a reinforced concrete bridge, and the dark water flowed endlessly under the night.

It was said that this river was a channel gushed out by seawater, and the river surface was not too wide.
In the past, before the city was built, a wooden bridge was created here, but because of lacking repair for a long time, no one dared to cross the wooden bridge.

Later, it seemed that the all-powerful Kaiba Corp built a project, demolished the wooden bridge, and built a new solid modern bridge, connecting the two sides of the river again.

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“It’s right here!” Snow Wave said firmly, “That’s what I heard here at the time.”

Snow Wave, who came here not long ago, was so cowardly that he turned around and ran away, but now it was different.

After all, now…he was a man who was backed!

Snow Wave suddenly felt that he was okay again, so he couldn’t help holding his head high, and even the pace of progress began to be recognizable.

Oh, what if there are ghosts?


After all, this is the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, where playing cards are respected.

No matter how powerful you are, can you still beat the big brother next to me at dueling?

Hidden quest, here I come!

Just thinking about it so beautifully, Snow Wave suddenly stopped and let out a scream of “ah”.

It sounded like a sleeping cat was trampled on the tail.

Because at this moment, a string of striking red letters jumped out in front of Snow Wave.

[The Closed Beta test is about to end, and there is still one minute before all players are forced to log out.
Please be prepared.

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