Sorata had just returned to Sakurasou depressedly, after all, he had been waiting for an hour or so for Shishio, Shiina, and Ritsu to go home, but no matter how long he waited, the three of them had never come out. His mind had always been unstable after he came to Sakuarasou, even though he didn ’t realize it, but when he didn ’t even see the three of them, there had always been a negative emotion and pessimistic thought that had always appeared on his mind.

’Have they left me? ’​​

’Don ’t they care about me? ’

’Aren ’t we the same tenants as Sakurasou? ’

’Where have they gone? ’

If Shishio was a normal guy like him, Sorata might not have such a gloomy thought or that way, he might be able to live better in Sakurasou since he felt that he wasn ’t the only one in this hell, but Shishio wasn ’t a normal student, and Shishio was different from him, which was why it made his jealousy stronger.

Sorata had just come out from his room to cook some food for dinner, but then he happened to meet Shishio, Shiina, and Ritsu who had just gone back.

”Oh? Kanda-kun, have you gone back? ” Shishio looked at Sorata in surprise.

”Ah, yeah. ” Sorata somehow couldn ’t react and nodded dumbly, lowering his head slightly subconsciously.

”It seems that you ’re about to have dinner, I won ’t bother you more, see you later, Kanda-kun. ” Shishio then left to his room, then said goodbye to Ritsu and Shiina who also left to their own rooms too.

Sorata was there, and his expression became complex, wondering why Shishio didn ’t ask him whether they could eat together, asked him whether they could go to the school together, etc, but only Shishio only said few words before he left which made him helpless. He gritted his teeth, then turned his head toward Shiina, who walked to the girls ’ area, and from the beginning to the end, she had never put her eyes on him, which made him depressed.

Sorata then looked at the stairs, his hand clenched subconsciously, thinking how unfair the world was, and it somehow enhanced his thought to go out from Sakurasou as soon as possible.

As Shishio said before, he prepared the omurice for dinner. In truth, he only prepared for three omurice which was for him, Shiina, and Ritsu, but somehow, Misaki and Chihiro also had returned, and they also asked him to make them dinner too.

”I ’m not a cook, you know? ” Shishio was speechless.

”That ’s why let ’s get married, Shishio-kun! If so, then I can eat your food every day! ” Misaki said while staring at Shishio, who was skillfully making a beautiful omelet on the pan.

”I refuse. ” Shishio didn ’t even glance at Misaki and asked, ”Still, how many times have you asked me for a marriage, this time, Misaki-senpai? ”

”Um… ” Misaki counted the number of times that she had proposed Shishio. ”It might be five times? ” She also quite forgot how many times she had proposed to him. ”But I won ’t give up! ” Shishio had messed up her body, she couldn ’t be satisfied with anything other than him, so she wanted him to take responsibility for her.

”….. ” Shiina and Ritsu stared at Misaki.

”Keep your mouth quiet for a bit, Misaki, ” Chihiro said simply, then drank a beer while staring at the yard.

”What ’s wrong, Chihiro-nee? ” Shishio could see that Chihiro ’s state was a bit wrong somehow.

”Nothing, ” Chihiro said simply.

Shishio looked at Chihiro and wondered what had happened to this woman, after all, when a woman said ”nothing ”, there was 100% something was going on, but he also didn ’t want to be so persistent since he didn ’t want to make her agitated. He then quickly cooked his omurice for them, and suddenly thought of a good idea.

When Shishio didn ’t ask her again, Chihiro was somehow a bit disappointed, when he didn ’t show curiosity, but at the same time, she also felt relief, since she didn ’t want to tell him that she had just met a bastard during her blind date. Usually, during a blind date, she might need to spend two or three hours to get to know each other, but this time, she didn ’t even spend 10 minutes since her partner was a bastard so she directly punched that man, and left in anger. Her anger hadn ’t diminished till now, and when she thought that she was in her 29 years and 12 months, and how Misaki, Shiina, and Ritsu who were still young, she became even more depressed, wondering whether she would be living a single life.

If Shishio knew what Chihiro was thinking, he could only stare at her helplessly, but one thing for sure, he knew that the desire of a woman to marry someone in their late 20s was very scary.

Chihiro looked at Shishio and thought that it might be the reason why she was quite protective, or rather overprotective? She somehow felt that her jealousy when she saw him with other girls was unreasonable, after all, she knew that the relationship between both of them was an aunt and a nephew. She then shook her head and thought it was better to believe in Shishio, after all, even though it was hard to admit it, he seemed to be more mature than her, but her thought was broken after she heard the sound of a plate that was put in front of her. She then looked up and saw the gentle smile on her nephew.

”You should eat it before it gets cold, Chihiro-nee, ” Shishio said.

Chihiro nodded, then looked at the omurice in front of her, on the top of it, there were words written on it.

’Good work… ’ Chihiro was moved and wanted to cry, but somehow, she felt that it was very embarrassing so she quickly ate, and suddenly felt that she was suddenly on her bed, and someone hugged her tenderly, and when she saw the one who hugged her, she was dumbfounded.

’Good night. ’

The one who hugged her kissed her forehead and Chihiro then closed her eyes, slept with a happy smile, while hugging him, she was just like the fried rice that was cuddled by the omelet.

Not only Chihiro, but Ritsu, Misaki, and Shiina also felt the same, they felt like they were cuddled by him gently, which made them a bit dumbfounded, but they quickly ate, without hesitation since it was so damn delicious!

Shishio also ate the food and had to admit that it was very good. He thought for a while and wondered whether he should go to the headquarters of Wagnaria to optimize the menus of the restaurant to be better, after all, with his ability, it was easy to do that, however, he didn ’t notice that Chihiro was looking at him at this moment with a complex expression.

Shishio returned to his room and created a lot of defense on his laptop and other electrical devices around him, so it wouldn ’t be easily invaded by someone. He suddenly thought about ”Maid-chan ”, which was developed by Ryuunosuke, and wondered whether he should also create something similar. He thought for a while and felt that it might be a good idea, but it might need a lot of time to do that.

’Still, this ”Programming Mastery ” is really amazing. ’

With that ability, Shishio instantly understood all the programming languages in this world, and it was even possible for him to create new programming languages so when he thought about his ideal to recreate a famous website in his previous life, he felt that aspiration was quite low, after all, with this ability, it was possible for him to create a ”bitcoin ”, and suddenly he thought about his idea to buy an ”android ” before.

’Was it really necessary? ’


Shishio saw that his phone vibrated and saw the one who had called him was Hodgins, but before he said anything.

”Boss! ”

Shishio distanced his phone from his ear since Hodgins ’s voice was so loud. ”What ’s wrong, Hodgins? ”

”Boss, I ’m sorry, it seems that we can ’t buy the android… ” Hodgins was very sad, and he thought that they had let go a gold mine, after all, they were too late.

”What ’s wrong? Explain to me, carefully, ” Shishio asked.

”Yes, boss. ” Hodgins nodded and started to tell what he had encountered. The story was extremely simple, after Shishio told him, about the ”android ”, he sent someone to investigate it, but he didn ’t expect that the giant search engine company, G*ogle had aimed it, so without hesitation, he told his subordinates to act, but they were too late since it seemed the deal had been concluded. He didn ’t know what G*ogle planned with android, but one thing for sure, he knew that they had lost a gold mind.

”I ’m sorry, boss… ” Hodgins felt extreme regret.

”Oh. ”

”…. ” Hodgins was stupefied and asked, ”Boss? ” He felt a bit dumbfounded since Shishio ’s reaction was too flat, right?

”It ’s alright, you don ’t need to worry too much about it too much, ” Shishio said.

”…Is this alright, boss? ” Hodgins wasn ’t sure what to say.

”It ’s quite regrettable, but you don ’t need to worry too much about it. ” Shishio knew that even though android might be good, he could create a better operating system in the future and android had a lot of trouble, especially in legal issue which was quite troublesome personally. He then spoke with Hodgins for a while before ending the call since he saw that it was almost time for his appointment, so he decided to go out, after all, it wasn ’t good to make Saki wait for him. He went to his wardrobe to change his clothes, he changed his t-shirt into an olive-colored shirt, and also wore light blue-colored jeans pants. He rolled the sleeves, looking at his appearance in the mirror before he nodded.

Shishio was about to go out and open the door of his room, but he was quite surprised when he saw both Shiina and Ritsu were outside of his room and were about to knock on his door. ”Mashiro? Senpai? What ’s wrong? ” Suddenly he recalled what had happened last night, and somehow, his feelings were quite mixed, but what he didn ’t realize was that Shiina and Ritsu observed him, after all, he was very handsome at that moment.

”Are you going out Oga-kun? ” Ritsu asked.

Shishio nodded and said, ”Yeah, I ’m going to meet a friend. Do you need me for something? ”

Ritsu didn ’t answer but looked at Shiina.

”I want to draw in Shishio ’s room, ” Shiina said.

Shishio nodded and said, ”Well, you can, but close the door when you are done, alright? ”

Shiina nodded.

”Then, I will go first. ” Shishio then left without thinking much since he had nothing to be hidden in his room, except for a porn magazine that he bought at the Kyoto train station before he went to Tokyo because he was bored, but he didn ’t think that both of them would be interested in something like that, after all.

When Shishio had left, Ritsu was still thinking about who he was going to meet, but then she saw Shiina had already entered Shishio ’s room. ”Wait, wait, Mashiro! ”

”Hmm? ” Shiina looked at Ritsu with a confused expression.

”Why did you enter his room without hesitation? ” Ritsu ’s face was very red, after all, it was her first time entering Shishio ’s room, and somehow, it smelled of him, which made her body feel quite hot.

”Why can ’t I? ” Shiina was confused, after all, Shishio had given her permission.

Ritsu was stuck there and wasn ’t sure how to answer.

Watching Ritsu who was silent, Shiina entered Shishio ’s room directly.

”Wait! Wait! ” Ritsu also entered with a red face, and thus, started her first journey in the boy ’s room.

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