I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 114 - Something More Important Than Money

”Mea, Maiko, quickly come here! ” Nana quickly gestured to both of her friends to come closer.

Mea and Maiko quickly nodded since they felt quite uncomfortable being gazed at by everyone, and when they came closer, they quickly asked.​​

”What ’s wrong, Nana? ”

”What ’s happening? ”

Mea and Maiko were wondering why there was a strange atmosphere in this place.

”Your timing isn ’t good, we ’re about to hear Shishio ’s song, ” Nana said.

”Eh? Shishio ’s song?! ” 2x

Mea and Maiko were confused by the meaning of those words.

”Well, Mea, Maiko, I know that you two are curious, but since you two are here, you should listen to this song, since it might be good for you two, ” Shishio said, after all, he knew that both of them had a hobby to observe a little boy, which was pretty much the act of a perverted girl.

”You ’re singing your own song, Shishio? ” Mea asked.

”Well, singing quickly, I ’m quite curious, ” Maiko said.

”… ” Ritsu, Miu, and Hina looked at Shishio and thought that this guy was too popular, right? They weren ’t sure and wondered how this guy knew a lot of beautiful girls.

Unlike them, Shiina ’s eyes had been on Shishio and wondered what kind of song that he would play for them.

”The title of this song is ”Rashisha (Individuality), and don ’t look at me with such a serious expression, just enjoy and don ’t scold me if the song is bad. ” Shishio was quite speechless, when some of them looked at him with a serious gaze, after all, he was just about to sing, and he wasn ’t going to do something weird.

”Rashisha… ” Everyone murmured when they heard the title of Shishio ’s song.

Shishio didn ’t think too much about their murmur, and under the light of the sunset, he started to strum the guitar with a melody that caused everyone to feel cheerful.

Everyone had to admit that Shishio was very handsome at this moment and the melody of the song was great, but when they were lost in their thoughts, they heard his deep, unique, and attracted everyone ’s attention right away.

”What does it mean to yourself? ”

That single line was so powerful that no one could look away from him at this moment.

Separate yourself from ”your uniqueness ”

Saw those words in bold font on a magazine stand at a convenience store. ”

In truth, Shishio really loved this song, after all, unlike most songs that mostly talked about love, this song was telling someone to be themselves and not to mind other people ’s thoughts, which was pretty much a great song.

”We all change, and the things we want to protect change

From treasures that weren ’t acknowledged, to facades to be acknowledged

As we grow into adults, we grow into creatures with regret. ”

When Shishio sang, there were still a lot of voices outside, such as students who were talking to each other, a group of students did a sports club, and there was a lot more, but the people that stayed in the literature club were focused on Shishio, after all, his voice was great and the song was even greater.

Hina stared at Shishio, hearing his song, and couldn ’t help but fall into a deep thought since as she grew older, she realized that she had always thought about other people ’s thoughts, creating a facade to be acknowledged, unlike when she was children when she could say something she hated and liked easily.

Hina closed her eyes and thought about her affair, that she had been troubled for a while, and wondered whether it was good to always stay like how she used to be and whether she should maintain her relationship.

”But you know, despite all that there are things you start to realize

That ’s why me being myself and you being yourself

I don ’t think we need to have all the answers right from the start

I ’m not you, and you ’re not me. ”

Usa was hit hard by those words. ’I ’m not you, and you ’re not me… ’ He murmured and couldn ’t help but think when he was a bit jealous, seeing how every girl gathered around Shishio, especially when he saw how close Ritsu with Shishio was, and it was also the reason why he was very hasty to start a conversation with Ritsu, after all, he felt that if he couldn ’t do anything about their relationship, he had a feeling that Ritsu would be out of his reach, and he also didn ’t know Shishio ’s feeling toward Ritsu, but when he thought about it calmly, he didn ’t think that Shishio should have an interest with Ritsu, after all, except for pretty face, Ritsu ’s personality was pretty much troublesome, and there was a lot of wonderful girls around him such as Miu, Nana, and even Shiina.

When Usa stood beside Shishio, he knew that he felt pretty much that he was inferior, but in truth, that wasn ’t true, after all, they were different, he was Usa, and Shishio was Shishio, there was no need to compare himself with him, and he should walk with his own pace.

’Oga-kun… ’

Usa was almost crying, wondering whether the reason why Shishio sang this song for him.

The same as Usa, Mea and Maiko thought that Shishio was singing this song for them, after all, both of them knew very well that their hobby to like a little boy was pretty much perverted, and they knew that most people couldn ’t accept it, but with this song, they didn ’t have doubt again about their hobbies, and didn ’t care about other ’s people thought, but, they had to admit that if they made a lover or a husband, then the young man in front of them was the right choice, and the best one at that, however, they had to admit to doing that, they needed to defeat a lot of competitors, after all, they weren ’t blind and they could see from their reaction that those girls were in just obsessed with him.

Maiko and Mea then looked at Nana, who couldn ’t look away from Shishio, and only hoped for the best of their best friend, decided to support her fully, after all, they knew that Nana ’s competitors didn ’t even lose in terms of appearance. As for the personality, they weren ’t sure, after all, they didn ’t know everyone very well.

Still, Maiko and Mea were quite jealous of Nana somehow.

”So we pass by each other and hold hands, even love can be born there

That ’s how it is; so what does it mean to be yourself?

We all have irreplaceable things, so an ever-changing life is just fine. ”

Those lyrics might hit Miu hardest, after all, sometimes, she was quite unsatisfied with herself who was quite a scary cat and coward, she even showed a shameful act when she saw how popular Shishio was when he received a lot of love letters, which made her somehow want to change since she thought if she changed, he would look at her, but it seemed that she didn ’t need to that and it was alright to be herself like this.

’Is this what you want to say, Shishio-kun? ’ Miu smiled tenderly, staring at this young man, and couldn ’t look away from him.

As for Ritsu, she could somehow accept his talent at music better than she had thought. When Shishio showed his painting talent, she felt that he was so far away from her, which made her uncomfortable, but as a loner and an introvert, there was nothing that she could do, only staying in silence, hoping that he wouldn ’t be far away from her reach, and because of that, she also wanted to change, but hearing this song, she thought that there was no need to change, and it was just alright like this.

Ritsu knew that she was thinking too much, and in truth, everything was alright, she only needed to stay like she usually did, but still, if there was one selfish desire that she could ask, then she hoped that she could talk with him better, and somehow close their distance slightly, closer by his side, and if… if possible, touching each other ’s hands…

As for Nana, she didn ’t think too much, she only thought that the song was great and Shishio was handsome. She loved him, and she wanted him, that was enough, and she didn ’t need to think about complicated matters, just like how she usually was.

As for Shiina, she was quite similar to Nana, and what she wanted was just to stay beside him, just like that. Oh, she also wanted to help Shishio say goodbye, she didn ’t know who he wanted to say goodbye with, but she didn ’t like it when he saw sad and wanted him to be happy.

Shishio wasn ’t an esper, and there was no way that he knew the mind of everyone at this moment, but one thing for sure, he knew that his message had been sent to Usa since he could see Usa ’s complexion was better.

”Because there ’s a precious thing that won ’t change. ”

With those words, Shishio ended the song, and he felt satisfied somehow, but then, he could see that everyone was in a daze. ”Can you guys say something? ” He felt it was quite awkward when everyone was in silence.

”… ” Everyone was still in a daze, trying to reminiscence the feeling when they heard Shishio ’s song before, but after hearing his voice, everyone quickly clapped their hands.

”It ’s a great song! ”

”Amazing! ”

Those were the only words that could come out of their mouths, after all, they didn ’t have much knowledge about music.

”Oga-kun, if you become a singer, then Sensei will become your fan! ” Hina said without hesitation.

Kiriya nodded and said, ”Yes, with that song alone, you can debut in instant, Oga-kun. Along with your face, I ’m sure that your career will be smooth. ” He didn ’t have a doubt about Shishio ’s talent in music, he believed that this guy could become a popular singer in a short time.

’A singer? ’ Everyone looked at Shishio and thought it was possible, after all, with Shishio ’s face and song, without a doubt, a lot of girls would become their fans instantly, but somehow, they felt a bit unwilling since if Shishio became a singer, then they felt that they would be far away from them.

”No, I don ’t have any intention of becoming a singer, ” Shishio said while shaking his head.

”It ’s such a shame, but if you don ’t want to, then it is alright, but is there something that you want to do? ” Kiriya asked curiously since he felt that it was quite a shame when everyone couldn ’t hear his song when Shishio had such a talent in music.

”Well, I want to become a tycoon, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”….. ”

”This is where you ’re supposed to laugh, you know? ” Shishio was speechless when everyone was in a daze.

They weren ’t sure why, when Shishio said that he wanted to become a tycoon, they had a feeling that this guy might really be able to achieve it, well, it might be their imagination.

”Well, enough of me, so Mashiro, Kawai-senpai have you decided to join our club? ” Shishio asked, as for, Usa? If Ritsu decided to join, then he was sure that Usa would join without hesitation.

Everyone then put their attention on Ritsu and Shiina.

Ritsu and Shiina didn ’t hesitate and nodded.

”Yes. ”

Such a simple answer, but it made everyone happy since they were about to welcome a new family.

Still, Shishio knew that his debt to Kiriya had been paid and he could sleep soundly tonight since he couldn ’t stay calm by owing a debt to such a sadist man like Kiriya.

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