I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 112 - When The Cliche Plot Happens To Me It Isnt That Fun


”No, no, it ’s alright, ” Hina said kindly.

Then they started to talk to each other happily, after all, as a gyaru, Nana ’s communication skill was very superb.

”Still, Tachibana-sensei, how did you come here? ” Kiriya suddenly asked.

”It was because of Oga-kun…. ” Hina then explained how she met both Usa and Shishio along the way before, and they asked her help to bring the wooden sword to the literature club without causing a misunderstanding, after all, even though she was quite playful, she also knew that she couldn ’t cause a misunderstanding between a student and a teacher, especially in front of Kiriya since she had to admit that Kiriya was pretty much individual character among the teacher in this school.

”I see. ” Kiriya nodded, then looked at Shishio, and had to admit that this guy was pretty much a lady-killer, right?

”Still, what are you doing with all of those things? ” Hina asked since she didn ’t understand what they were going to do with a television, a guitar, and a wooden sword on the literature club.

”All I can say is that it is part of our activity, but as for the guitar, it is Oga-kun ’s hobby, right? ” Kiriya then looked at Shishio.

”Well, I ask Kiriya-sensei to lend me a guitar, ” Shishio said.

”Oh? Can you play the guitar Shishio-kun? Can you play a song for us? ” Hina suddenly asked.

”…. ” Shishio looked at everyone and could see their eagerness and curiosity.

”It ’s a great idea, why don ’t you try to play a song, Oga-kun? ” Kiriya agreed without hesitation since he was also quite curious about Shishio ’s skill.

”Well, I don ’t mind, but it has been a while since I played guitar, ” Shishio said and took the guitar, tuning it up first so the sound would be better. In truth, it really had been a while since he played the guitar, after all, he could play in his previous life, but this time, he wanted to see his skill with the ”Music Mastery ”, wondering what the effect was. If possible, he wanted to tone down his performance a bit since he didn ’t want to cause a commotion like when he showed his painting skill before, so he tried to test the guitar several times while sorting out his thought before he played the guitar.

”You can play guitar, Oga-kun? ” Ritsu was a bit surprised, but when she thought about it calmly, she started to wonder whether there was something that Shishio couldn ’t do at this moment.

”It should be alright, ” Shishio said simply.

”What song are you going to play, Shishio-kun? ” Miu asked curiously.

”Can you play ”Love ” from Kanashi Nino? ” Nana asked with excitement.

After Shishio received the ”Music Mastery ”, he knew all the music in this world too, so he knew what kind of song Nana was requesting from him, but…

Shishio looked at Usa whose existence was slightly forgotten in this place and he could even see him depressed, but he could only let out a sigh inwardly since there was nothing that he could do, after all, even though it might sound narcissistic, his existence was very bright, and unlike Kiriya ’s unique personality and mature mind, Usa was very immature, even though, it might sound rude, Usa ’s personality was quite plain.

Shishio was sure that Usa was thinking about a weird thing, so he thought about a song to cheer him up. ”Well, I ’m going to play my original song. ”

”Original song?! ” They were a bit dumbfounded.

Shishio nodded and said, ”It ’s a song that I have made during my middle school time when I realized that it was alright to be myself and there was no need to change myself to match with everyone. ” Unlike an adult who was pretty much stable or had already given up, a youth liked to compare themselves with someone, but he knew that such a thing was unhealthy, which was why he was going to sing this song, or else, Usa might not last long, after all, with him around, he could pretty much see that Usa would feel worthless.

If Usa was a handsome guy, rich, or with some talent, then Shishio wouldn ’t do something so troublesome like this, but Usa was just a normal kind-hearted young man, who was quite horny for someone his age, in other words, there was nothing special about him, but unlike Sorata, Usa was several times better than Sorata, so Shishio wanted to do something to him, even though Shishio couldn ’t support Usa ’s love life.

”Ho? ” Kiriya smiled, feeling that there wouldn ’t be a boring day with Shishio around, then quickly asked, ”Can you sing the song, Oga-kun? I ’m very curious. ”

Usa, who was slightly depressed, then looked up and looked at Shishio curiously since Shishio ’s words woke him up somehow.

Not only Usa, but Nana, Ritsu, Shiina, and Ritsu also looked at Shishio curiously, but unlike them, Hina was dumbfounded by the reason why this song was created by Shishio, after all, she had always obsessed to behave herself to match with everyone and acted according to the atmosphere so she wouldn ’t be hated.

Hina often acted that way and that was how she lived from how she remembered, but Shishio said otherwise, which made her dumbfounded.

Everyone was wondering what kind of song it was, but when Shishio was about to play, the door of the clubroom opened so suddenly.

”Nana, we ’re coming to play! ” 2x

”….. ”

Everyone turned their heads and saw both Maiko and Mea looking at everyone with a happy smile.

”… ”

Maiko and Mea realized that everyone was looking at them with a strange expression, and somehow they knew that they were pretty much messed up.

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