I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 100 - There Are A Lot Of Plot Holes In The Original Story

t met her.

’Grandpa, it seems that you ’re wrong, Mashiro isn ’t the special one. ’ Shiina thought at that moment.

”Well, I ’ll go back to my room since I ’m a bit tired, and when the competition starts, I ’ll remind you, Shishio, ” Chihiro said while standing up.

”Um, thank you, Chihiro-nee. ” Shishio nodded, then looked at Shiro-san and Ritsu. ”Do you want me to teach you two, Shiro-san, Kawai-senpai? ” He had a ”Painting Mastery ”, and it was also very easy for him to teach people to draw, even though they had never learned.

Ritsu, even though, had never shown her trouble on her face, felt slightly pressured when she saw how bright Shishio was, but when she saw his smile toward her, she couldn ’t help but remember when he helped her at that time. She felt that the distance between them was far, but at the same time, she wanted to get close to him, after all, she didn ’t want to be left behind, especially when she saw how close Shishio, Shiina, and Misaki were, which was why she felt very happy when he said that he was going to teach her, but she was too shy.

”Is that alright, Shishio? ” Shiro-san was interested.

”Well, it isn ’t much of a problem for me, and I also want to ask you a question about how to write a novel, ” Shishio said to Shiro-san.

”No problem. ” Shiro-san nodded.

”Is that alright, Oga-kun ” Ritsu was a bit embarrassed to accept Shishio ’s kindness before, but when Shiro-san also wanted to learn, she didn ’t hesitate to accept it too, but then she realized something and looked at Shiro-san in shock. ”Shiro-san, you ’re a novelist? ”

Misaki was also looking at Shiro-san since she had never known Shiro-san ’s job.

”Um, yeah, ” Shiro-san said embarrassingly.

”What kind of book have you written, Shiro-san? ” Misaki asked.

”That book, ” Shiro-san said while pointing at the book in Ritsu ’s hand.

”…. ”

Ritsu ’s face turned ugly at this moment since she didn ’t expect her favorite writer would be a pervert.

Shishio explained how to draw four people in front of them. He explained interesting tricks to both Shiro-san and Ritsu, giving them a game to play, and both Shiro-san and Ritsu had to admit that it was very fun, then explained some knowledge that Misaki didn ’t understand, and lastly some advanced knowledge to Shiina.

Shishio still had common sense, so he didn ’t show much of his ability and limited it so they wouldn ’t be overwhelmed.

”Shishio-kun, you ’re really amazing. I didn ’t expect your cooking to be so delicious and you ’re also very good at painting. It is as if you are really the god of the new world! ” Misaki picked the draft on the table while watching Shishio ’s next creation next to her. There was a lot of inspiration on her head, and she believed her next production would be amazing, but she had to tell Mitaka about the idea to help her with the script.

’Jin… ’ The expression of Misaki dimmed at the thought of Mitaka, and her heart was a little complicated, even though she knew why Mitaka avoided her, and even though she knew the problem between the two, she couldn ’t do anything about it, and if Mitaka could be like Shishio, even just a fraction of it, then both of them wouldn ’t be like this.

Misaki looked at the painting in a daze, wondering how she could make Mitaka change himself.

When Shishio, Shiro-san, and Ritsu were playing together, ignoring Misaki ’s words, Shishio then looked at Shiina who was still learning and somehow wondering about her feelings, after all, unlike in the novel, Shiina was a living being and there was a lot of plot that was pretty much unreasonable.

The first thing was Shishio was puzzled at how Shiina could give up her family, her school, her friends, her honor, and her favorite oil painting, or rather she almost gave up everything and came to Japan, was it really for a manga?

Shishio didn ’t believe it.

If Shiina was willing to give up everything, then she wouldn ’t be tangled when Rita Ainsworth came to Japan to find her, but at that time, Sorata left many traces on Shiina ’s heart that couldn ’t be erased, so Shiina at that time was no longer the previous Shiina.

Sorata was wielding a weapon which was known as ”Yasashi (Kindness) and made various attempts to let Shiina stay, so in the end, Shiina rejected Rita and chose to stay in Japan, but her reason to stay in Japan wasn ’t to stay with Sorata, it was because she wanted to learn about a manga, but then why did she want to learn about it? Was it so important that she could give up almost everything that she had done in her entire life?

Therefore, Shishio wanted to give Shiina a chance to reconsider. He remembered his conversation with Shiina when they first met, maybe, it was because she gave up something that was very important to her that caused a big hole in her heart so she was full of confusion about her future.

”Mashiro… ” Shishio called out Shiina softly.

Shiina looked at Shishio.

”Can you really give up the world that you have lived in for so many years for a manga? ” Shishio asked.

Shiina looked at Shishio silently, and her head was full of confusion when she thought about Shishio ’s question.

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