I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 122 - Uke Or Seme? Of Course Hes The Seme!

Hikigaya Hachiman, that was his name, some people might have noticed him before, but he was a young man with dead fish-eyes, who often met Shishio at the most awkward time. The first time they met was in the shoe locker area where he saw him taming two girls at the same time, and the second time was when he saw him being confessed by a young man, but it seemed the latter was a misunderstanding, which made him a bit disappointed somehow.

Usually, Hikigaya would spend his break in a deserted place where no one was around to eat lunch or pretend to sleep in his classroom, but after he came to the cafeteria for the adventure last time, he was quite hooked since that way, he could listen to Shishio ’s interesting conversation.​​

Hikigaya was also quite curious about Shishio until he learned from his classmates that the name of that young man was Shishio Oga, the freshman, which meant, Shishio was his junior. Even though Shishio was his junior, he was quite helpless at him, after all, that guy had scolded him before in the cafeteria, but somehow he couldn ’t get angry at him, after all, Shishio ’s aura somehow intimidated him, so even though he was annoyed, he couldn ’t say anything. It didn ’t mean he was scared, but he was a pacifist and his dream was to maintain world peace, so even though Shishio was a bit rude to him, he decided to forgive him, after all, he also knew that he was at fault when he thought that he misunderstood the relationship between Shishio and Usa.

Hikigaya had to admit that their meeting was quite unforgettable, and when he learned more about him from eavesdropping on his classmates, especially the girls, it seemed that his popularity was very high. Even the most popular guy in his class, Hayato Hayama, also lost against Shishio, which somehow made him feel better and happy.

After all, Hikigaya didn ’t know much about Shishio and they didn ’t have any connection with him, and compared to Hayato, Shishio ’s expression was more real, unlike Hayato who often showed a fake smile, which was why, he had to admit that Shishio was better than Hayato in his mind, but in truth, if possible, he, as the representative of the unpopular guy, wanted to say to both Hayato and Shishio to explode!

However, Hikigaya knew that such a thought was unrealistic, and once again, he wanted to say that he was pacifist so he refrained himself to have a conflict, especially when he thought about Shishio ’s tall, muscular, and athletic build. Once again, he wasn ’t scared, but his build wasn ’t a brawl type, but his body was more of an intellectual type, and it was also the reason why his dream was to become a household husband. He had prepared himself with various knowledge as a household husband, the only thing that he lacked was a girl that would be able to support him for an entire life.

’If possible, someone who reads this, please introduce me to a girl who can take care of me for an entire life. ’ Hikigaya thought so, but he knew that it might be hard for him to seek such a girl, but he wouldn ’t give up!

Hikigaya somehow let out a long sigh and understood that a world was just unfair sometimes, especially when he learned that Shishio was also the one who achieved the highest score on the entrance exam on the history of Suimei University of the Arts, and if he wasn ’t wrong, Shishio should be also rich, considering he had seen him coming out from a luxury car.

’Rich, smart, and handsome… ’

Hikigaya somehow also understood why a lot of girls in his class became nymphos when they thought about Shishio, but he had to admit that it was interesting to see the girls ’ reaction when they saw Shishio, so here he was, coming to the cafeteria again, hoping that he could see a glimpse of Shishio, wondering what kind of amazing thing he would be able to see.

Last time, Hikigaya had seen a huge amount of love letters on Shishio ’s shoe locker and saw him flirting with a beautiful girl easily. He had thought that nothing would surprise him anymore, but when he saw him was surrounded by six beautiful girls at the same time, he knew at that moment a God had died!

After Ritsu and Shiina had gotten their lunch, they went to the seat where Shishio was sitting with everyone, and they didn ’t know about Hikigaya ’s struggle at this moment, nor did they care so much about it since they didn ’t know each other.

Shiina sat directly next to Shishio which caused Ritsu to feel helpless so she decided to sit on the opposite seat of Shiina.

Miu, Nana, Mea, and Maiko then observed Shiina for a while, after all, they had heard from Shishio that Shiina couldn ’t take care of herself very well since almost on her entire life, she spent her time drawing, they might not understand how someone could spend all their time doing nothing, but drawing, but they had to admit that they admired that Shiina who could do that.

Shishio saw that both Ritsu chose to buy a lunch set, and Shiina followed him to eat udon. He looked at Shiina and asked, ”How is your class? ”

”It ’s okay. ” Shiina wasn ’t sure how to describe her class, after all, she mostly either slept or drew something, and no one really talked to her at the class.

”Well, if you want then just come to my class, ” Shishio said simply, after all, he was sure that Shiina ’s classmates were hesitant or they couldn ’t understand Shiina, but it was normal, after all, her situation was very special. He looked at Shiina and hoped that her EQ could be higher, but sometimes God was fair, when Shiina had the talent to draw, she lost her ability to understand people.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded softly with a light smile on her face then started to eat her lunch.

Shishio looked at Shiina, and was about to eat his lunch, but noticed everyone was looking at him. ”What ’s wrong, your food isn ’t good? ”

”….. ”

”Shishio-kun, your relationship with Shiina-san is pretty close, ” Miu said bitterly.

”Our relationship is also very close, Senpai, ” Shishio said simply.

”Shishio-kun… ” Miu blushed and lowered her head.

”….. ” Everyone.

”Why are you looking at me with that kind of expression? Stop looking at me like that. ” Shishio was speechless, but then, he thought for a while and said, ”Say, when I think about it, all of us don ’t know each other very well, right? ”

They nodded at each other, after all, they had only known each other for the past few days.

”So how about we go out together to understand each other well? ” Shishio suddenly said.

”Do you mean, we ’re going to play? ” Mea asked.

”I agree! ” Nana said without hesitation.

”Where are we going to go play? Karaoke? Arcade? ” Maiko asked with eagerness.

After all, as a gyaru, Mea, Nana, and Maiko knew how to enjoy their lives very well.

Shishio thought for a while and looked at Ritsu, Miu, and Shiina. He thought that the three of them might have trouble singing, so he thought to go to the arcade, but he needed to ask them first. ”Kawai-senpai, Miu-senpai, Mashiro, are you alright to go out and play together? ”

Shiina nodded and said, ”I ’ll follow Shishio. ” Her mind was pretty simple since all she wanted was to follow Shishio.

”Kawai-senpai, Miu-senpai, how about you two? ” Shishio asked.

”I ’m alright with it. ” Miu nodded and didn ’t really mind, after all, she was the leader of the literature club, so she thought that it might be good to know everyone better, especially Ritsu, and Shiina, after all, she was also curious about both of them.

”…I don ’t really feel comfortable singing in front of everyone ’s… ” Ritsu said softly, even though she was quite resistant, she still said that she didn ’t really like to sing. She didn ’t mind listening, but she knew that when she came to the karaoke, she somehow needed to sing, and she didn ’t really feel uncomfortable by it.

”How about an arcade? ” Shishio asked Ritsu.

”It ’s alright. ” Ritsu nodded, but in truth, she had never gone to an arcade, nor was she curious about it, but she didn ’t really mind trying, after all, there would be both Shiina and Shishio there and she didn ’t need to sing there.

In truth, Ritsu might love to be alone, but it didn ’t mean that she hated to go out with everyone. She knew that her thought was quite contradictory, but when she was invited to play with everyone, she didn ’t hate it, or rather she quite anticipated it secretly inside her heart.

”Then let ’s go to the arcade, ” Shishio said.

”Now? ” Nana asked.

”Of course not. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”Let ’s do it next week, is that alright? ”

”Um, how about Monday? We can use that day as part of club activity, ” Miu said.

Everyone nodded and agreed, but then Ritsu asked, ”Ashihara-san, there isn ’t a club on that day, right? ”

”That ’s alright, we can go out together and use that day to deepen our relationship, ” Miu said without hesitation.

”Senpai, you sound so lewd, ” Nana said with a smile.

”The quiet one has always been the lewdest, huh? ” Mea nodded with a smile.

”Senpai is lewd. ” Maiko smiled.

Shiina tilted her head and asked, ”Miu-senpai is lewd? ”

”Wh – What are you saying?! ” Miu blushed and panicked, especially when Shiina asked that kind of question with such an innocent expression!

”Calm down, Senpai. You ’re being teased. As the leader of the literature club, you should maintain your calmness and smile toward everyone and then acknowledge that you ’re lewd, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”That ’s right, I…. ” Miu quickly realized and pouted. ”Shishio! ”

Everyone chuckled when they saw Miu was being teased.

Ritsu and Shiina also somehow smiled since this kind of thing was quite good.

”Kawai-senpai, are you okay to go out on Monday? ” Shishio asked since he knew how this girl loved to book so much that she didn ’t want her time to be disturbed.

Ritsu nodded and said, ”I don ’t mind. ” She felt that it wasn ’t a bad thing to go out with someone sometimes.

”That ’s good. ” Shishio nodded, then suddenly remembered something, and asked, ”Wait, Miu-senpai, can I ask you a question? ”

”What ’s wrong, Shishio-kun? ” When Shishio became serious, Miu also stopped pouting and looked at him with a serious expression too, wondering what he was going to ask her.

”Senpai, our outing on Monday can be said to be part of club activity, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Miu nodded and asked, ”What ’s wrong with that? ”

”So is it possible to use the club ’s budget for our outing club activity? ” Shishio asked.

”….. ” Everyone was speechless.

”Shishio-kun. ” Miu stared at Shishio with a strict expression.

”Yes, Senpai? ”

”You can ’t! ” Miu said without hesitation.

Shishio looked at Miu and had to admit when Miu showed such a strict expression, she was very charming.

Then everyone continued to eat while talking to each other, after all, Shishio paved the path for them to talk to each other, so even if he didn ’t say anything, the girls continued to talk to each other since a girl was such a creature, they really loved to talk, which somehow made him helpless and wanted to shut their mouths with his lips.

Joke aside, it was good that the circle of friends of both Ritsu and Shiina had expanded.

After they ate in the cafeteria, they wanted to return to the class, but…

”I ’ll go out to buy some bread first, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? Do you still want to eat? ” Maiko was surprised.

”I ’m a grown-up boy. ” Shishio raised his arm and patted his bicep, showing a muscle through his uniform.

”….. ” Everyone was looking at Shishio and somehow wanted to see his body, after all, they could see that his body was quite muscular and very athletic.

”Do you want me to come with you? ” Nana asked.

”You should go back first, I ’ll buy it very quickly, ” Shishio said.

”Alright. ” Nana nodded and didn ’t force him, after all, she would be sitting next to him later.

”Miu-senpai, Kawai-senpai, Mashiro, see you later, ” Shishio said then left them directly since he was afraid the bread might be sold out.

Looking at Shishio ’s back, the girls talked for a bit before they decided to return to their class, after all, the break would end soon, and at the same time, they thought that it was pretty good to spend their time eating lunch together.

Shishio had bought two pieces of bread and two drinks and then he quickly returned to his class. He didn ’t run, but his steps were quite fast. He kept moving, but then from the side, suddenly someone appeared. He might be alright, but because he appeared so suddenly this person was surprised, lost her balance, and was about to fall down, but he quickly caught this person with his hand.

”I ’m sorry. Are you alright? ”

”…. ”

Shishio thought that this school was really amazing.

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