dered the weakness of Skull Archfiend of Lightning!

This boy… Whether it is the use of cards, the choice of tactics, or the understanding and awareness of the duel monster game, he is terrifyingly strong!

Although the duel was not over yet, Kawasawa Gai found that he had actually accepted his defeat in his heart.

Or rather, he was even vaguely beginning to look forward to the way he will usher in defeat in the future.

The corner of his mouth twitched and he hummed: “Fusion Summoning… It can indeed summon a powerful enough monster in an instant.
It is a powerful move that can instantly dominate the duel.

But this method is also accompanied by certain restrictions, you must have taken into account your words, right? The fact that fusion monsters cannot attack during the turn they are summoned.

Indeed, every time I play a card in this era, this rule will be extremely painful, especially since my initial deck is still an Elemental HERO deck with fusion as the core…

But it doesn’t matter.

He played the last card that ended the duel: “Quick-Play Spell – De-Fusion!”

“Huh, it turns out that this trick is still hidden.” Kawasawa Gai hummed.

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“I return Great Tornado to the Extra Deck, then I special summon all the Fusion Materials that were used for its Fusion Summon from my GY!” As he spoke, two cards popped out of Yuei Vu’s graveyard, “Come back, Elemental HERO Avian, Elemental HERO Bladedge!”

[Elemental HERO Avian, ATK 1000]

[Elemental HERO Bladedge, ATK 2600]

Everyone knew what would happen next.

“Bladedge, attack Skull Archfiend of Lightning!” Yuei Vu gave the final order.

The golden metal hero charged toward the demon.
The engine on his back spewed golden flames, and his body turned into a long golden afterimage, like a sharp knife popping out of its scabbard.

The Skull Archfiend of Lightning, whose attack power was halved to 1250, was completely powerless to stop the Bladedge’s attack.
The golden knife light slashed through the demon’s body from top to bottom.
The armor of the bones shattered with grief, and its body also shattered with an unwilling roar.

【Kawasawa Gai, LP 1000 → LP 0】

The audience fell into a strange silence once again.

Even though they more or less had foreseen the result that the president would lose… But seeing it with their own eyes was still a bit too shocking.

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Because this was not just a simple loss of a duel, but the entire duel seemed to be firmly gabbed in the hands of Yuei Vu.

Even Kawasawa Gai’s summoning of his ace monster, the top rare card among Archfiends, “Skull Archfiend of Lightning”, seemed to be completely in vain.

The rhythm of the duel from beginning to end was in the hands of Yuei Vu.
He defused the opponent’s attack lightly, saw through the opponent’s tactics, and made a beautiful counterattack… It seemed that he was still at ease.

Where did such a powerful duelist come from? Why never heard of it before?

“It’s me who lost.” Kawasawa Gai stood up, “I lost completely, there is nothing to be dissatisfied with.”

“In this way, I can join you, right?” Yuei Vu smiled.

“If you still have the will, of course, there is no problem.
It would be an honor for us Nightcrawler World to have such a powerful duelist as you.”

The strong are always respected.

Seeing Yuei Vu’s superb skills, Kawasawa Gai even felt that this overly handsome face became more pleasing to the eye.

“Thank you, President.” Yuei Vu nodded and turned to the onlookers beside the ring, “Then please give me more advice in the future.”

The whole house full of sturdy men gave out cheers of welcome.

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