I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 100 - There Are A Lot Of Plot Holes In The Original Story

”…… ”

Shishio looked at everyone ’s reaction and felt speechless when they saw him in shock so he quickly smiled mischievously and said, ”I was joking! Tee-hee? ” He hit the side of his head slightly and stuck out his tongue, trying to be as cute as possible.​​

”…… ”

Chihiro looked around, and when she found nothing. She stood up slightly then directly slapped Shishio ’s head!


”It hurts! ” It didn ’t hurt, but Shishio needed to pretend, right? ”What are you doing, Chihiro-nee?! ” He complained and looked at Chihiro in grief.

”I ’m the one who should be asking what are you doing?! ” Chihiro was almost mad, especially when she saw his act was so believable at that time. ”Your mother told me before that you used to have a ”chuunibyou ” and she told me to slap you every time that you returned to how you used to be. ” She thought that her big sister was lying, but it seemed that her big sister was right when she told her that Shishio had a ”chuunibyou ” so she quickly slapped him, but she had to admit that this guy really had a talent as an actor since his acting was so believable that it made him really think that a messiah had descended down to earth.

However, Chihiro had to admit that Shishio was quite cute when he showed his ”chuunibyou ” act.

Not only Chihiro, but Shiro-san, Misaki, and Ritsu didn ’t expect Shishio to have such a cute side which greatly surprised them and somehow made him approachable.

If it was an ugly guy then they might be disgusted, but the one who did the ”chuunibyou ” act was a handsome guy, so it was pretty normal to think that Shishio was pretty cute. Unfortunately, the ”chuunibyou ” of the previous Shishio Oga was far from cute, and it was pretty much scary or gloomy?

Shishio wasn ’t sure, or rather he didn ’t want to remember since it was pretty much embarrassing.

”But I ’ve to admit that line, ”I will become the god of the new world! ”, it was a really great line, ” Shiro-san said with a sigh and still trembled when he remembered Shishio ’s act before. He looked at Shishio and thought that if his novel would be adapted to a movie, then Shishio would be suitable to become the protagonist of the movie.

”Shishio-kun, are you going to write a story or something? ” Misaki was very keen and thought that Shishio must have a great script on his hands, especially when he said those lines, and she had to admit that those lines were great, that it made her body tremble.

”Story? ” Ritsu looked at Shishio eagerly and knew that Shishio was writing a story so she hoped to read it.

”Chuunibyou? ” Shiina looked at Shishio curiously.

”I ’m not as great as you think, ” Shishio said then handed the drawing book in his hands to Shiina who was next to him, after all, he painted those sketches for her, but it was being taken by both Chihiro and Misaki before, and he also didn ’t want to explain about ”chuunibyou ” so he quickly gave Shiina the sketches.

”…….. ” Shiina forgot her question before and looked at the sketches in her book carefully, without saying any words, but the light on her eyes became brighter and brighter.

”What do you think, Mashiro? Have you understood the man ’s body structure and muscle shape? ” Shiina stopped Chihiro, who still wanted to steal the drawing book, and said to Shiina.

”Yes, I understand. ” Shiina lifted her head from the drawing book and nodded with a serious expression.

”That ’s good. ” Shishio breathed out a sigh of relief since he was worried that she didn ’t understand before. If she didn ’t understand then he could only do something similar to the original plot, he might be reluctant, but it couldn ’t be helped, right?

”But, Shishio ’s sketch… ” There was hesitation in Shiina ’s expression since she felt a sense of familiarity with Shishio ’s sketch, but she was quite uncertain.

”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ” Shishio and Chihiro turned their heads in doubt to look at Mashiro who showed such a reaction, wondering whether there was something wrong with the sketch.

”Shishio ’s sketch has a similar feeling to my grandpa ’s works. ” Shiina hesitated for a long time and finally remembered where she saw this familiarity. She remembered that it was on the atelier where she had grown up, among the countless paintings that her grandfather cherished the most that she had seen those familiar feelings to Shishio ’s painting.

”Grandpa? ” Shishio asked curiously since he didn ’t know Shiina ’s grandpa.

”Mashiron ’s grandpa? ” Misaki looked at Shiina in doubt.

”What? ” Chihiro stood up in surprise and looked at Shiina in doubt. ”Mashiro, is that true? Does Shishio ’s sketch have a similar feeling to your grandpa ’s paintings? Are you sure? ” She didn ’t care about the puzzled expression of Shishio and the four people in the dining room, although Misaki was also in the art department, she focussed on the anime, so Misaki had only a little information about the world of art.

In this place, Chihiro was the one with the most knowledge about the world of art, after all, she was an art teacher, and it was impossible for her to not know who Shiina ’s grandpa was, especially when she was also Shiina ’s cousin.

However, Chihiro wanted to make sure now that what Shiina said just now was true, and if it was true, then her guess previously should be right!

”What ’s wrong, Chihiro-nee? ” Shishio looked at Chihiro strangely, but he didn ’t know much about the world of art in this world, or rather he didn ’t have much of an interest in the art such as painting or sculpture since it was pretty much useless, besides decoration, he wasn ’t sure what to do with it, and his hard-earned money wasn ’t something that he wanted to spend thoughtlessly by something known as art since art was something vague unlike gold, land, etc.

”Well, it should be, it is quite similar to one of my grandpa ’s work. ” Shiina looked at the nervous Chihiro and nodded again after she confirmed it.

”Really…. ” Chihiro slowly sighed and after she got Shiina ’s confirmation, and looked at Shishio next to her with a complicated expression, she really felt that this guy might become the god of the new world.

”What ’s wrong, Chihiro-nee? You ’re not sick, right? ” Shishio slowly put his hand on Chihiro ’s forehead, looking at her in worry.

”Bastard, I ’m not sick! ” Chihiro was annoyed and directly slapped Shishio ’s hand from her forehead.

Shishio could only shake his head and pulled his hand.

”Shishio, after I ’ve seen your sketch before, there was something of speculation in my heart, but I wasn ’t sure, after all, our level difference was too huge, and with my ability, I can ’t fully see what it is, but after Mashiro ’s confirmation, I ’m sure of it. ” Chihiro pondered for a moment and thought about how to explain Shiina ’s background.

”Before Mashiro moved to Sakurasou, I haven ’t introduced Shiina ’s identity in detail since I ’m worried that you ’ll be pressured by her when you know her. If you find out by yourself, then it doesn ’t really matter, but now… ” Chihiro looked at the sketch in Shiina ’s hands with a complicated expression since there was a god that was hiding in this small dorm.

”Mashiro is born from a family of artists, and her parents live abroad most of the time, and they ’re related in art-related work, so Mashiro has been living with her grandfather ’s atelier since she was a child, learning painting and she hardly has any contact with the outside world, so Mashiro has almost no ability to take care of herself. ” Chihiro paused for a moment then continued with her explanation.

”However, if you gain something you must lose something, and Mashiro might not be influenced or affected by external things, and she has always maintained a pure heart and won many art awards at her age, and her photos and her works often appear in world-class art magazines, and Masahiro is also known as a world-class genius painter. ”

Chihiro glanced at Shiina, who was still studying Shishio ’s sketch, and sighed since she didn ’t expect her nephew would be able to achieve something that most people couldn ’t achieve in their life of hard work.

”Furthermore, Mashiro also did a handshake with the British Prime Minister who was still in the office before, and at that time, her fame had almost reached its peak in the art world, and she was called a girl from heaven, but after a while, many people were surprised since she suddenly disappeared from the art world, after all, only a few people knew that she came to Japan in order to learn manga. ” After she spoke, Chihiro looked curiously at the reactions of the people around her.

”Mashiron, you ’re so amazing! ” Misaki regained her vitality and looked at Shiina with surprise.

”….. ” Ritsu was also surprised, but she had taken care of Shiina for the past two days, and she also saw the manga that Shiina drew on the computer, and she had to admit that Shiina ’s paintings were so beautiful.

”I see. ” Shishio nodded.

”….. ” Chihiro looked at Shishio whose reaction was so plain strangely. ”Shishio, aren ’t you surprised? ”

”Not really, you should know that I ’ve seen a lot of people Chihiro-nee, ” Shishio said simply since he told Chihiro the truth. Shiina might have shaken hands with the British Prime Minister, but the previous Shishio Oga was hugged by the Japanese Prime Minister.

”Ah… ” Chihiro nodded and also understood why Shishio ’s reaction was so plain.

”What ’s Shishio ’s identity? ” Shiro-san asked curiously since he was really curious about Shishio ’s background.

”Well, he ’s my nephew, that ’s all you need to know, ” Chihiro said since Shishio ’s identity, even though, it wasn ’t comparable to Shiina, it wasn ’t that far away since he was a second rich generation.

”…….. ”

Now, after Chihiro said all of that, they became even curious about Shishio ’s background.

”Chihiro-sensei, you haven ’t said who Mashiron ’s grandpa is? ” Misaki quickly asked since she was curious about Shiina ’s grandpa.

”Oh, yes, it was because of Shishio that it almost made me forget. ” Chihiro slapped her forehead slightly.

”…… ” Shishio.

”Mashiro ’s grandfather is Shiina Yuuki, he was born in Tokyo and when he was young, he left Japan and went to the UK, where he met Mashiro ’s grandma, at the same time, he also showed his extraordinary artistic talent and became well-known by a lot of people. So far, he has become a legendary figure in the art world and has become a master among masters, but it is a pity that very few works have flowed out of his hands, but every work that appeared in the public, without exception, has been sought after by a lot of people in the art world, including the British royalty and nobles, calling his works as a masterpiece of God, although it has nothing to do with God, these words are enough to show Shiina Yuuki ’s status in the art world. ”

”……. ”

’Shiina Yuuki? ’ Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say for a moment.

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