I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 104 - Shiina Is A Pervert

ugh for Shiina to learn a manga, after all, he knew that Shiina couldn ’t understand human emotions, she was very pure, like a baby, or a white canvas without any colors, so it was normal that she couldn ’t express herself in a better way so those words were enough for him to support her.

”Thank you, Shishio, ” Shiina said and at the same time, she felt that her heart was very warm at that moment. If she could express herself better, then she would say the reason why she wanted to draw a manga was that she wanted to understand her feelings better.

When Shiina returned to her room to think about Shishio ’s question, she started to question herself whether she should return to the UK, but when she thought about Shishio, she hesitated, and at the same time, she knew that in this whole world, he might be the only one who could understand her better, especially when she saw the trust and sincere expression when he told her that he was going to support her, she knew that her decision was right so she wanted to stay with him, and at the same time, she also wanted to understand her emotions better.

After she met Shishio, Shiina was wondering why she felt a lot of emotions that she had never felt before, from happy, amazed, annoyed, conflicted, confused, trust, warmth, etc, and in truth, there were a lot of things that she wanted to say to him, but she couldn ’t say it, or rather she didn ’t know how to do it. It was also the reason why she wanted to understand and wanted to draw a manga with him beside her.

”So did you bring your manga? ” Shishio asked. He thought that Shiina wanted to ask him about his opinion about her manga and in truth, he was also curious about her manga, wondering how bad it was. His words might be rude, but it was the truth, after all, even though she had a talent at drawing, her story-telling ability wasn ’t very good, and from the story, he knew that she had only become a so-so mangaka, she wasn ’t that popular, but she wasn ’t that bad either, she was between in the middle bottom, even though her drawing skill was better than anyone, however, no matter how beautiful manga was, if it wasn ’t interesting, then it wasn ’t a good manga.

In his opinion, the manga only needed to be interesting, even if the drawing skill of the mangaka wasn ’t that good, as long as the story was amazing, then it would become very popular since he remembered that there was also one mangaka that had a very bad drawing skill, but his story was very amazing that someone even redrew that manga and it became a huge hit with tens of millions of sales of copies.

”No. ” Shiina shook her head gently.

”….. ” Shishio was speechless then asked, ”So do you want to return back to your room now? ” He thought that her intention to come here was to tell him about her decision, if so, then it was alright since he knew that it wasn ’t good to let her stay in his room for a long time.

”No, I want Shishio ’s help, ” Shiina said.

”My help? What kind of help? ” Shishio asked curiously. ’Is she going to ask me to make her a story? ’ He thought that was the case, after all, he had told Shiina, Ritsu, and Shiro-san that he was going to write a story before, so he thought that she was going to ask his help or something to write a story, but it seemed that wasn ’t the case.

”Take it off, ” Shiina said.

”… ” Shishio.

Shiina then touched Shishio ’s chest and she wasn ’t sure why, she felt that her heart was beating very fast when she touched his hard and tough chest, but she didn ’t hate this feeling and became more curious. She then looked at Shishio and asked, ”I want to see you naked. ”

”… ” Shishio was speechless and asked, ”Didn ’t I give you my drawing before? ”

”But painting and the real thing are different, ” Shiina said while looking at Shishio ’s eyes, and somehow, her eyes were a bit unnatural when she said those words, but it wasn ’t noticed by Shishio.

”….. ” It might be Shishio ’s imagination, but this girl might start to use her brain so she could see his body, however, he doubted such a thing would happen, after all, he knew Shiina ’s personality very well. He didn ’t say anything, only stared at Shiina ’s serious expression, wondering whether he could see something on that face.

”I want to see you naked, ” Shiina repeated her request again.

”…………. ”

Shishio gave up since he couldn ’t see anything from Shiina ’s face, and at the same time, he sighed. He had said several times to himself that he didn ’t want to become a scumbag, but it seemed that fate was laughing at him, and told him to embrace on the path of the scumbag, which made him lost for words at this moment, but he had decided to become one anyway, then what was the use of hesitation?

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