I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 112 - When The Cliche Plot Happens To Me It Isnt That Fun

”Oga-kun, what should I do? ” Usa was on the verge of crying when he thought that he was so useless that he couldn ’t even talk to Ritsu before.

”Work hard, young man, ” Shishio said simply.​​

”….. ” Usa.

In truth, the reason why Usa agreed directly to go out to pick up the things that were mentioned by Kiriya before was that he wanted to ask Shishio whether there was a way for him to become closer to Ritsu, after all, Ritsu ’s expression had always been very fierce and it was very hard to talk with her when she didn ’t even look at him. He was so helpless that he needed someone else ’s help at that moment.

”What are you crying for? You ’re a man, Usa. ” Shishio smiled at Usa and said, ”Being rejected once or twice might become a good memory for you. ”

”…So I have been rejected? ” Usa was helpless and full of sadness, thinking that his youth ended so fast.

”Usa, you ’re too hasty. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”Kawai-senpai is a tough nut to crack. You, a boy, who is only my classmate, in other words, just a stranger to her, want to become closer and even become her boyfriend with just one meeting? If the world is so easy, the heartbreaking song won ’t be popular in this world. ” He felt that Usa was too naive, but he knew that it was normal since an adolescent boy was always full of imagination. He wouldn ’t even be surprised that when Usa met Ritsu before, Usa imagined himself marrying Ritsu, and even imagined how many children that they would have in the future, which was pretty much stupid, and it was like counting one ’s chicken before they hatched.

Usa hadn ’t even talked to Ritsu, or rather he only talked one or two sentences before, but none of them were heard by Ritsu.

Shishio hadn ’t solved his problem, so why did he care about other people ’s problems? It might sound cold, but he really wasn ’t interested in helping Usa, after all, as a man, someone needed to gain something with their own hands, right? Love was also a very troublesome matter, and he didn ’t want to get involved in someone else ’s love, which was why he fooled Misaki with some pretty words before so she wouldn ’t bother him again, but since Misaki was a beautiful girl, he was quite lenient.

Unfortunately, Usa was a boy, Shishio didn ’t have that much interest to help him, and he was also aiming for Ritsu, so was there any reason for him to help Usa? He thought that it was better to sink Usa ’s ship directly so this guy would be out of the competition directly. Jokes aside, he really didn ’t have any intention to help Usa.

”… ”

Usa was silent and started to reflect himself.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

”….. ” Shishio and Usa.

Both of them turned their heads and saw a woman clapping her hands excitedly.

”Youth! Youth! Youth is full of love! Ah, how bitter and sweet! ” The woman smiled happily, looking at Shishio and Usa, hugging her own body excitedly.

”…Let ’s be in a hurry, Usa, ” Shishio said simply.

”Um. ” Usa nodded in agreement.

”…. ” The woman. ”Don ’t ignore me! ”

Shishio turned his head and asked, ”Tachibana-sensei, is a teacher so free that you can eavesdrop on our conversation? ”

Yes, the one who clapped hands and eavesdropped on their conversation before was Tachibana Hina, the teacher who Shishio met before the entrance exam and during the entrance ceremony.

Shishio almost forgot about this teacher before, but it seemed that fate met them again.

”It has been a while, Oga-kun. ” Hina smiled happily and said, ”Still, it has only been few days since you have been in high school, but you have been thinking about love, huh? But the teacher will support you, so please tell me anything! ” She patted her chest as if telling them to leave everything to her.

”….. ” Shishio and Usa.

”Let ’s go, Usa, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Usa nodded.

”Wait a moment! ” Hina quickly grabbed their shoulders.

”What ’s wrong again, Sensei? ” Shishio asked.

”Don ’t you want to consult me? ” Hina asked with full of expectation, hoping that they would trust her.

”….. ”

Usa wasn ’t sure what to say in this situation and he didn ’t know Hina was, after all, Hina didn ’t teach their class.

Shishio then looked at Usa and asked, ”What do you think Usa? ” After all, the one who had a love problem was Usa, not him.

Usa quickly shook his head since he didn ’t want his crush to be known by a teacher.

”You can see his reaction, right, Sensei? ” Shishio said.

”Well, if he doesn ’t want to consult me, then it is alright, I won ’t force him, but how about you? Do you have someone that you like? ” Hina asked curiously, after all, she even heard Shishio ’s popularity from the female students in the 2nd year and most of them were talking about him, some of them even planned to confess to him, which was why she wanted to know whether there was someone on his mind at this moment, after all, it was pretty much rare for both of them to meet each other.

Shishio was the 1st year and Hina was a teacher in the 2nd year, so their chance to meet was pretty low.

”… ” Usa realized that at this moment, he was just an extra and the real intention that this beautiful teacher was talking to them was because of Shishio which made him sigh.

Shishio looked at Hina for a while and asked with a smile, ”Sensei, are you free? ”

”??? ” Hina tilted her head and nodded. ”Well, I ’m quite free. ”

”How about you help us? ” Shishio asked since, with Hina around him, he was sure that Usa would stop talking.

”Helping you? ” Hina was confused.

”Thank you very much, Sensei. ” Shishio smiled sincerely and said, ”You ’re a great help. ” There were three items that he needed to bring to the literature club: television, guitar, and a wooden sword. He brought the television, Usa brought the guitar, and he left the rest to Hina.

After they got all of those items, they went back together to the clubroom of the literature club.

”…. ” Hina was lost for words and said, ”Oga-kun, I ’m not impressed that you ’re using your teacher this way. ” She then swung the bamboo sword in her hand several times, showing that she was unhappy.

”Sensei, be careful, even though the wooden sword on your hand is mostly harmless if you suddenly let it go then — ” Shishio was too late since Hina let go of the wooden sword in her hand and the wooden sword was thrown toward the window!

”!!! ” Shishio, Usa, and Hina.


The wooden sword hit the side of the window then dropped on the ground.

”…. ”

Shishio, Usa, and Hina let out a long sigh of relief when they saw the wooden sword didn ’t hit the window.

”Tachibana-sensei… ” Shishio was lost for words for this teacher.

”Tee-hee? ” Hina stuck out her tongue cutely and hit her head lightly.

”….. ”

’What is this cute creature? ’ Shishio thought at that moment.

Hina was very embarrassed and picked the wooden sword on the ground again, before she walked toward Shishio again, then asked, ”So Oga-kun, is there someone that you ’re interested in within this school? ”

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Hina for a while then nodded. ”In truth, I have been thinking about this girl since I met her a few days ago and because of her, I couldn ’t sleep and eat for the past few days too. ” His expression was very serious at this moment as if he was really troubled by his feelings.

”Oga-kun? ” Usa was surprised.

Hina was also surprised, then she quickly said, ”If you don ’t mind, please tell me, Oga-kun. You can consult me on anything. ”

”It ’s you, Sensei, ” Shishio said with a pained expression.

”Huh? ” 2x

Hina and Usa were dumbfounded.

Shishio then placed the television down on the ground then stared at Hina right into her eyes. ”Sensei, I know that my feelings towards you might not be appreciated by a lot of people, and I know that I might have caused you trouble, but Sensei, I… I… ”

Usa was dumbfounded.

Hina was blushing, especially when she was cornered to the wall by Shishio. She wanted to calm herself, but Shishio ’s momentum was too big!

”C – Calm down, Oga-kun! We – We ’re a teacher and a student! ” Hina still tried to resist!

”I know. ” Shishio nodded with a painful smile and said, ”That ’s why I ’ve thought to bury my feeling toward you, and I ’m satisfied by looking at you from afar, but when you ’re right beside me, I know that I can ’t be satisfied with just looking at you from afar. I know that you might reject me, but I ’ll regret it if I don ’t say it now, so Sensei, I… ”

Hina ’s mind was in a mess and she wasn ’t sure what to say, only watching Shishio who was right in front of her, but she had to admit that she was moved by his feeling, but they were a student and a teacher, which somehow made her feel conflicted, especially when she was just troubled by her boyfriend so at this moment, she couldn ’t think straight and could only watch Shishio who was staring at her with a gaze of full of tenderness and pain, which made her heart shaken, but suddenly…

”I was just kidding. ” Shishio smiled.

”….. ” Usa and Hina.

Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”Sensei, if you blush just like this, how can you give advice about love? ”

Hina ’s grip on the wooden sword became tighter and she directly raised the sword to the air.

”Wait, wait, Sensei! Tachibana-sensei, I ’m sorry! It hurts! Don ’t hit me! ”

”….. ” Usa let out a sigh and realized that he was still very young at that moment.

”Hmph! ” Hina pouted and looked away at this moment since she didn ’t expect that she was being teased by Shishio before.

”I ’m sorry, Sensei. Can you forgive me? If you forgive me, then I ’ll give you this candy, ” Shishio said and showed the candy that he had bought before in his pocket.

”I ’m not a child! ” Hina was very annoyed at that moment. She was an adult, there was no way that she could forgive him with just a candy, well, if two then it might be possible.

”Still, Sensei, you can ’t be so persistent, or else, you might be hated, ” Shishio said, after all, he felt that Hina was very persistent, asking him to consult her, even though he didn ’t need to.

”…. ” Hina blinked her eyes and seemed to be surprised by Shishio ’s words.

”Um… Am I right on the mark? ” Shishio was also dumbfounded.

”Of course not! ” Hina quickly shook her head since there was no way that she could say that Shishio ’s words were right on the mark, right?

Hina somehow became quite depressed, after all, before she met them, a student suddenly told her that she hated her because she was very persistent to help, even though the one who asked her help was that student herself, but suddenly that student changed her decision and blamed her for everything, which made her sad, which was why when she saw Shishio and Usa were talking about love, she thought to help them, but was her help wasn ’t needed?

Hina was caught in a dilemma and sadness and wondered what she should do and whether she was such a useless teacher, but then…

Shishio smiled, thinking that Hina was a great teacher, and said, ”Well, you don ’t need to think too much about other people, some students might hate you, but some students also love you, after all, I ’m sure that a lot of students are very grateful for the help that you ’ve been given to them. ”

”Oga-kun… ” Hina was moved at that moment and felt those words saved her today.

”If you feel alright, then let ’s go to the literature club, Sensei. I don ’t want to waste any time any longer, ” Shishio said.

”Oga-kun, do you want to be hit by this wooden sword again? ” Hina gritted her teeth, wondering why there was such a hateful student!

”That kind of gloomy face isn ’t suitable for you, this kind of annoyed face is better, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”So you ’re going to annoy Sensei every day?! ” Hina wanted to scream her injustice at this moment!

Shishio and Hina started to bicker to each other, on the other hand, Usa, who was ignored, really wanted to return to the literature club as soon as possible now, since Usa felt that he was watching a flirt between a couple, which made him very lonely at this moment.

By then, the three of them had arrived at the clubroom of the literature club.

”We ’re back, ” Shishio said, but he realized that something was wrong. He looked at Shiina, who was in a daze like usual, Ritsu, who still maintained her frown, but frown became more serious and seemed to be angry, and on the other hand, Miu seemed to be on the verge of crying and Nana was full of anger. Then lastly, he looked at Kiriya, who pretty much shook his head, showing helplessness.

”Shishio!!! ”

”… ”

’What the heck is happening? ’

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