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Chapter 102 - One Stone Three Birds

Shiro-san, Ritsu, and Misaki also looked at Shiina since they also wondered whether it was really alright for Shiina to give up all of her achievements in the world of art because of manga.

”Mashiro, do you remember what I ’ve said to you before? ” Shishio asked.​​

”You ’ve said that you ’re a color and you ’ll dye the world with your own color, ” Shiina said.

”What?! ” 3x

Shiro-san, Ritsu, and Misaki were startled and looked at Shishio in amazement since this guy ’s ambitions were too big, right? However, when they thought about his abilities and dream, they had a feeling that this guy would be able to really do it.

Shishio nodded and ignored everyone ’s reaction, looking straight at Shiina. ”Mashiro, I always think that my life should be colorful, and I have never intended to set a single goal for myself, or put myself in certain circles, therefore, in the future, I won ’t only focus on either cooking, painting, or even scientific research. ”

Shishio ’s words were arrogant, but why shouldn ’t he, after all, receive a system, and with it, there were a lot of things that could be done in this world. It might sound unfair, but the world was unfair and he was also someone who was reincarnated in this world so it was normal for him to receive something that ordinary people didn ’t have. It was like someone who had a lot of connections could get a fast promotion to the company because they or their parents knew the boss of the company so their achievement was better than most ordinary people who didn ’t have a connection or anything.

Shishio was reincarnated and received a system, the moment he was reborn, his existence was already unfair so there was nothing wrong with him having a huge goal.

Well, even if Shishio didn ’t get a system, he still believed that he could become a tycoon, after all, he could make a popular app and game from his previous world to this world.

”It isn ’t that I don ’t want to, but I don ’t want to limit myself, after all, if I really do that, my life will be very boring and there won ’t be anything interesting about it. ” Shishio paused for a while, sorted out the words on his mind, and said, ”Mashiro, you as the world-class painter, should also understand the process of creating a perfect painting, if you choose to remove most of the colors that should belong to it, then only one color will remain, what will it become? ” He looked at Shiina who was lost in thought. ”I do what I want to do, this is what I want and this is my life, I won ’t follow everyone ’s expectations and arrangements, otherwise, what is the point of living? ”

”Shishio… ” Shiina looked at Shishio with serious expressions.

”No matter what color we live in, I will only let it be dyed with my own color, instead of being eroded and synchronized by the surrounding color. ”

After hearing Shishio ’s determination, Shiro-san, Shiina, Ritsu, and Misaki were stunned at the same time and felt that he might be really to achieve his determination.

”Mashiro, if you want your life canvas to be painted with your own colors, then you must grasp the colors you already have. Throwing away all the colors, and abandoning all the you who used to be, now only white is left, is this kind of life that you really want? ”

If Shishio wasn ’t wrong in the original plot, Shiina chose to break up with Sorata after graduating from high school, after all, during high school, she had a lot of disagreements on many occasions whether it was due to career, life issues, or because of Sorata ’s inferiority, so after breaking up she left Japan and returned to the UK.

However, after four years of graduation, Shiina returned to Sakurasou again and reunited with Sorata.

So what happened during the four years when Shiina returned to the UK, and why wasn ’t her name heard in the world of art in the past four years once again?

In the original story, after Sorata and Shiina broke up, Sorata had never seen Mashiro ’s information on the art magazines or her news again after the two broke up, and it wasn ’t difficult to see when Mashiro returned to the UK again, she wasn ’t the world-class painter she used to be, and she had lost her talent forever.

Shishio didn ’t want to let go of Shiina according to the plot, especially when he thought Shiina would return to Sakurasou with a smile on the last page of the novel, he felt that there was something missing from that smile.

Many people might feel moved by that smile, and they thought that it was great that both Sorata and Shiina reconciled and became a couple once again, but many people ignored the fact that Sorata pulled Shiina, who was supposed to be the angel of the world of art, pulling her to the mortal world, hoping to make her as ordinary as him.

Sorata used his ”Yasashi ” (Kindness) again and personally cut off Shiina ’s wings, making her lose the ability to fly in the sky.

Sorata was indeed happily embracing the most beautiful woman, but what about Shiina ’s feeling? When Rita Ainsworth came to Japan, why did Shiina appear to hesitate?

When Shishio thought about the relationship between Sorata and Shiina, he suddenly remembered the Hermoine Granger in the ”Harry Potter ”.

Hermoine was smart and omniscient, although she was a girl that was born in an ordinary family, she didn ’t care about the ridicule of those pure-blood wizards, and set her future goal as the Auror in the magical world, but what was the end of the result?

In the last scene of the movie, only the vicissitudes and the rustic dress were left on Hermoine.

Besides being extremely loyal to Gryffindor, Ron Weasley, who had no outstanding ability, completely transformed Hermoine into an ordinary woman, a small staff member of the Ministry of Magic, and was this something that Hermoine wanted? Maybe at that time, besides Ron Weasley, she didn ’t have the ability to pursue other things, or there might be other reasons such as the author plot ’s holes?

”I… I don ’t know. I once met a little boy in an art exhibition. Everyone was looking at my work excitedly, but he didn ’t. He just kept squatting in the corner… ” Shiina was lost in thought and recalled what happened that day, for her, what had happened at that time could be regarded as a turning point in her life.

”I asked him doubtfully, what kind of book is more interesting than my own paintings and he said with excitement that it was a manga, at that time there was a light and excitement on his eyes, so I was curious about what a manga is and why is it more interesting than my own painting? ”

”What? ” 3x

Shiro-san, Ritsu, and Misaki looked at Shiina strangely since no one expected her to want to learn a manga because of that one little boy.

”I ’m curious why manga is more interesting so I decided to learn how to draw manga, ” Shiina said all of that in one breath, ignoring the reaction of Shiro-san, Ritsu, and Misaki, and looked at Shishio.

”Uh… Mashiro, although what you said is reasonable, how do I feel that there ’s something wrong? ” Misaki rubbed her head in dizziness and felt there was something wrong with Shiina ’s words, but she wasn ’t sure where.

”Mashiro… ” Ritsu looked at Shiina and wasn ’t sure what to say, after all, besides reading a lot of books, she was just an ordinary girl, there was no way that she could understand Shiina ’s problem, but when she saw Shiina like this, she almost couldn ’t bear it and wanted to do something, but she didn ’t know.

Shiro-san knew where the problem was, but it wasn ’t his time to talk and he also wanted to hear Shishio ’s answer after all.

”Mashiro, you ’re wrong, ” Shishio said while shaking his head.

”??? ” Shiina titled her head and looked at Shishio in doubt.

”Mashiro, first of all, you made a mistake that no matter what people do, it is impossible for everyone to like it. Even your grandfather ’s works cannot be liked by everyone, so you were wrong from the beginning, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”….. ” Shiina was a little confused.

”Mashiro, have you noticed that in the exhibition, why is almost everyone excited about your paintings, instead of the manga that is read by that boy? ” Shishio said and wondered how this girl could come to such a conclusion.

”Ah! ” 2x

Ritsu and Misaki looked at Shishio in surprise, and finally understood where something was wrong, and both of them also knew what his words meant.

”Moreover, Mashiro, have you seriously considered that when you give up everything and go to Japan to study manga, will your work be as popular as before? ” Shishio gave a wry smile. ”Have you ever thought that everyone will treat your work as the manga that is read by that boy in the art exhibition when you return to the world of art? You should know that no one in the art exhibition puts their eyes on that little boy or the manga on his hands. ” He knew that his words might sound cruel, but he didn ’t want her to have regret after all so he needed to be cruel. ”Now I ask you what do you really want again, Mashiro? A painting that is loved by everyone or a manga that is hidden in the corner and only read by one person alone? ” He looked at Shiina who was in a daze and wasn ’t in hurry, waiting for her answer.

”What I… What do I want? ” Shiina was stunned since she had never considered these things, at that time, after seeing the little boy in the exhibition, she always thought that after she learned manga, everyone would love her paintings, and it was for this goal that she chose to give up everything in the UK and came to Japan to study manga.

”What I am after… are the paintings that everyone likes, the paintings that are hung on the wall and loved by everyone in the exhibition, so, I was wrong? ” Shiina stared at Shishio ’s eyes blankly, wondering whether her choice to come to Japan after she gave up everyone was wrong?

Shishio felt distressed, looking at the feeble girl in front of him, and he could see that she was deeply shocked by his words.

”Mashiro, I ’m sorry if my words might have troubled you, but I just really want to know what you really want in your heart since it ’s not too late now. ” Shishio sighed and wondered why no one questioned Shiina this question in the story, after all, it was a very simple question, but still, without Shiina, then the original novel wouldn ’t be popular, and it might be one of the plot holes of the original author.

Shiina ’s head was in a mess and she leaned on Shishio ’s chest, feeling slightly better when she did this, but no one said anything at this moment since they knew that this girl was very distressed and confused about everything.

Shishio looked at Shiina and knew that his words might cause her to return back to the UK, but even if she was, it didn ’t really matter, he was rich and came to the UK or a moved to the UK was a very simple thing for him, so at this moment, he only hoped for the best for Shiina, after all, she hadn ’t been contaminated by complicated emotions nor had she any intersection with Sorata so it wasn ’t late.

”Shishio-kun, you ’re so amazing… ” Misaki looked at Shishio and really wondered what was inside Shishio ’s head.

”Mashiro… ” Ritsu looked at Shiina and only hoped that this girl could become better.

Shiro-san could read the mood and only observed everything in silence, after all, even though he was a pervert, he could read the mood.

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