I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 102 - One Stone Three Birds

> ”Yes, it is ready, we have signed the contract with Iwami Heavy Industries as half of the investors of the wind farm, ” Claudia said without hesitation.

Electricity wasn ’t cheap in Japan and it was a very precious resource, which was why this wind farm was a great investment.

Shishio thought to build his own energy company in Japan, or rather was it possible for him to get some shares of the energy company then it was all good.

Both of them then continued to talk about both ”Kengan Match ” and the wind farm contract, until Claudia asked, ”Is there something again, boss? ”

”Right, can you buy ”Android ”? ” Shishio asked.

”Android? ” Claudia was confused.

Shishio raised his hand, staring at the ceiling, and said, ”I feel like the development of cellphones is going to be more advanced in the future, and Android is necessary for that, but I want you to do a deep research on it first and tell me whether there ’s some company that wants to acquire it, if possible, we have to get Android before someone else. ”

”I see. ” Claudia nodded and said, ”I ’ll work on it as soon as possible. ”

Shishio knew that Android was very necessary for one company, but he thought to grab it, after all, he knew how useful this operating system was, and he also thought to develop the ”AppStore ”, by then he could get 30% of the total sales of the app, without doing anything, like both A*pple and G*ogle.

The reason why A*pple could become such a huge company wasn ’t that this company sold a smartphone, but it was because of all the apps that were sold on the ”AppStore ” inside the smartphone, A*pple would take 30% cut of the sales, which was why it could become such a huge company.

G*ogle was also the same, after all, they could also get a 30% cut of the sales of the app that was sold on the ”G*oogle Play ”.

Shishio ’s ambition was big, and even if he failed, he knew that he wouldn ’t lose money, after all, he was sure that there were a lot of people who wanted to buy Android once they knew its potential, but if he was successful, then he might as well buy a country, then created a harem there.

Joking aside, Shishio didn ’t give the details about Android to Claudia, but one thing was for sure, he needed Claudia to do deep research about this.

They talked for a while before they ended their conversation.

Shishio then raised his body and thought to watch Kanoh Agito ’s match on the laptop, but his phone vibrated once again, but this time, he frowned since he didn ’t know whose number it was. He looked at his phone for a while before answering it. ”Hello? ”

”Um, is this Oga Shishio? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow when he heard a female ’s voice, and after he got a ”Music Mastery ”, he was very keen on voice, so he quickly remembered who this person was. ”…Are you Kawasaki Saki? ”

”It ’s great that you remember me, ” Saki said while letting out a sigh of relief and felt happy when Shishio remembered her by her voice.

”Well, it is very hard to forget about you since the impression I ’ve got for you is very strong, ” Shishio said with a smile while turning on his laptop.

”What? What kind of impression do you have of me? ” Saki was startled and curious.

”Strong and sweet girl, ” Shishio said simply.

”Wha–?! ” There was a moment of pause, before Saki said, ”You know, you shouldn ’t say something like that, or we, girl, might misunderstand you. ” But she didn ’t realize that there was a smile on her mouth.

”I see… should I call you a delinquent girl for going out late at night, ” Shishio asked.

”….Are you teasing me? ” Saki asked with a slightly annoyed tone, but there was a smile on her face.

”Well, what ’s wrong? Why did you call me? You ’re not being troubled by those thugs again, right? ” Shishio quickly asked, wondering whether Saki was troubled by those thugs before.

”No, no, I ’m alright, but I haven ’t said my thanks to you, or rather, let me treat you to something to save me that night, ” Saki quickly said with a blush on her face.

Even though Shishio couldn ’t see Saki ’s face at this moment, he thought that her expression would be very cute at this moment. He thought for a while and said, ”Then how about you treat me to Matsuya (gyuudon chain restaurants)? ”

”Eh? ” Saki was startled and asked, ”Is something cheap alright? ”

”It ’s alright, I love it, ” Shishio said. In truth, he wanted her to treat him to Wagnaria, but the meal on Wagnaria wasn ’t cheap and he knew that Saki didn ’t have that much money.

”Is that so? ” Saki was surprised, but she didn ’t think too much and agreed since she thought that Shishio liked gyuudon. ”I ’ll treat you to Matsuyua. ”

”Alright, then when are we going to meet? ” Shishio asked directly.

”How about tomorrow night? Is that alright with you? ” Saki asked.

”Tomorrow night? ” Shishio tried to remember whether he had an appointment that night or not.

”You can ’t? ” Saki asked.

”No, it should be alright, let ’s meet each other tomorrow night at Matsuya, ” Shishio said.

”Alright, ” Saki said.

”Then I ’ll see you tomorrow, bye Kawasaki, ” Shishio said.

”Um, bye Oga, ” Saki said.

They ended the call, and Shishio put down his cellphone then took some discs and documents that were prepared by Togo. It might be his first time for the ”Kengan Match ”, but he had to admit that he felt quite excited about it since he could test his ability in this match.

When the call ended, Saki looked at her phone and smiled. She was glad that she braved herself to call him tonight since because of that, she could meet him again, but at the same time, she looked at the time and sighed, knowing that she needed to go for his part-time job.

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