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“My turn.

Yuei Vu glanced at the card he drew: “Summon Elemental HERO Sparkman!”

The blue electric current throbbed around, and the slender blue warrior flew out with the help of a three-dimensional projection.

Elemental HERO Sparkman No.

[Elemental HERO Sparkman, Attack Power 1600]

Pandora breathed a sigh of relief.

So far so good.
It seemed that the monster really has the highest attack power in the opponent’s deck.
Even if he bore this direct attack, he still had the last 300 LP left…

However, Yuei Vu took out another card from his hand and inserted it into the slot of the duel disk.

“Activate the Equip Spell card… Legendary Sword! Equip the Legendary Sword to the Elemental HERO Sparkman!”

A blade of the golden hilt appeared out of thin air in front of Sparkman, who grabbed it, and the blue electric snake instantly wrapped around the sword body exuding cold light.

[Legendary Sword: Equip only to a Warrior monster.
It gains 300 ATK/DEF.】

[Elemental HERO Sparkman, ATK 1600 → ATK 1900]

【Pandora, LP 1900】

Pandora: The smile gradually faded.

This?… It’s definitely a printed card, right?

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Otherwise, how could such a coincidence happen? ? ?

“Sparkman!” Yuei Vu pointed forward, “Direct attack!”

Sparkman rushed forward with his sword in his hand, and the electric current was suddenly entangled, and the afterimage was as fast as a flash of lightning.

The blade wrapped in Sparkman instantly occupied his entire field of vision.
Pandora screamed in horror and hurriedly covered her head with her arms.

The sword of thunder and lightning slashed down, and it brought a real sense of impact.
Pandora let out a miserable cry, rolled his eyes exaggeratedly, and lay on his back on the ground.

【Pandora, LP 1900 → LP 0】

I won.

At the same time, Yuei Vu system also popped up a prompt.

[Hidden quest “The Challenge From Ghouls!” completed!]

[Receive a reward [Dark Magician], please check it in the system card library.

So comfortable.

Yuei Vu immediately opened the system card library, and gleefully checked the newly acquired Dark Magician.

It’s a pity that his Dark Magician was the black-skinned and red-armored version in Pandora’s hand, was not as fashionable as the one in the game.

But he was already content.

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Years after World Link Online was launched, there were only a few players who got the Dark Magician, and it was very good to be able to get such a card.

In addition, his system card pool finally expanded.
Now he had a chance to acquire the powerful support card of the Dark Magician!

In the age of DMs when dueling cards were not so fancy, the strength of the entire Dark Magician set was quite impressive.

Yuei Vu put away the Duel Disk with satisfaction and turned around to leave.
Suddenly he stopped, and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Pandora, who was paralyzed on the ground, and rolled his eyes.

In fact, when he watched the DM animation, he wanted to complain.
It was clearly just playing a card game, why did all the Ghouls fall to the ground after losing? It looked like they were about to die from exhaustion…

Though an ordinary duel would have a certain amount of impact damage but wasn’t this reaction too exaggerated?

Could it be that their master Marik planted a curse on each of them that would trigger when they lost?

That’s pretty cruel…

Yuei Vu wanted to leave at first, but suddenly thought of something, turned around, and walked back to the collapsed Pandora, leaning over and pulling out his entire deck from the Duel Disk in his left hand.

“According to the rules of ante, I will accept your rare cards.” Yuei Vu took the opponent’s card deck for a while, “but because I haven’t figured out which one to take, I will take them all to carefully choose.
Do you have any opinion? Well, I take your silence as a yes, that’s it…”

So without waiting for Pandora to reply, he grabbed the deck and swaggered away.

Pandora: “@#!%&*”

TL’s note:

This refers to the OCG artwork of Last Day of Witch

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