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Chapter 104 - Shiina Is A Pervert

Shishio didn ’t take the documents, but rather, directly watched the video of Kanoh Agito ’s fight on the laptop directly, after all, to understand his opponent better, it was better to watch it from the video directly rather than reading something like data.

Shishio put on earphones then played the video directly, then the moment, he saw Kanoh Agito on the screen for the first time, he couldn ’t help but raise his eyebrow since he had to admit that this guy was huge.​​

Before his physical ability was doubled, Shishio ’s height was around 178 cm and he was quite tall for his age, but he was quite thin, however, after he received his reward, his height increased and became 181 cm, and his weight also increased and his weight was around 74 kg. His weight might not be much, or rather, it was slightly thin for someone of his height, and it was also the reason why no one noticed his change that much since if someone didn ’t see him naked, they wouldn ’t be able to see his strong muscles inside.

If someone wanted a comparison, then Shishio ’s body was similar to a trained swimmer, his muscle was created to achieve strength, endurance, speed, stamina, and flexibility, but compared to Kanoh Agito ’s body, he had to admit that his body was weaker.

Shishio, after all, had become 1.5 stronger than a normal adult, it might not sound much, and it was slightly lower compared to those champions or masters of martial artists since their bodies were 2 or 3 times stronger than normal people, but Kanoh Agito was more than that.

Shishio looked at the document in his hand and saw the details of Kanoh Agito ’s data. He had to admit that Kanoh Agito ’s body was amazing since his height was 201 cm, which was 20 cm taller than him, and his weight was more than 128kg, which almost twice of his weight, and all of that was a muscle, with a very low percentage of fat and those muscles weren ’t like a bodybuilder, but rather, it was a muscle that made purely for a fight, and optimized strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, endurance, resilience, etc, etc.

With that body alone, Kanoh Agito was a very strong fighter, but his power wasn ’t only that.

However, Shishio had to admit that Togo ’s data collection ability was very amazing since he knew that it wasn ’t easy to collect all of those data and videos of Kanoh Agito.

Shishio then continued to watch Kanoh Agito ’s fight, and there were 10 fighting videos, watching all of those videos didn ’t take a very long time for him, after all, each of the fights ended a few minutes or so, and as expected, all of those matches, Kanoh Agito had won.

After watching those 10 videos, there was only one word that came to mind.


Kanoh Agito was strong!

Shishio had to admit that but rather became depressed and scared, it burnt his fighting spirit, even more, the flame on his mind was burning fiercely. His strength, speed, height, etc were lost compared to Kanoh Agito, but he didn ’t think that he would lose, after all, he still had his martial art.

Shishio closed his eyes and then started to analyze his fighting ability and Kanoh Agito ’s fighting ability on his mind.

Right now, Shishio has two arsenals on his body, which are Thunder Breathing and Bajiquan.

Thunder Breathing was a very strong ability since it could double his physical ability and it could increase his speed so fast that it couldn ’t be followed by eyes but with his physical ability, he couldn ’t use it for a long time, so if he could end his opponent in a single attack, then it was all good, but if the fight turned into a battle of endurance, then there was a huge chance that he might be a disadvantage.

Then the second was Bajiquan, and he had to admit that this martial art was very strong, even with his physical ability, he was sure that he could knock anyone twice or thrice of his size, but Kanoh Agito wasn ’t someone who was all brawn with no brain.

When Shishio watched Kanoh Agito ’s fight before, he had to admit that this guy was a beast, and he also understood why he had become the champion of the ”Kengan Match ”.

Still, Shishio had to admit that even though his Bajiquan was very strong, it had three weaknesses that could be exploited by Kanoh Agito.

The first weakness was that Bajiquan worked the best at a narrow place, for example, an alley, a hallway, etc, and the ”Kengan Match ” was held in the ring, it was an open field and it didn ’t fit the description of a narrow place, but it wasn ’t something big, and there was a lot of ways to solve this weakness.

The second weakness was distance. It was one of the most obvious weaknesses and it was also because of this weakness that most martial artists would only learn a Bajiquan at the beginning, then they would learn other martial arts when they had gotten the basics of Bajiquan.

With those alone, it might be hard to understand, but the meaning of the distance was like that.

Bajiquan lacked long and middle-range techniques, so the practitioner of this martial art needed to get close so their attacks would be able to hit someone.

Shishio saw that Kanoh Agito used a lot of kicks to defeat his opponent, and it could be said that the people who practiced Bajiquan might lose instantly since he could see Kanoh Agito ’s kick was like a meat cleaver.

Once someone was hit by that kick, then that part of the body that was hit would be abolished.

There were two weaknesses that had been explained, then lastly, what was the last weakness?

The last weakness was that even though Bajiquan might be one of the best short-range martial arts, its advantage on the short-range was also very limited. In close-range combat, there were takedowns and grapplings from Judo/Wrestling style clinched from Muay Thai/Kickboxing style and punched from Boxing style. If Bajiquan couldn ’t finish the opponent in less than 5 seconds in close range, then it would put the fighter at a disadvantage against any of the above styles, after all, a Bajiquan was a style that was created to take down their opponent was soon possible.

All of the above things were Shishio ’s strengths and weaknesses, then what about Kanoh Agito?

Agito ’s strength was obvious and it was his body and his fighting style.

The author didn ’t need to explain much about the advantage of Agito ’s body since he had explained it before, but then, what about his fighting style?

From his observation, Shishio could see that Kanoh Agito had two kinds of fighting styles, the first one was a normal orthodox martial art, and the other one was a free-kind of style.

As for the orthodox martial arts, Agito ’s face was normal, he was calm, like a machine, that was created with a mission to defeat his opponent swiftly and efficiently, but on the other hand, the one with the free-kind of style.

Shishio wasn ’t sure what the name of free-kind of style was, but let ’s say that the name of this fighting style is ”Formless ” since it didn ’t have any forms when it was used on the opponent, or rather, this style was created to best his opponents at their best own games.

For example, if someone was best at a blow, then Agito would follow; if someone was good at throwing, then Agito would follow. It could be said that this style was created to mock his opponent, but even so, Shishio believed that this style wasn ’t that simple and in his mind, it was a style that was created to adapt any style of fighting styles which meant that Agito could fight any fighters and win them.

’Strong… ’

Most people might think the fight hadn ’t started, but in truth, the fight had already started the moment Shishio signed a contract to become Togo ’s fighter, and the moment, he saw Agito ’s fighting video, the result of the fight had been decided.

Shishio opened his eyes, but on his expression, there wasn ’t worry, fear, cowardice, etc, but rather, there was only pure excitement in his eyes.

’The strongest on earth… ’

This dream might sound very childish, but Shishio was sure that everyone in this world had thought of this dream during their childhood time once, but as time passed, that dream died, whether it was because of the school bully, their parents ’ beating, etc, etc.

There were a lot of reasons, but a lot of boys had given up such a pure dream during their childhood time, but now, Shishio might be able to realize that dream, which was why he was very excited, and his first opponent was the strongest fighter at the ”Kengan Match ”, and with all of the disadvantages, he was going to fight Kanoh Agito.

Shishio clenched his fist and somehow, he couldn ’t wait for the time of his fight. He was like a child that was waiting for a Christmas present from Santa Claus.

Some might have realized or might not have realized it before, but from the beginning of the chapters, until now, Shishio had never thought that he would lose his battle against Kanoh Agito. Even if his body was smaller, weaker, his martial arts had weaknesses, he had never thought that he would lose his battle against Kanoh Agito!

In the middle of his thought, suddenly the door was knocked on, and someone wanted to enter the door. The sound of the handle and the door that was pushed was heard, but it couldn ’t be opened since Shishio had locked his door before.

Shishio raised his eyebrow, closed his laptop, then put the document of Kanoh Agito in the drawer.

”Who is it? ” Shishio asked and didn ’t open his door immediately.

”Shishio… ” Then a soft feminine voice was heard from the outside.

”Mashiro? ” Shishio was dumbfounded. He looked at the time and he became even more dumbfounded when he saw that it was quite late. He didn ’t expect that he had spent a very long time analyzing his opponent, but it was normal when someone was so focused they would feel that the time would pass so quickly.

Shishio stretched his body, then walked to his door, opened the lock, and opened the door. The door was opened and he saw Shiina standing there, wearing her pajamas, holding both a drawing book and a pencil in both of her hands near her stomach, and with her red eyes staring at him.

”Is there something, Mashiro? ” Shishio asked.

With her usual blank expression, Shiina stared at Shishio ’s face and said, ”Take responsibility. ”

”… ” Shishio ’s brain couldn ’t work for a short time, so the only answer that came out from his mouth was only…

”What? ”

”Take responsibility, ” Shiina repeated her words without any trouble.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked with a confused expression, ”Take responsibility for what? ”

”Take responsibility for me, Shishio, ” Shiina said without looking away from Shishio while moving both of her hands were on her stomach.

”….. ”

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