I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 111 - Sensei I... I...

After the class, Ritsu didn ’t either go back immediately or spend her time at the library to read, but rather, she waited at the place where she made an appointment together with Shiina, waiting for Shishio, who invited her to join the literature club. Frankly, she was quite anticipating the kind of book that was kept in the literature club and was wondering whether there was a book that she hadn ’t read there, but then, she was looking at Shiina curiously since she could see that Shiina ’s mood had become better than before.

”Mashiro, you ’re alright? ” Ritsu asked.​​

”Hmm? ” Shiina looked at Ritsu with a confused expression, clearly didn ’t understand what she meant by that question.

Ritsu remembered that Shiina was very confused and sad yesterday after Shishio asked her what Shiina wanted to do, but at this moment, she could see that Shiina ’s mood was good. ”Did something good happen? ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, but she didn ’t say much.

Ritsu also wasn ’t the type to talk too much so their conversation ended there. She also wasn ’t sure whether she should talk about her manga since she had never thought Shiina had solved her trouble by coming to Shishio ’s room last night.

If Ritsu knew what had happened, then she might put a complicated expression.

Ritsu and Shiina were sitting on the bench, waiting for Shishio and they were watching a number of students that either returned to their homes or went to the club activities in a daze until they heard their names were called out.

”Senpai, Mashiro, sorry to make you wait. ”

Ritsu and Shiina turned their heads and they saw Shishio, but he wasn ’t alone, there were two people besides him, one was a male, but they ignored him, but the other one was a beautiful girl which attracted their attention.

”Well, Usa, Nana, both of them are Ritsu Kawai-senpai, and Shiina Mashiro, both of them are the tenants of the Sakurasou and I have invited them to the literature club. ” Shishio directly introduced both Ritsu and Shiina to both Nana and Usa.

”He – Hello, my name is Kazunari Usa, ” Usa said nervously, but he was very happy when he thought that he could talk with Ritsu, as for, Shiina, he didn ’t think too much, or rather, even though he had to admit that Shiina was beautiful, his attention had always been Ritsu.

”Hello, my name is Sunohara Nana. ” Nana smiled and said, ”You can call me Nana, like Shishio and can I call you Mashiro and Ritsu-senpai? ” She also observed both Ritsu and Shiina, and she had to admit that both of them were very beautiful girls. She then stared at this bastard and wondered how many girls that this guy knew.

’Shishio? ’ Ritsu was dumbfounded since she didn ’t expect Nana to call Shishio by his first name, but at the same time, she looked at Nana curiously, since she didn ’t expect the ”Sunohara-san ” that she had heard before was a gyaru girl, but she wasn ’t a type of people who judged someone by their appearance, and if she was such a girl, then she might not be able to live with Shiro-san, Mayumi, and Sayaka on Sakurasou.

”Yes. ” Shiina nodded.

But Ritsu had to admit that she was a bit startled by how chummy Nana was, but she didn ’t think too much and nodded. ”Yes, but Oga-kun, they ’re? ”

”Oh, both of them are my classmates. Nana joined the literature club at the same time as me, and as for Usa, he is about to join, ” Shishio said simply. ”Well, how about we go to the clubroom now? Let me introduce you to the teacher and Miu-senpai. ”

They nodded and went to the clubroom together.

The five of them walked toward the literature club, but somehow Nana felt that Ritsu had been staring at her with a scary face.

”Shishio, is it only me, or has this Kawai-senpai been glaring at me? ” Nana was wondering if she had done something wrong.

”It ’s alright, she is always like that, you don ’t need to think too much, ” Shishio said and in truth, he was also helpless at Ritsu ’s glare, after all, this girl had a problem with communication.

”Really? ” Nana was surprised when she asked again. ”By the way, why does Mashiro-chan have always been looking at me? ”

”She might be curious about your gyaru style. She might want to try it, ” Shishio said simply.

”Oh? ” Nana was surprised, but then she looked at Shiina and asked, ”Mashiro, are you interested in gyaru? ”

”Gyaru? ” It was Shiina ’s first time hearing such a term, which was why she was quite confused, but at the same time, she was quite curious.

”Yes, next time, when we ’re free, let ’s try to put a gyaru style on you. I ’m sure that you ’ll be very cute! ” Nana said without hesitation since she felt that Shiina was really cute.

”Yes. ” Shiina nodded and didn ’t think too much, but in truth, she was curious about Nana ’s relationship with Shishio. She was wondering whether this girl was the one that had sex with Shishio before, but she didn ’t know how to ask this question.

”Ritsu-senpai, do you want to try it too? Or rather you should try! ” Nana also wanted to dress up Ritsu like a gyaru girl.

”I…. ” Ritsu was quite overwhelmed at that moment and looked at Shishio for help.

”Calm down, Nana. Don ’t scare everyone, or else, I ’ll be troubled, ” Shishio said.

Nana snorted and said, ”It was your own fault, right? If you don ’t make that bet, you wouldn ’t be– ” She couldn ’t finish her words since her mouth was covered by Shishio.

”Shh! ” Shishio didn ’t really want Ritsu, Shiina, and Usa to know the reason why he had invited them since it might sound rude. ”Don ’t tell them about that day, after all, it might cause trouble to me and Kiriya-sensei. ”

Nana was startled by his sudden action and blushed slightly, but she was quite proud when she saw his troubled expression.

Ritsu raised her eyebrow and wondered what Nana ’s relationship was with Shishio.

Shishio let go of his hand, but then, his sleeve was tucked by Shiina. ”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ”

Shiina didn ’t say anything, only stared at Shishio.

”…. ” Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say and decided to pat Shiina ’s head.

Shiina nodded and seemed quite pleased.

”….. ” Nana and Ritsu.

”….. ” Usa.

Usa knew that Shishio was very popular, but this guy was too popular, right? He looked at Ritsu, who had a frown on her face, and somehow, he felt a bit scared to talk with her, after all, her face was quite scary at that moment.

After he patted Shiina ’s head, Shishio could feel the stare of both Nana and Ritsu on him, wondering whether they also wanted to be patted by him, but before he asked, someone called out his name.

”Shishio! Nana! ”

Everyone looked up and they saw Miu who was smiling and waving her hand toward them.

”….. ” Shiina and Ritsu.

”Miu-senpai! ” Nana waved her hand with a smile.

Miu walked toward them, but she was surprised when she saw Ritsu. ”Huh? Kawai-san? ”

Ritsu was surprised and asked, ”…Did you know me? ”

”Um… ” Miu was a bit embarrassed and said, ”We ’re from the same class. ”

”… ” Somehow the situation became very awkward.

”I ’m sorry! ”

When everyone was in the clubroom of the literature club, Ritsu quickly apologized to Miu, after all, she knew that she was very rude.

”No, no, it ’s alright, you don ’t need to apologize too much, Kawai-san. ” Miu was very kind, after all, so she quickly forgave Ritsu. ”But I didn ’t expect that you would be interested in the club, Kawai-san. If I know that, then I might try to invite you before. ” After all, both of them were from the same class, and she also knew that Ritsu had always read a book, even though she wanted to try to invite her, she was a bit intimidated by Ritsu, after all, Ritsu always had a frown on her face, and she also lacked the courage to do so.

”Still, I ’m sorry, Ashihara-san. ” Ritsu felt very guilty at this moment since she couldn ’t even remember the name of her classmates.

When Usa saw Ritsu ’s troubled expression, he wanted to do something to her and wanted to help her, so he knew that he needed to say something, but before he said something the door was opened.

”Oh? Have you all come? ”

Everyone turned their heads and they saw Kiriya.

”Kiriya-sensei? ” Ritsu was surprised.

”Oh? Kawai-kun, have you decided to join the literature club? ” Kiriya was surprised when he saw Ritsu being here. In truth, he also wanted to try to invite Ritsu, but she always had a frown on her face and it caused him to feel a bit troubled to say something to her.

”Um, Oga-kun has invited me, ” Ritsu said shyly when she mentioned Shishio.

”Ho? ” Kiriya was very interested in those words, but then he saw both Shiina and Usa. ”Are you two also the new members? ”

Shiina gave a light nod and Usa also nodded, but he felt slightly nervous. ”Yes! I ’m Kazunaru Usa! ”

”It ’s great! ” Kiriya nodded and said, ”By the way, Oga-kun, I have made a request for a television, guitar, and a bamboo sword for the literature club, can you get them with Usa-kun here? ”

”Yes, Sensei. ” Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much. ”Let ’s go, Usa. ”

”Oh. ” Usa also nodded and didn ’t think too much about it, but he was wondering why they needed a television, a guitar, and a bamboo sword on the literature club?

When both of them left, Kiriya looked at Shiina and Ritsu with interest. ”I know about Kawai Ritsu, but how about you? What ’s your name? ”

”Shiina Mashiro, ” Shiina said softly.

”Oh? It ’s you. ” Kiriya was surprised.

”Kiriya-sensei, do you know Mashiro? ” Nana was surprised.

Miu was also looking at Kiriya curiously.

Kiriya nodded and said, ”She ’s a famous painter, though, I ’m not sure why she has decided to join this school and even join the literature club. ”

’A famous painter? ’ Miu and Nana were dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect Shiina, who seemed to be always in a daze and like a little girl was in truth a famous painter.

”I want to learn about manga, ” Shiina said.

”I see. ” Kiriya nodded and knew that the mind of genius was like that, it was quite hard to understand, but once they had decided to do something, it would be hard to change their decision, and they would do it without hesitation so even if their decision might seem incomprehensible, there was nothing wrong with it. ”Then can I ask what ’s your relationship with Oga-kun? Kawai-kun? Shiina-kun? ”

Nana and Miu then looked at Ritsu and Shiina curiously since this was the most important question!

”We – we ’re just tenants from the same dorm, ” Ritsu said with a blush and wasn ’t sure why she was somehow embarrassed when she was asked this question by Kiriya.

”… ” Miu and Nana.

Kiriya chuckled and felt that the situation of the literature club had become more interesting. ”How about you, Shiina-kun? ”

”Shishio is my first boy, ” Shiina said.

”….. ” Everyone.

”Sorry? ” Miu asked. ”I might have misheard it, can you repeat it Shiina-san? ” She really hoped that she might have misheard everything, but…

”Shishio is my first boy, ” Shiina said.

”….. ” Everyone.

Shishio didn ’t know but a big problem had been waiting for him in the literature club at that moment.

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