I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 118 - Do You Like A Housewife?

The sound of soft and calm piano, slightly dim light, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Those were his impression of this cafe, Shishio had to admit that the business of the cafe of his hotel was quite good, and he could see a lot of couples here and there. There were also some people who came alone, sitting on the bar seat, while drinking a cocktail.​​

Shishio was the same, he was also sitting on the bar seat alone while waiting for Saki to change her uniform. When he sat there, he could see some women who kept glancing at him from time to time, but he pretended that he didn ’t see them, after all, he was afraid of being eaten by the carnivorous woman.

Joke aside, Shishio realized that he was very popular here, even though he didn ’t wear formal clothes, the staff didn ’t stop him from entering, even though no one knew that he was the owner of this hotel.

Shishio, who was waiting for Saki, thought that the women in this place might be a bit reserved, but it seemed that wasn ’t the case.

”Hello, are you alone? ”

Shishio turned his head and saw a beautiful woman. He could see that her face was lightly make-up, and she was at the top level of beauty, and even though she might be in her 30s, it didn ’t decrease her charm, rather, it made her even more charming. Unfortunately…

”Sorry, he ’s my boyfriend. ”

”… ” Shishio and the woman turned and saw Saki, who had dressed in a bartender uniform. He didn ’t expect Saki to be this aggressive, and he could see that the woman beside him, started to frown, so he quickly said, ”I ’m sorry. She ’s a bit rude, but I hope that you can understand her. ”

The woman, who frowned, felt better when she heard Shishio ’s words. ”It ’s alright, but you should break up with this kind of girl. She ’s too cold and rude. ”

Saki wanted to say something, but she saw Shishio stop her so she wouldn ’t say something rude.

Shishio understood how a woman could be so vengeful, but he needed to stand beside Saki at this moment. ”In the eyes of others, she might not be the best, but in my eyes, there ’s no better girl than her. ”

The woman looked at Shishio then Saki enviously. She took out her card name and gave it to Shishio. ”If you break up, I can help console you. ”

”….. ” Shishio was speechless, and only watched the woman left, moving back to her friends. He could see that the woman started to complain with her friends about Saki ’s actions, which caused him to shake his head. He was about to look at the card name, but Saki ’s movement was very fast and threw the card name directly into the trash can, which made him even more helpless. ”You know, if you ’re so rude to the customer, you might be fired from this cafe. ”

”What? You want to call her after this? ” Saki asked while staring at Shishio. She knew that her act was very rude, but she didn ’t like it when she thought that Shishio might open a room with that old hag before.

”No, my girlfriend might be angry if I do that, ” Shishio said with a smile while staring at Saki.

Saki blushed red in an instant and quickly said, ”Tha – That, I felt like I needed to help you! Yo – You shouldn ’t misunderstand, I didn ’t mean that way, alright? ”

”Yes, yes, I understand. ” Shishio nodded with a smile.

Saki became even more panicked, so she quickly changed the topic of the conversation. ”Y – You should order something, or else, you might be thrown out. ”

”….. ” Shishio was lost for words. He didn ’t have a hobby to drink alcohol, but it didn ’t mean that he didn ’t drink one, or rather, he was still a minor in this world, so he shouldn ’t drink one, but it might be because of his aura and his height that no one said anything about him, even Saki also didn ’t think of him as a high school student. ”Then can I get Hemingway Daiquiri? ”

”Hemingway Daiquiri? ” Saki raised her eyebrow and asked, ”Do you mean, Floridita Daiquiri? ”

Shishio almost slapped his forehead, but he quickly nodded. ”Yes, a Floridita Daiquiri, but can you get it without sugar and double rum? ”

”Yes. ” Saki nodded and talked to the bartender to prepare Shishio ’s order, and when she returned, she said, ”Still, you order something that is ordered by a couple? Let me remind you that I don ’t drink alcohol. ” After all, the Floridita Daiquiri was always served with two straws and it was always ordered by a couple, which was why she thought that Shishio wanted to drink the cocktail with her.

Shishio was speechless and explained. ”You should know the two straws of the Floridita Daiquiri aren ’t used for a couple to drink together, but rather, to be used as an extra, in case, one of them becomes frozen. ”

”Oh, oh! ” Saki blushed and lowered her in shame.

Shishio knew that Saki was embarrassed so he quickly changed the topic. ”Still, do you know that this is the favorite cocktail of a famous writer? ”

”Oh? Really? Who? ” Saki asked while cleaning the glass on the bar.

”That ’s… ” Shishio stopped quickly, after all, there was no Ernest Hemingway in this world. He felt a bit regretful, but he didn ’t say much. ”Well, I forgot his name, but he was a very amazing writer. I like his quote very much. ”

”What kind of quote? ” Saki asked.

”But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated, ” Shishio said.

”But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated…. ” Saki murmured and said, ”His quote is good, I wonder what kind of book that he writes. ”

”Well, you might see his book in the future… ” Shishio said and took his cocktail, slurping it through the straw. He had to admit that the taste was okay, so he didn ’t say much. He looked at Saki, then said, ”Kawasaki-san, let me tell you a secret. ”

”What? ” Saki asked with a curious expression.

”Just don ’t scream, alright? ” Shishio said.

”Um, don ’t worry, I ’m not someone who is easily surprised by something, ” Saki said.

”Well… ” Shishio took a breath and said, ”In truth, I ’m a freshman in high school. ”

”… ” Saki opened her mouth in an ”O ” shape and her hands that cleaned the glass stopped. She almost dropped the glass on her hand, luckily she didn ’t. She looked at him and asked again, ”You sure? ”

”Un. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”So don ’t tell anyone that I drink alcohol, alright? ” He showed a mischievous smile to Saki.

Saki somehow couldn ’t help but chuckle, then she said, ”Oga-kun, I ’ll tell you a secret too. ”

”What? ” Shishio asked.

”In truth… ” Saki looked around and whispered, ”I ’m also a high school student. ”

”… ” Saki looked at Shishio who didn ’t show much change in his expression which somehow made her a bit annoyed. ”You know? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I know, I can tell it easily that you forge your age to work here. ”

”I can ’t help it, I need money, after all, ” Saki said with a sigh, but then, she quickly shook her head, and said, ”Forget, what I have said before, I ’m lying. ” She didn ’t want to trouble Shishio with her mistake, after all, and it was her own trouble so she wanted to solve it by herself, even though she knew that it was hard.

”Sorry, I can ’t forget it. ” Shishio shook his head and asked, ”Are you sure that you ’re alright? I have heard from the staff that you ’ll work until morning at five, right? And don ’t you have school to do in the morning? ”

”So what can I do? I need money! ” Saki said with a raised voice, which caused everyone ’s attention to them.

”Kawasaki, what are you doing?! ” The manager of the cafe was furious when he heard Saki raise her voice.

”Ah, that… ” Saki became nervous, but…

”Manager, ” Shishio called out to the manager.

”Huh? ” The manager looked at Shishio and saw him take out a card, which made him dumbfounded. ”That card…? ” He looked closely at the card, then a cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He looked at Shishio again, and no matter, he needed to imprint on his brain now.

”Can you leave us alone? ” Shishio asked softly.

”Yes, you don ’t need to worry. ” The manager nodded with a smile, then told everyone in the cafe, that everything was alright, and everything returned to normal, but everyone glanced at Shishio, wondering who he was at this moment.

”…. ” Saki, who was right in front of Shishio, was dumbfounded.

”How about you stop working here and work to become my secretary? ” Shishio asked.

”Secretary? ” Saki was dumbfounded.

Shishio nodded and said, ”I can give you this much this much… ” In truth, he could become Saki ’s sugar daddy, and he didn ’t really mind doing it, after all, she had given him a reward, but he wasn ’t sure whether she might agree, after all, this girl was a tough nut to crack, but…

”I agree, ” Saki said without hesitation.

”You don ’t need to think first? ” Shishio asked.

Saki shook her head and said, ”No, I believe in you, and I ’ll be dumb to reject that much of salary. ” After all, the salary that was given by Shishio was quite similar to her parents ’ salary, which was why she directly agreed. Her salary in this cafe might be high, but it was still quite low compared to Shishio ’s offer, and she needed to work at midnight which made it pretty tiring for her who needed to go to school in the morning. ”But you can ’t do something perverted, alright? ” There was a trace of blush on her face now, but well, she didn ’t hate it even if that was the case.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I know, I know. ”

”Are you sure? ” Saki asked with doubt.

”Well, how about we go back now? You can just tell the manager that you ’re going to quit, I ’m sure that he won ’t stop you, ” Shishio said.

”….. ” Saki looked at Shishio with a red face, feeling a bit complicated, but then, she gritted her teeth and nodded. ’If he brings me to the room, should I agree? ’ Her thought was filled with such a thought at this moment.

Shishio looked at Saki who went to resign and wondered what kind of perverted thing that this girl was thinking.

Shishio and Saki walked next to each other and directly returned back since her resignation process was quite fast.

Saki somehow felt quite embarrassed, after all, she thought that this guy might bring him to the hotel. ’Now that you ’ve mentioned it, he ’s in high school, right? ’ It was because this guy was very mature that sometimes, she thought of him as older than her. ”Say, Oga-kun, you ’re really a high school student, right? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I ’m in high school because I ’m 15 years old, not because I ’m stupid. ”

”I ’m not thinking of something like that. ” Saki pouted, feeling that this guy could somehow read her mind, and asked, ”Which high school? ”

”Suimei University of the Arts, ” Shishio said.

”Wha–?! ” Saki was dumbfounded.

Shishio looked at Saki and asked, ”Don ’t tell me that we ’re from the same high school? ”

”…. ”

Saki wasn ’t sure how to describe her emotion at that moment. ”Well, what should I call you from now on? ” She was wondering whether she should call her something like a ”master ”, ”boss ”, or a ”young master ”.

”You can call me, Shishio, I ’ll call you, Saki, can I? ” Shishio asked.

”Um… ” Saki nodded with a blush, and asked, ”Then, Shishio, what should I do for now? I ’m your secretary, after all. ” She didn ’t know much about her work, after all.

Shishio thought for a while and said, ”On Saturday night, can you come to Wagnaria? The one near the school, I ’ll pick you up there. ” With Saki ’s personality, he was sure that Saki would be strong enough to see his match on Saturday.

”Sure. ” Saki nodded and wondered what kind of job Shishio did.

”By the way, if we meet at school, please don ’t tell anyone about the job, but if you ’re lonely, you can come to me, ” Shishio said.

”Wh – Who is lonely?! ” Saki quickly denied it with a blush.

”Really? ” Shishio asked in doubt.

”Of course! ” Saki raised her voice slightly again, wondering why this guy had always teased her?

Both of them talked to each other with a laugh, until Shishio sent her back.

”See you tomorrow, Shishio, ” Saki said.

”See you tomorrow, Saki, ” Shishio said, then left since it was very late.

Saki didn ’t immediately enter her house but watched Shishio ’s back, and she couldn ’t hide her smile now since her feeling was about to burst at this moment.

’But if he really is really going to do that… ’

Saki blushed once again, but once again, she didn ’t hate the idea, or rather, she might be quite eager for it, but if she showed it, she might be mistaken as a cheap girl, and she didn ’t want that.

’Ugh… ’

Saki wasn ’t sure what to do, and could only sigh, but then, she was wondering whether she should meet him tomorrow.

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