I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 123 - I Dont Have The Ability To Read Minds

”Ebina, why do you want to see this Shishio Oga? If Hayato knows that I ’m coming with you, he might misunderstand me. Do you like this guy? If so, do you want me to help you? ” the girl with slightly wavy waist-length blonde hair said with a worried expression.

”Isn ’t that good? If he shows a reaction when he knows that you ’re coming to see Shishio Oga, then he might have a feeling toward you, as for whether I like him, or not, I haven ’t even seen him, how can I like him? ” the girl, whose name was Ebina said with a light smile.​​

The girl stopped and looked at Ebina in surprise. She then quickly patted Ebina ’s shoulder several times and said, ”Ebina, you ’re so smart! ”

Ebina pushed the frame on her glasses and said, ”But Yumiko, the truth is, I want to confirm something. ”

”Confirm something? What do you want to confirm? ” Yumiko asked her friend with a confused expression.

”I have heard from everyone that Shishio Oga is very handsome, but that ’s not all! ” Ebina was full of excitement and her face was flushed in red. ”I have heard that his hair is very long, which means, his face might seem like a girl! So what if he ’s a ”Uke ” (the bottom at Boys Love relationship)? It might be good to pair him with Hayato, right? What do you think?! ” Her breathing was very heavy at the time, if her face wasn ’t beautiful, then a lot of people would be disgusted by her.

”… ” Yumiko stared at her friend with a sigh, after all, even though she had accepted her friend ’s hobby which was BL, it didn ’t mean that she understood what was so good about it.

”But Shishio Oga might be a ”Seme ” (the top at the Boys Love relationship), after all, I have heard that he ’s very tall. ” Ebina put a very difficult expression, thinking whether Shishio was a ”Seme ” or a ”Uke ”.

Some readers might have realized it, but Ebina was someone who was known as ”Fujoshi ” (rotten girl).

Some people might not know what ”Fujoshi ” (rotten girl) was, but in a simple term, it was a term for female fans of manga, anime, and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Ebina was full-fledged of ”Fujoshi ” so when she heard that there was a very handsome new student, she wanted to see him and wondered whether he was as handsome as the rumor told. If so, then it might be good to draw make him a model for her ”Fujoshi ” doujinshi and pair him with some guys in her class such as Hayato, or Totsuka.

”No matter what, Hayato is the most handsome you know? ” Yumiko said simply and ignored the part where Ebina was going to pair Hayato with Shishio on her talk before. In truth, she hadn ’t seen Shishio, so she didn ’t really understand why some girls in her class seemed to be quite obsessed with Shishio Oga, and couldn ’t help but snort at them, after all, before they were Hayato ’s fans. Even though she felt that it was good that her competitor had decreased, it didn ’t mean that she was happy when she knew that Hayato ’s popularity decreased because of Shishio Oga.

”Well, whatever, but let ’s stop at the library first, I want to return a book, ” Yumiko said.

Ebina smiled and said, ”But what if this Shishio Oga is more handsome? ”

”Even so, I won ’t stop to like Hayato! ” Her love wasn ’t as shallow as because Hayato was a handsome guy, and even if Shishio Oga was more handsome, she didn ’t think that this guy was able to make her heartbeat moved so fast, well, not like Hayato had made her heartbeat moved fast before, but anyway, she thought that if Shishio Oga wasn ’t as handsome as the rumor said, then she was going to badmouth him without hesitation, and if possible, she might as well tell him not to be too cocky as an underclassman!

Yumiko made up her mind and thought to discipline her underclassman, but suddenly she didn ’t expect someone to suddenly appear on the turn, which made her startled!

”Uwaaa!! ”

The sudden appearance made Yumiko unprepared and made her lose her balance. She suddenly felt that she was almost like flying, but she knew very well that she wasn ’t flying, but she was about to fall down!

”Yumiko! ” Ebina was startled and wanted to stop Yumiko, but her reaction was too late!


Yumiko felt a strong and powerful arm hold her slender waist firmly, but at the same time, it gave her a sense of security, and then she saw the one who had held her body. Her eyes were wide open, staring at his eyes and she couldn ’t think straight at this moment.

The young man in front of Yumiko looked straight into Yumiko ’s eyes and said, ”I ’m sorry. Are you alright? ”

”Eeehhahhh… ” Yumiko blushed instantly and felt that her head was in a mess since it happened so suddenly. ”I ’m… alright. ”

The young man helped Yumiko to stand up and let go of Yumiko ’s waist gently.

Yumiko also quickly stepped away from him with a blush on her face like a frightening bunny in front of a lion.

”You didn ’t hurt your feet or anything? ” The young man asked.

”Eh? I don ’t think so… ” Yumiko blinked her eyes and wasn ’t sure what to say since she had to admit that this young man was so handsome.

The young man then picked up the book on the ground and flicked the book several times to clean up the dust on it. He then gave the book to Yumiko and said, ”Good. I ’m glad that you ’re okay. ”

”Ah, thanks… ” Yumiko received the book with some shyness on her face.

”Well, see ya! ” The young man then left both Yumiko and Ebina because he felt a dangerous stare from one of the two girls, but before he walked away, he received another reward.

”….. ” Yumiko could only stare at the young man in a daze.

Ebina pushed the frame on her glasses and said, ”Without a doubt, he ’s a ”Seme ”.

”….. ” Yumiko.

”Still, you have said that you won ’t fall for anyone other than Hayato? ” Ebina asked with a smile. In truth, if possible, she didn ’t want Yumiko to fall for Hayato since she could tell that guy didn ’t have an interest in her friend, and if Yumiko was rejected by Hayato, then their circle of a friend might be destroyed, so wasn ’t it good for Yumiko to fall for other guys?

”Huh? What do you mean? ” Yumiko snorted and tried to hide the blush on her face. She wouldn ’t admit that a young man before had caused her heartbeat to move so fast before.

Ebina smiled and said, ”Well, it seems that I have seen Shishio Oga, and as expected, he ’s as handsome as the rumor said. ” She really had to admit that if she was in Yumiko ’s position, then her heart might be beating very fast too.

”Huh? That guy is Shishio Oga? ” Yumiko was dumbfounded.

”Well, isn ’t he? I mean don ’t you see his hair tied in a hair bun? A lot of guys try to mimic his hairstyle, but since they ’re not handsome, the result is a failure, but that guy is so handsome with that hairstyle, other than Shishio Oga, I don ’t know who he is, ” Ebina said and had to admit that Shishio ’s man bun made him look manly and handsome.

”That ’s Shishio Oga, huh? ” Yumiko nodded thoughtfully and understood why some girls in her class decided to move on from Hayato and changed their target to Shishio Oga.

”What? Are you interested in him? ” Ebina asked with a smile.

”He ’s handsome, I admit it, but I still like Hayato! My love isn ’t easily shaken like that! ” Yumiko said without hesitation, though, she wasn ’t sure what would happen if that guy suddenly asked for her contact info, rather than leaving directly, or asked for a date? She wasn ’t sure whether she could reject or accept it if such a thing really happened.

Ebina could only shake her head and said, ”Well, without a doubt that guy is a ”Seme ” from how aggressive he is, I can see that most males might become a ”Uke ” in front of him! ” Her every word was full of conviction and she didn ’t have a doubt.

”… ” Yumiko.

”Let ’s go to the library. ”

”Oh. ”

Their meeting was short, though, no one really knew about the future, right?

Shishio who almost crashed into a girl before slowed down his speed didn ’t expect that he would receive a reward. He was about to accept his reward directly, but he felt his phone vibrate. He opened it and saw a text from Saki.

Saki: ”Where are you? ”

Shishio: ”Are you going to visit me in my class? ”

Saki: ”Yesterday, you said that you ’re going to hire me, right? I have resigned from that cafe, you should take responsibility for me. ”

”…. ”

Shishio was wondering how Saki ’s words could be so misleading, and he also had to admit her texting speed was very fast!

Shishio: ”Well, it ’s alright if you don ’t meet me now, let ’s just meet tomorrow at Wagnaria like what I have to you before. I ’ll have you as my manager at that time. ”

Saki: ”Manager, huh? Are you an actor, model, or something? ”

When Saki thought about Shishio ’s appearance, she felt that he should be an actor or a model, after all, he was very handsome.

Shishio: ”No, I ’m a fighter. ”

Saki: ”Huh? A fighter? What do you mean? ”

Shishio: ”It ’s a bit hard to explain through a text, I ’ll explain to you tomorrow, just come to Wagnaria tomorrow. By the way, if you don ’t want to come, then it is alright since, besides being a fighter, I still have a lot of business, so I really need someone as my manager or a secretary. ”

”…. ”

Saki looked at the text that was sent by Shishio and was in deep thought, but then she recalled how Shishio beat up everyone on that alley before, even the random martial art that picked up a fight against him was also being beaten up by Shishio.

’But a fighter, huh? What kind of fighter? ’

Saki felt that Shishio ’s identity became even more mysterious, but the same as a cat, rather than scared, she became even more curious and wanted to learn more about him.

Saki: ”I ’m not going to back down. I ’ll work for you. ”

Shishio smiled and replied, ”Then, I ’ll see you tomorrow, bye, Saki. ” He then put his phone in his pocket and walked to his class. He could see that Nana, Mea, and Maiko were talking to each other and he could also see Nanami was sitting in her seat, reading some book.

’Voice acting book, huh? ’

Shishio ’s eyes were very good, so even from a distance, he could see what words were written in Nanami ’s book.

”Shishio, you ’re back. ” Nana quickly waved her hand at him.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked and sat in his seat, then he opened one of the bread that he had bought, but then, he tapped Nanami ’s shoulder.

”What ’s wrong, Oga-kun? ” Nanami turned her head and looked at Shishio curiously.

”Aoyama-san, do you want bread? I bought too much and I can ’t eat it now, ” Shishio said and pushed one of the bread that he had bought along with the drink.

”Huh? ” Nanami was dumbfounded, but then she quickly shook her head. ”No, I ’m not hung– ”


”….. ” Nanami blushed and really wanted to bury herself in the hole at this moment.

”Well, in truth, I have almost growled like that before, but now, I ’m full. It will be a waste if I don ’t eat it, so… ” Shishio said with a smile since the voice of her stomach was really cute.

Nanami blushed but nodded with a shy expression. ”Then thank you, Oga-kun. ”

”You don ’t need to think too much, ” Shishio said simply, then looked at Nana, Mea, and Maiko who were staring at him with surprise and amazement. ”What? ”

”Nothing~~ ” 3x

The three of them said at the same time and thought that the reason why Shishio said that he was hungry before was that he wanted to give bread to Nanami. They weren ’t sure about Nanami ’s condition, but they knew that from the growl on her stomach before, they knew that she hadn ’t eaten anything so when he said that he was hungry before, they knew that this guy was lying when in truth, he wanted to give Nanami something to eat, but they had to admit that his action was very sweet in their minds.

”So what ’s wrong? Why are you looking for me? ” Shishio changed the topic of the conversation, after all, he didn ’t want them to talk about Nanami.

”Well, it ’s not us, but him, ” Maiko said and pointed at Usa, who then quickly ran toward Shishio, when he saw him, sitting on his desk.

”Oga-kun!!! ” Usa seemed to be in a very miserable state and cried out when he saw Shishio as if he saw his mother that he hadn ’t seen for 10 years. It might sound a bit exaggerated since he often met his mother, but that was how he felt now.

”… ” Shishio frowned and thought that Usa was very troublesome at this moment. Somehow he understood the feeling of Doraemon when Nobita cried out on him, but he wasn ’t as patient as Doraemon, alright?

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